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Welcome to 6 th Grade Open House August 28, 2014.

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1 Welcome to 6 th Grade Open House August 28, 2014

2 Meet Mrs. Merlin Graduated from Seton Hill University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Family Studies and a Certification in Elementary Education (K-6). 16 th year—6 th grade @ LES (724) 539-9777 ext 1412

3 A Wildcat ROARS R espect others O bserve safety rules A ct responsibly R each for success S how kindness

4 CAT’S CASH Teachers reward students that “ROARS” with a punch on their Wildcat Reward Card. Wildcat Reward Cards are kept by the homeroom teacher. Students will be able to use their Wildcat Rewards at designated times. Demerits earned during a school day will result in the loss of Cat’s Cash.

5 “Give Me Five” 1.Eyes on me 2.Listen 3.Quiet 4.Hands Free 5.Be Still

6 Dress Code Tank tops are permitted as long as the strap is three fingers wide. Appropriate short length: Students’ fingertips with arms straight should touch the bottom of the hem. Clothing with inappropriate messages are not allowed. Absolutely no flip flops!!!

7 Bring all materials (pencils, notes, assignments, assignment book, progress reports and books) to class. Enter quietly, sit down, and get out materials for the class. Raise a hand and wait for permission before speaking or leaving seat. Keep hands, feet, objects, and unkind comments to yourself. Follow directions the first time they are given. Expectations

8 First demerit  Loss of Cat’s Cash Second demerit  Loss of recess Third demerit  30 minute detention Consequences

9 Homework/Projects Expectations Make sure to understand the assignment, the purpose of the assignment, when it is due, and how it is to be done. Quarterly homework notebooks are REQUIRED. Please check teacher websites for daily assignments.

10 GLSD Website Select LES main page Select appropriate teacher GoMath!, Storytown and Science Fusion

11 Recess/Workroom Policies Recess will be OUTSIDE everyday (weather permitting). Be sure your child has appropriate outdoor wear. Workroom will be held in Ms. Previte’s, Mrs. Merlin’s or Mr. Pinto’s room everyday. Workroom is by teacher assignment only. If they lose recess, they do not go to workroom.

12 Grades/HAC We follow the GLSD approved grading scale. Progress reports will be sent home at mid quarter. Please access the Home Access Center (HAC) throughout the year.

13 6 th Grade Curriculum Go Math! Storytown Science Fusion The World—Social Studies textbook – Ancient civilizations

14 Home-School Connection Ideas for Homework Help: – Quiet space – Scheduled time – Encourage best work – Refer to class work for help – If you and your child are struggling to complete an assignment, please send a note to the teacher.

15 Date: – November 10, 2014 – March 4, 2015 Conferences

16 Places to Visit… Encore teachers Book Fair in the Library PTO & the Spirit Wear Sale Thank You For Attending !

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