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Information Dominance Anytime, Anywhere… PEOC4I.NAVY.MIL 23 April 2009 Jason Livingston Director, NCIIPT (SSC-LANT) 843.218.5409

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1 Information Dominance Anytime, Anywhere… PEOC4I.NAVY.MIL 23 April 2009 Jason Livingston Director, NCIIPT (SSC-LANT) 843.218.5409 Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I) Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) Program and Acquisition Overview DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT D. Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and U.S. DoD contractors only due to critical technology content November 2008. Other requests shall be referred to the PEO C4I and Space (Program Office PMW 160) or SPAWAR Office of Congressional and Public Affairs (SPAWAR 00P).

2 2 Agenda Program Overview and Status Program Schedule Program Contracting Strategy ACS Overview ACS Contracting Strategy Seam Management Disclosure: Unfortunately, due the acquisition sensitive phase CANES is now it, questions will not be taken but can be submitted via email to the SSC-LANT contracts office.

3 3 CANES concept and investment strategy validated by Navy, DoD leadership Navy Mandate in PR09 CANES Concept – OPNAV N6/DoN CIO, NNWC, and PEO C4I CNO-directed approach to consolidate multiple afloat networks, provide secure, reliable common hosting for multiple C4I applications (Dec 05) Technical and programmatic realignment of legacy infrastructure and services-more efficient, additional capability Fundamental change in C4I acquisition approach CANES POR (FY11 LRIP) Consolidated afloat network, providing CCE, Afloat Core Services, CDS, and integrated Voice, Video, and Data network infrastructure Pre–MDAP/MAIS, projected ACAT 1D CANES Migration (FY08-11) Prototype CCE & Afloat Core Services technologies – accelerate capability delivery, mitigate technical risks Existing Network POR Modifications to support early application migration LINCOLN SG and CPF MHQ/MOC in 09 Today: By FY11:

4 4 CANES Status Under New DoDI 5000.02 New DoDI 5000.2 signed 2 Dec 08 CANES completed MDD review 14 Nov 08, ADM signed 12 Dec 08 Proceed to MS B in FY10 after completion of PDR and 2366b certification; MS A not necessary as CANES is network consolidation effort with no new technology development CCE and ACS to be established as sub-programs at MS B CCE RFP released following SPAWAR/PEO peer review ACS RFP will be released upon DoD CIO review of Net-Ready KPP

5 5 FY08FY09FY10FY11FY12FY13FY14 Increment 1: Subprogram 1A Common Computing Environment/Cross Domain Solution Capabilities and Technologies Voice, Video on SR and SCI enclaves MAC1 for system critical services (Secret enclave only) Satisfies NNWC Drop Count Reqmnts Hosting Up To Near-Real Time Combat Support applications Internal Shipboard Wireless – 50% coverage Platforms (151) CVN, LCC-19/20, LHA/D, CG, DDG, LSD, MHQ/MOC, SSN, SSBN/GN CVN 78, LHA 7 initial SCN platforms Increment 2Enhanced Network Capabilities and Technologies Voice on all enclaves MAC1 for system critical services (Secret/SCI/UNCLAS enclave) Will satisfy NNWC ORT Objective Requirements Hosting up to Real Time Weapon-In- The-Loop Applications HM&E Applications/Subsystems Internal Shipboard Wireless – 100% coverage Platforms (275+) Increment 1 plus DDG1000, CGX, LCS, JCCX, LHA (R) MALS, LPD-17, JHSV, NECC, PC, MPA/Other Aircraft FY15 MDDMS BMS CLRIPFRP MS BMS CMDDSDD Overall Program Approach Increment 1: Subprogram 1B Afloat Core Services Capabilities and Technologies Build on existing ISNS Afloat Core Services delivering in 2009 Incremental acquisition Federate NCES Core Services to tactical user

6 6 Nov 06 - ISNS Inc 2 ADM (Pre-Acq Activities) Dec 07 – CANES: pre-MDAP/MAIS Jan 08 – Gate 3 Review w/ CNO/VCNO Aug 08 – CANES OSD FIG#1 Sep 08 – CANES OSD FIG#2 Oct 08 – AoA Completion / Acquisition OIPT Dec 08 – MDD ADM / CCE Draft RFP Nov 08 – Gate 4/5 Review / MDD w/ USD (AT&L) / ASD (NII)` Apr 09 – CCE RFP Released Jun 09 – ACS RFP Released Nov 09 – CCE Contract Award May 10 – MS B Program Status CANES is meeting all program milestones Integrator Dec 09 – ACS Contract Award

