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R-Scan Lite. Portable Dry-Coupled B-Scan Imaging System.

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1 R-Scan Lite

2 Portable Dry-Coupled B-Scan Imaging System

3 R-Scan Lite Hand-held dry coupled B-Scan system: Cost effective Simple to set up and use Highly portable Scan flat plate or pipe-work

4 R-Scan Lite Designed for ease of use in the petro-chemical environment

5 R-Scan Lite Dry coupled hand held scanner Suitable for flat plate or pipe down to 50mm diameter

6 R-Scan lite Miniaturised 5mhz dry coupled wheel probe Single axis optical encoder with magnetic contact- wheels

7 R-Scan Lite Lightweight 12v UT module Integral battery USB 2.0 port for PC connection Carry case & shoulder strap

8 R-Scan Lite Supplied with a 10 inch screen netbook

9 R-Scan Lite UT and encoder data is combined in software to present Thickness measurement A-scan display B-scan display

10 R-Scan Lite Simplified setup and data collection tools

11 R-Scan Lite UT parameters and gate controls are clearly laid out

12 R-Scan Lite Powerful data review, reporting and printing tools are built into the software……..

13 R-Scan Lite Replay entire scan with active A-scan and B-scan display Full replay control - rewind, pause, fast forward

14 R-Scan Lite Full Printing options Customisable B-scan colour palette Export A-scan & B-scans as digital image files: Export thickness data as.CSV files

15 R-Scan Lite Fully featured portable Dry- Coupled B-scan imaging system Cost effective Simple to set up and operate Powerful analysis and reporting tools Versatile hand-held UT scanner for plate or pipe


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