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Revised Hunger Attack Curriculum Designed to educate teens about: Nutrition Food Safety Saving Money on Food.

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2 Revised Hunger Attack Curriculum Designed to educate teens about: Nutrition Food Safety Saving Money on Food

3 Hunger Attack Teen Guide Colorful Magazine-Style Pub Articles Fun quizzes Healthy snack ideas

4 Hunger Attack Leader’s Guide Includes: Background Information for Teachers Learning Objectives Additional Resources Glossary of Terms Evaluation Tools Assessment Tools 12 Activities

5 1 – MyPlate My Way 2 – Label Lingo 3 – Nutrition Facts Labels 4 – Sugar Savvy 5 – Fat Facts 6 – Targets to Aim For 7 – The Clean Scene 8 – You’ve Grown 9 – Dating Advice 10 - Quick Facts – Unit Pricing 11 – Smooth Calculations 12 – Food Tic-Tac-Toe

6 Activities Include: Activity Summary Learning Objectives Estimated Activity Time (20 – 150 min) Getting Ready Checklist Supply List Discussion Questions Answer Keys

7 Activities Include: Handouts Visuals

8 Evaluation Tools Use the National EFNEP pre and post evaluation tool that are posted on the State EFNEP website.

9 Activity 1: MyPlate My Way It is recommended the educator teach Activity 1 and Activity 6. The pre-test will be administered at the beginning of Activity 1 and the post-test at the end of Activity 6.

10 Activity 1: MyPlate My Way Share background information with the class. If teacher has internet capabilities: Go to www.ChooseMyPlate and the teacher will demonstrate how to create a sample profile.www.ChooseMyPlate Depending on the teachers preference, the class can be broken down into small groups or the class as a whole can discuss the plan.

11 Activity 1: MyPlate My Way If the class is not able to access then the educator can provide students with copies of 2000 and 2400 calorie plans.

12 Activity 1: MyPlate My Way Project Visuals 1A and 2B on the board for students to see. Have students fill out the activity Handout 1C. Have some students share their barriers to achieving their goals.

13 Healthy Eating Guidelines Make Half Your Plate Fruits & Vegetables Limit 100% fruit juice to no more than ½ cup per day Switch to Fat Free or 1% Milk & Milk Products Make Half Your Grains Whole Cut Back on Added Sugar Cut Back on Fat—especially solid fats like butter and lard Visual 1A

14 Activity 1: MyPlate My Way

15 Share with the class the Portion Guide Handout.

16 Activity 2: Label Lingo Teacher will: Summarize the “Reading and Understanding Food Labels” from the background information. Handouts can either be projected on the board or copied and passed out to teens.

17 Activity 2: Label Lingo Explain ingredient labels are required on food products. Ask teens if they have used ingredient labels. Using the sample ingredient labels on handout 2A have teens answer the questions on handout 2B

18 Activity 3: Nutrition Facts Label Teacher summarizes the “Reading and Understanding Food Labels” from the leaders guide. Project handouts #3A and #3E on the board. Pass out handouts #3B, #3C, #3D. Handout #3A explains the Nutrition Facts Label

19 Activity 3: Nutrition Facts Label Using empty boxes of ready-to-eat cereal have the teens fill out answer the “Recommended Serving Size” questions on the top of handout #3B. Have different size bowls and have a student or teacher measure how much cereal they eat. (You can either use real cereal or shredded paper. Have the class calculate “My Serving Size” on handout #3B

20 Activity 3: Nutrition Facts Label Handouts #3C, #3D, #3E are optional and can be assigned as homework

21 Activity 4: Sugar Savvy Summarize the “added sugar” information from the leaders guide. Provide teacher rethink your drink SSB visuals (include regular soda, sweet tea, energy drink, sports drink. Using the ingredient labels ask teens to identify the sugar. Display Visual 4A.

22 Activity 4: Sugar Savvy

23 Honey Sugar Brown Sugar Raw Sugar Powdered Sugar Invert Sugar Corn Sweeteners Natural Sweetener Molasses Malto-dextrin High Fructose Corn Syrup Corn Syrup Maple Syrup Cane Syrup Cane Juice Sugar Evaporated Rice Syrup Barley Malt Syrup Any ingredient name ending in “-ose” (such as dextrose, lactose, glucose, fructose, sucrose) Visual 4A

24 Activity 4: Sugar Savvy Display visual #4B. Using the Nutrition Facts label, have the teens identify the serving size and the number of servings in the bottles or cans. Next have the teen identify how many grams of sugar are in a serving. Have teens convert the grams of sugar to teaspoons of sugar using handout #4 C.

25 Convert Grams to Teaspoons 4 grams = 1 teaspoon Visual 4B

26 Activity 4: Sugar Savvy This lesson can be done in 2 days Day 2: Provide the teacher with a variety of sugar bags. If the teacher wants the student to measure the sugar then provide the supplies. Have teens complete handout #4D. This can be done as homework. Show the “Buzz in a Bottle” DVD

27 Activity Activity 5: Fat Facts Summarize the “Switch to fat free or 1% milk and milk products” section Project the handouts #5A through #5E. Have the teens complete handout #5 F. Visual 5G

28 Activity Activity 5: Fat Facts Once the teens have completed the handout #5F go over the answers as a group. If time permits, display #5G, and ask the teens the questions in the leaders guide.

29 Activity 6: Targets to Aim For Review the background information on “Healthy Food Choices” Distribute copies of fast food nutritional information. Project handouts #6A and #6B.

30 Activity 6: Targets to Aim For Have some students select food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have students calculate the quantities for the following : total fat, sodium, calcium and calories. Have students compare their choices to the recommended daily intake. This activity can be done in groups.

31 Additional Resources Marissa Neelon and her staff have already implement the new Hunger Attacks Curriculum. I have used some of thier resources in this presentation. These resources will be shared with you.

32 Educators It is very important for you to teach this curriculum. During the summer months find a group and teach. This will give you valuable insight as to teaching the curriculum and give you credibility when training teachers.

33 Recruiting Health Teachers Career to Work Teachers Renaissance Teachers Culinary Arts Teachers

34 Recruiting Focus on what we offer: Printed Material Kits with supplies to teach the class Teen guides Staff teaches first and last lesson, administers pre and post-test.

35 Questions??? Or Comments

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