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Farmer Support Programme 2012-2015 Cattle, Cotton, Palm Oil, Sugarcane & Soy.

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1 Farmer Support Programme 2012-2015 Cattle, Cotton, Palm Oil, Sugarcane & Soy

2 The need to act 79 million more people to feed every year Commodities: 60% of agricultural land Jeopardizing agriculture practices:  soil erosion  groundwater decline  crop shrinking heatwaves  droughts  loss of land to non-agricultural use

3 FSP: A solution Farmer Support Programme Help Sustainable resource management More yields with less inputs and land use Smarter water usage Fertilizer and pesticide management Target small-holders Involvement of the supply chain Co-funding and in-kind support throughout supply chain

4 FSP: A solution Reach 400,000 small holders, 750,000 ha of agriculture land 5 commodities Cattle, Cotton, Palm Oil, Sugarcane Soy Projects managed by Solidaridad currently FSP operating in: Swaziland Malawi Tanzania India Brazil Pakistan Honduras Belize

5 India, Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania, Brazil Sugarcane grown in over 100 countries

6 India Solidaridad, IFC & 6 mills (EID Parry, NSL Sugars) 200,000 farmers (0.5 – 5ha) Intevention strategies Strengthen capacity of mill extension service Capacity building Access to credit (drip irrigation) Improved farmer associations Gap assessment for Bonsucro certification Aimed results Increase productivity by 10% Decrease water input by 20% Decrease input of chemicals 20% Increase farmer income by 15% (15,000 farmers) 75,000ha intercropping with food crops National stakeholder group for sugarcane 3 mills Bonsucro certified

7 Malawi Solidaridad, Concern Universal (NGO), 10 Farmer Associations 2,500 small scale farmers, 2.5ha farm Intervention strategy Civic education, business understanding Grower organisation capacity Technical capacity (training – food crop production) Sugar regulatory framework Aimed results Bonsucro gap assessment at farm level Integration of Standard into farm management systems Conflict resolutions in place Increased grower participation in decision making processes 85% adoption of improved agriculture 5% increase on yields 10% increase in income (currently $1-3USD/day)

8 Swaziland Solidaridad, Ubombo sugars, Beg Bend Planters group, Kraft foods 3,150 small scale out-growers (3ha) Intervention strategy Revolving loan fund Enhancement of support, soil survey, legal frameworks Capacity building of farmers, civic education, business understanding, training of mill extension and farm leaders Capacity building of farmer groups, prepare for Bonsucro certification Aimed results Improved income for farmers Seed cane replanting programme Access to better support Implementation of a Sustainable Management System to manage natural resources Bonsucro gap assessment 3,153 hectares under sustainable land use

9 Tanzania Solidaridad, ED& F Man (KSCL), Kilombero Community Trust, Ministry of Agriculture 8000 farmers, avg 1.5ha, 35TCH Intervention: Pilot irrigation system Capacity building - agribusiness, management, technical, improve village community Aimed Results Increase farmer income Irrigated farm 600 additional farmers directly benefit 13,000ha sustainable land

10 Projeto RenovAcão Projecto RenovAcão which aims to retrain 9,000 redundant cane cutters, with a focus on female participation and participation of semi-illiterates Partnerships: UNICA, FERAESP, Fundação Solidaridad, Syngenta, John Deere, Case IH, IVECO, FMC, 83 mills associated with UNICA – including the Bonsucro certified mills and dozens of Bonsucro member affiliated mills Project is replicated by São Paulo govt. (Via Rápida) and federal govt. (Planseq). Project is replicated in North East Brazil and Colombia 3,000 retrained

11 Thank you

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