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2 Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change SOURCE OF FUNDSCCF FUNDING AGENCYThrough G E F EXECUTING AGENCIESUNDP SPREP ( Scretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme)– as an implementation partner Regional level Key areas ( 3 groups ) [1] food production & food security [2] coastal area management [3] water sector projects for 13 south pacific countries [1] food production & food security Fiji, Palau, Solomon, PNG [2] coastal area management Cook Is., Micronesia, Samoa, Vanuatu [3] water sector projectsMarshall Is., Nauru, Niue, Tonga, Tuvalu

3 Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) -Fiji Country focal pointEnvironmental Department / Climate Change Unit through National Climate Change Country Team (NCCT) Executing agencyLand & Water Resource Mangement Division (LWRM), Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Primary Industries Co-financing agreement Drainage & Irrigation section River Engineering section Central Division Drainage Board Executing partnersKoronivia Crop Research Station (KRS), Department of Agriculture, MPI In corporate with Fiji Meteorological Department, SPC, PWD Crop Extension Division, Department of Agriculture, MPI Commissioner Central Division office Rewa/ Tailevu/ Serua Provincial Administrators offices Project period 2009 - 2014 Project MoUAgreement between Fiji Govt (MPI) and SPREP

4 PACC (FIJI) - focus area  Food Production and Food Security in related with the agricultural products (crops & live stocks)  Due to CC caused more cyclones and high intensity rainfall then become frequent flooding, water logging in agricultural lands [in flat lands/ deltaic areas]  Due to floods,tide and waves, seawalls (dykes) were attacked and breached, salt water intruded in the agricultural land  End results: crop damage or less production then threatening on food production and food security

5 Damaging crops & threatening on Flood on Food Production & Food Security 29 June 20095

6 Damaging cane fields & Dalo plantations due to flood

7 Water & Agriculture/ Food Production  High intensity Rainfall with long duration causes Flooding and inundating the farm land High Ground Water Table Results : Damaging Agricultural Land & Damage crops / food production  High tide & saltwater intrusion also cause spoiling of farm land & crops  Remedy: Introduce a sufficient drainage system and infrastructure for Agricultural Lands [ drainage schemes ] Introduce CC resilience crops varieties [ Crop Research ] Introduce CC awareness and professional advice &training of appropriate farming systems to the farmers [Crop Extension]

8 PACC Project (Fiji)

9 Crop Research for PACC on Yam and Dalo (root crops) –staple food & export commodities

10 Plantation of Cassava and Dalo patches – In pilot site

11 PACC ( Fiji ) Project

12 Existing drainage infrastructure and capacity – PACC pilot sites  Existing size/ number of drains, size /number of floodgate openings were designed in early 1980’s, when drainage structures were constructed. [over 30yrs of age]  Rainfall data used in the design are historical data of before 1980’s  Rainfall intensity and pattern are being changed between today & 1980’s, due to the CC effect. It contributes frequent flooding and water stagnation Need to review on the Capacity and Serviceability of Existing Drainage Facilities & Infrastructure

13 Regular maintenance of drain channels & infrastructure Cleaned outlet waterway [from outfall structure to sea] of drainage scheme Maintained outfall structure & seawall [saltwater protection dyke Periodically desilt internal drain of the agricultural land- avoid bogginess & reduce Ground WT to fit for corps Regular maintenance of internal drainage channels – ensure free flow during heavy rain

14 Flood outfall structure & enhancing flap structure, to be reviewed their capacity for future CC - Main flood outfall structures Main flood outfall structures top view Enhancing Flap gate Structure [normal/ flood time]

15 PACC Project – Drainage Improvement in Pilot Area – Tailevu/ Rewa

16 PACC pilot sites Tailevu/ Rewa Pilot site Navua, Serua prov pilot site

17 Tailevu/ Rewa Pilot site – covered with Drainage Schemes [ Waikete, Naitalasese, Nakelo, Visama, Nasalai, Qumqum, & their main outlet channel, Qaraniki creek ] Qaraniki creek main outlet channel of drainage schemes Nausori Airport Namuka -4barrel Outfall Structue

18 Actions taken:  Qaraniki creek outlet channel improvement work was proposed in the yearly work programs of the PACC project  In 2012, the stretch from Namuka outfall structure to Vunivaivai village [appx. 3km in length] has been improved, by means of channel bed excavation.  Channel excavation Design : by River Engineering section (LWRM, Min of Primary Industries)  It is implemented by means of channel bed excavation contract.  Public tender was called & approved by the Govt. Tender Board.  Implementation & Contract Management : by Drainage & Irrigation Section (LWRM Division, Min. of Primary Industries)  Fund: PACC project fund

19 Before clearing : Qaraniki creek Downstream/Upstream view from Vunivaivi bridge Thickly covered vegetation across the Creek (downstream view) Creek upstream view

20 Qaranik creek, before, during & after clearing before during after


22 During silt excavation operation near Vunivaivai village Vunivaivai Bridge

23 Qaraniki creek : channel improvement before & after near Namuka outfall structure Namuka outfall structure opening (tide water controlling gate)

24 After Qaraniki channel excavation, WL of internal drains is lowing down - Farmers can plant their crops now. Pasture land freed from water logging

25 PACC (Fiji ) Project

26 Saltwater intrusion due to Tidal Water overtopping – Waikalou seawall & Toguru seawall – Navua pilot sites 29 June 200926 Waikalou seawall Toguru seawall Tidal Water overtopping during king tide

27 Past experience of Seawall breach due to flood /wave ; caused saltwater intrusion - Navua Pilot site Seawall was damaged by flood and wave Saltwater flowing into the agricultural land side through seawall breach Measuring depth of breaching part

28 Requirement: Consultancy Advice and Recommendation on saltwater intrusion by reviewing on existing size & height of seawalls (dyke) & drainage structures for the agricultural lands  The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Ltd (NIWA) consultant of PACC (Fiji) has been engaged and they are still working for this problem for the Navua Pilot site  Under PACC project, seawall’s design height & sizes will be reviewed & recommend in line with future CC trend.

29 PACC (Fiji)

30 Community Facilitators Training for CC @ Nadve farmers training centre

31 Future program PACC project - 2013  Qaraniki creek improvement – stage 3; from Vunivaivai bridge to over Visama bridge [ appx. CS3000 – SC 5500], wider part of the creek  NIWA’s final report : recommendation on “Revised drainage design criteria, & saltwater intrusion protection recommendation – “ will be submitted  Improvement on seawater intrusion protection dykes (seawall) & drainage infrastructure will be carried out, according to NIWA’s recommendation [demonstration in the pilot sites]  More Crop research & crop extension adaptation works: - continuation of research works on different varieties of crops and cropping plan – in the demonstration farms of pilot areas  Capacity buildings: ○ Public awareness and farmers trainings ○ Technical training for future drainage design - NIWA consultants ○ Preparing more lessons and contents of in the school syllabus


33 29 June 200933

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