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The Integrated Classroom Presented By: Karen Rose Melissa Independent School District.

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1 The Integrated Classroom Presented By: Karen Rose Melissa Independent School District

2 Five Minutes in Ms. Rose’s Room We Use Technology

3 Logistics: Don’t simply view technology as a way to challenge your high achieving students. Never underestimate the motivating power of technology. Work to close the digital divide, not increase it. Think of it as just a regular part of your day. Don’t be intimidated. Expect difficulties.Expect difficulties

4 21 st Century Skills The focus is not on the tool, the program, or the equipment. The focus is on developing a classroom of independent critical thinkers who can adapt, adjust, create, collaborate, problem solve, and transfer knowledge from medium to another.

5 What Does it Look Like? 11:35 am on Thursday





10 Class Schedule


12 Use Computer Experts Remember the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). It is about being a facilitator as opposed to a director. Teach a small group. Then that group will teach others. Teach them to depend on each other and how to problem solve. Otherwise they will not gain independence.

13 Favorite Tool: Digital Camera First Some Tips: Give yourself peace of mind- have students wear a neck strap or use the wrist strap. Show students how to use memory stick. Use a portable card reader.


15 Rose12 says “ Rose02’s wildthings are wacky!”

16 Rose12’s Rose20 says “ Rose12’s crayons are cylinder shaped.”

17 Rose03 says, “ Rose16’s desk has two journals and look likes a pig pen.”

18 Any Guesses? They were to demonstrate an understanding of how to use quotation marks, plurals, and apostrophes to show possession. Were they practicing other academic skills? What 21 st Century Skills were they using?

19 The Class Wiki

20 Animation Powerpoint Transitions Powerpoint Flip Book Claymation Scratch Crazy Talk Digital Pictures in Sony Vegas

21 Power Point Animation

22 A Queen put 12 crowns in 4 crown cases. How many crowns in each case?

23 Picture time! Not my best work! Hey! It is so nice to meet you! I’m glad to meet you too!

24 Animation Examples

25 Crazy Talk Crazy Talk 6

26 Scratch Free Download from M.I.T. Actual computer programming Requires a lot of problem solving, algebraic thinking, and understanding of cause and effect relationships.

27 Scratch Capacity Superheroes Length Superheroes Monsters Adding Blocks Turkey Voting

28 Video Production Flip Vids Capture Programs (Camtasia, Jing) Vegas Video- I use pro, Kids use Platinum free/ free/

29 Video Examples

30 Sony Vegas Video I use pro, kids use platinum

31 Things to Do With Pictures 0t7yUAA41-4G8amg== 0t7yUAA41-4G8amg Powerpoint Recolor, Export, Printscreen Photostory

32 Poetry Pages Worm Journal Proper Nouns

33 President Glog Homonym Glog

34 Other Photo Projects Microsoft Photo Story King-Jr/ King-Jr/ Smile Box 77/Array-Shields 77/Array-Shields Animoto like-the-dallas-zoo-feild-trip/ like-the-dallas-zoo-feild-trip/ Voice Thread Picnik

35 Comic Life Software Program- reasonably priced- around $20.00 at education software sites. Available for both Mac and PC Easy to drag and drop images



38 Glogster Each student has their own login for creating their digital portfolios. Most of the time we use the one class login to create pages. Create with Glogster, embed on our wiki. Use it for links pages too

39 Putting it All Together orestation-2010 orestation-2010 althy-Habits-2010 althy-Habits-2010 ural-Disasters ural-Disasters animals-2010 animals-2010 Deforestation/ Deforestation/

40 Link Pages

41 Professional Pages

42 Make it Thrilling! g-1403/

43 Contact Info Karen: Wiki:

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