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I-Cane (get it?? ‘eye’-cane) - Brian Loo (bloo) - Zane Starr (zcs) - Geeta Shroff (gshroff)

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1 i-Cane (get it?? ‘eye’-cane) - Brian Loo (bloo) - Zane Starr (zcs) - Geeta Shroff (gshroff)

2 Concept  Intelligent Cane (i-Cane) Assistive technology for the visually impaired  Indoor navigation system  Map loaded onto device through Bluetooth  RFID tagged path read by cane  Communicated to user via text to speech software on device

3 Motivation I  Some stats: 11 million people in USA with visual related disabilities 2 million with severe visual impairment  Navigation & Independence – major problem area Indoor navigation vs Outdoor navigation Especially in new buildings/places, unfamiliar public areas

4 Motivation II  Now a visually impaired person has to be led around new environments until they are comfortable with the area.  With our system anyone may use voice prompts to lead themselves around an area which has been tagged.

5 Competitive Analysis  “SWAN System” Georgia Institute of Technology Navigation Prompts - ‘small’ laptop, GPS, headphones, proton pack  “iCane – A Partner for the Visually Impaired” National Taiwan University Navigation Guide - White cane, PDA, RFID, Bluetooth  “Smart Cane” University of Malaya Obstacle detection – "bat technology" that sends out ultrasound signals

6 Tech Specs  Gumstix (compact motherboard) Xm400-bt (w/ bluetooth module) MMC to store tag database  High Frequency RFID sensor 13.56 MHz  High Frequency RFID tags Passive (does not require batteries)  Bluetooth enabled headset

7 Functional Requirements Download database and map via Bluetooth (want) Receive command by voice to text (expect) Reliably detects passive RFID tags (expect) Determine location of tag through database (expect) Provide directions by text to voice (expect)

8 Non-Functional Read tags reliably with small (4”) antenna for portability Search database for tag within 2 seconds Perform route calculation within 2 seconds  Find shortest path to destination

9 Next steps  Talk to Dan again for further input  Possibly look into other assistive technologies  Possibly take a different route

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