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Global Knowledge Conference (GK3) /

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1 Global Knowledge Conference (GK3) /
GK3 / WEMF3 First reflections, trends and conclusions Global Knowledge Conference (GK3) / World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF3) – First Reflections, Trends and Implications Communication Initiative Partner Meeting, London, 2008 Gerolf Weigel Head of ICT4D Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFAE)

2 3rd Global Knowledge Conference
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 11 – 13 December 2007

3 A GKP Event on the Future: Global Knowledge 3
Global event attracting 2,000 global visionaries, innovators, practitioners, policy makers Platform for vibrant exchange of knowledge and views about the Future that is being shaped by converging forces of emerging people, markets and technologies Launchpad for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships between Government, Business, Civil Society and International Organisations in various development areas to provide solutions to the challenges and opportunities of the Future

4 GK3 Sponsors and Partners
Sponsored by Knowledge Partners 4

5 GK3 Themes and Sub-themes
Emerging People Emerging Markets Emerging Technologies Cross-cutting Priorities: Knowledge Futures Perspective Women Youth Innovation Sustainability Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

6 Specific Panels / Workshops organized under "people":
Overview and First Trends and Conclusions – CI Partner Meeting London Communication and Media Deliberate Synergies established with World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF3) Specific Panels / Workshops organized under "people": Pushing the Envelop: New Media, Citizens Journalism, Human Rights and Development > Key Innovators explore intersection of traditional and new media, and the opportunities as well as challenges this presents to support human rights and media freedom Empowering Grassroots Women for Good Governance through Community Media raise awareness on women's participation in good governance through Community Radio (CR) promoting knowledge sharing on ICT4D from the grassroots on issues such as poverty reduction

7 Overview and First Trends and Conclusions – CI Partner Meeting 2008- London
World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF3) Specific SDC objective to include development dimension and community media level in discussion and strageic thinking Synergies with GK3 resulted in collaborative day and 2 specific future-oriented panel discussions organized on "Role of Own-Time / Any-Place Media to achieve the MDGs" - how the new technologies, including "any-time media" such as podcasts, can serve the interests of development "Explosion and Fracturing of the Public Sphere" - how the new technologies – bringing new channels on radio, TV and the web - can in fact lead ethnic minorities and migrants not to integrate in mainstream society. How does this fit with the role of broadcasters in ensuring cohesion?

8 WEMF3- Overall Trends and Observations
Overview and First Trends and Implications – CI Partner Meeting London WEMF3- Overall Trends and Observations Confirmed Fundamental transformation of media practice through ICTs, such as convergeance, multiple channels, user-generated content, citizen journalism From "One-to-Many" clearly to "Many-to-Many" broadcasting Need for Trusted Common Reference Points GK3 / WEMF3 collaborative events resulted in interactive debate about cutting-edge societal trends and implications for development Embracement of large broadcasters and pro-active argumentation about new trends

9 WEMF3 / GK3 "Explosion or Fracturing of Public Sphere" 11
WEMF3 / GK3 "Explosion or Fracturing of Public Sphere" 11. December 2007 Overall Conclusions Fundamental, transformative role of ICTs on media principles and practice At WEMF 3 realization and embracement of > the community broadcasting perspective > increased convergence of different media > the emerging diversity of information > the emergence of any-time/own time > explosion and implosion of the public sphere -> (!) single broadcasting (one to many) is being complemented by social broadcasting (many to many) -> Web 2.0 is leading to increased interactivity also in the media world.

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