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MACROBIOTICS… Building awareness about holistic health and balance..

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1 MACROBIOTICS… Building awareness about holistic health and balance..

2 MACRO BIOTICS Macro means large Biotic means life It is a system for a large view of life – a holistic system Mind Body Spirit

3 For today…  Balance in Macrobiotic language  How to eat 50 feet sugarcane in 1 day?  Facial Health Diagnosis  The value of sound in our life

4 What is Balance in the Macrobiotic Language?

5 What is Balance? (energy-wise) Too much Healthy Balance Healthy Too much Contraction Contraction Expansion Expansion Rigidity ----------------Strength-----------Balance-----------Flexibility---------Weakness All leads to blood stagnation in and around the organs…

6 How to eat 50 feet of sugarcane in 1 day? Poor Blood sugar is the pre-cursor to all ailments..

7 1 tsp sugar = how many feet of sugarcane?  The industrial process sugar refining process takes approximately 3 feet of sugar cane, which has to be washed, cut, crushed, spun and crystallized, to end up with one teaspoon of white sugar.  1 tsp sugar = 3 feet of sugarcane (approx.)

8 Chocolate brownie with a vanilla scoop  The Average piece of cake/pastry/dessert in a bakery is approx. 5-6 tsps. Of sugar…  If you add a scoop of ice cream to this and it’s about 4 more tsps...  5 + 4 tsps = 9 tsp = 27 feet sugar cane (approx)..  You consume 27 feet of sugar cane in 6 minutes & call it a snack !!

9 Ask yourself… How many cups of tea do you have in a day? …1 tsp = 3 feet sugar cane How many soda pops? ….6 - 8 tsps. = 18 – 24 feet sugar cane Commercial quality chocolate 1 piece has 1-2 tsps. = 5 feet sugar cane

10 Facial Health Diagnosis

11 How does this work ?  Our facial features, skin colour and markings, swelling or tightness, dryness or excess oil in any part of the face reveals our health condition. Each part of the face is connected to an organ system in the body.

12 Face Reading..

13 Ideal lips ?? Digestive inflammation specially in the large intestines Mal absorption

14 Read the eyes…

15 Mouth Area Corners of the lips – duodenum Chin area – Prostrate and Bladder

16 Horizontal Lines on the forehead Caused by excess liquid, sugars, fat Not a facial structure

17 The Value of Sound in our Life.. Taoist sounds to rejuvenate the body and mind

18 The Organ Sounds Sssssssss……lung and LI Chweeeee……Kidneys & Bladder Shhhhh……Liver & Gall bladder Hawwwww…..Heart & Small Intestine Whooooooo…..Stomach, Spleen & Pancreas Heeeee……Triple Heater & Metaobolism

19 Inspiring teachers … Verne Varona Teaching Facial Diagnosis

20 Beyond cancer…

21 BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN The Parent’s Essential Guide for Raising Strong, Balanced, Healthy Children Improve Your Child’s Health & Mental Development with authentic dietary & lifestyle secrets that work ! Tarika Ahuja

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