7 CANES Program Summary Schedule 7

8 8 CANES Contract Strategy FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 PCs & S/W Licenses procured using Navy and DoD enterprise contracts Afloat Core Services Afloat CS development: ISNS INCR 1 Mod 5 CS v1.0 CS v1.1 CANES ACS v1.0 MS C MS B Source Selection 4 mo CS RFP aligned to System Developer RFP. RFP Process 3 mo MDD Complete Developed Functional Baseline & SDS 1 mo Develop Solicitation Draft RFP 3 mo Source Selection 6mo CCE System Developer 2 CCE System Developer 1 14 mo Down- Select 2 mo LRIP Government Oversight 11 Dec 08 Release draft RFP, technical components of PR EDM Drop CA + 4 mo EDM Drop CA + 8 mo EDM Drop CA + 12 mo US TestX2 S Test X2 SIT 1 X2 OA X2 SRR Preliminary Design Review Final RFP Build Prop Prep 2 mo Vendor provided Allocated Baseline and Prototype Develop Solicitation Review 2 mo Government Oversight

9 9 Afloat Core Services (ACS) The ACS contract is decoupled from System Development contract Due to nature of SOA as an emergent concept and architecture within the DoD Large number of PEO C4I and other COI applications and hardware interfaces that ACS is anticipated to support Leverage lessons learned from the NCES SOA contract The Core Services (CS) are a component of the overall system architecture and fundamentally a system application/enhancement CS v1.0/1.1 provides an initial, technically mature core services stack The Government ACS Trusted Agent will provide CS to the CCE developer for incorporation into the network The ACS contractors will be responsible for developing open standards compliant products and supporting the integration of those products into the CANES ACS stack Overall CANES network not dependent on ACS for delivery

10 Services Layers Service-oriented infrastructure results from applying the principles of service-orientation to the enterprise architecture pillar 10

11 11 ACS Contracting Strategy The ACS contract will be released and managed from SSC Atlantic with daily interaction with the CANES PMO The ACS contract will be an IDIQ MAC with up to five primes who will be responsible for 50% of the work performed The contract activities will be broken out into the following areas Development and Application Integration Fielding and Procurement Sustainment The ACS RFP is currently planned to be released in June 09 with a contract award in Dec 09 The seams between ACS and the CCE will be managed via strict government oversight and continuous engagement between the CANES SE, the CCE SD vendors, the ACS Trusted Agent, and the ACS vendors

12 12 What are we buying? Integrate Core Services Procure Core Services Develop Core Services Establish multiple SOA/ESB RI sites Develop and provide SDKs Develop SOA Allocated Baseline Develop SOA Product Baseline - CI Specifications / CI Tree - Creation of Dependency Tree Develop SOA Product Specifications Develop SOA Unit Test Plans Support / Implement SOA Testing Process - Procure and provide testing tools Execute Information Assurance / Accreditation Requirements Productionize - Provide ILS - Create Load Plans and Procedures - Develop Training - Create documentation - Redundancy/backup Conduct Software Support Activity - Licenses / Maintenance - Version control - Trouble ticket tracking and resolution (IAVAs, STRs) - Help Desk Provide Configuration Management -Maintain CM of CIs -Support overall CANES CM Provide Systems Engineering / Software Engineering Process expertise / artifacts The Government will serve as the Lead Integrator

13 13 Seam Management A governance board will be established within the CANES program office An ACS-IPT will be formed Biweekly meetings to discuss engineering challenges and disseminate necessary information regarding CS v1.0 or CS v1.1 Reviews will be conducted regularly with both SD vendors Online collaboration sites via the ACS Integrated Development Environment (IDE) will be established Each SD will have ability for daily interaction with the ACS Trusted Agent Interaction and Collaboration are KEY to Seams Management

14 Integrated Development Environment

15 15 Thank You “The CANES system achieves an open, agile, flexible and affordable network architecture that will move us forward. CANES embraces cross domain solutions that enable enhanced movement of data. It is a revolutionary change in our information technology infrastructure and it is absolutely vital for us to excel in 21st century warfare” ADM Roughead’s CNO testimony to Senate Armed Services Committee on 2009 Budget Priorities 28 Feb 08

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