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...Unboxed! Start with the Console Plug the Sensor Bar into the Wii Console.

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2 ...Unboxed!

3 Start with the Console

4 Plug the Sensor Bar into the Wii Console.

5 Plug the AC Adaptor into the Wii Console.

6 Plug the AV Cable into the Wii Console.

7 NOTE: To begin with, there’s no need to connect the Nunchuk to the Wii-mote. Boxing is the only WiiSports game that requires it. The Wii-mote is wireless! Just insert 2 AA batteries. SAFETY HINTS: Put on the remote jacket & wear the safety strap around your wrist.

8 Press Power button on Console or Remote. Select TV input setting to accept input from Wii (e.g., “Input1”). Press A Button (on remote). The Wii Menu will appear. Click on the Mii Channel with the A button to create a digital version of yourself to appear in Wii games. Ready, Set...

9 PLAY WiiSports! Insert WiiSports game disc in Wii Console, disc label facing right (or up, if console is in horizontal position). With A Button (on remote), click WiiSports (upper left corner of Wii Menu). Follow system prompts. You’ll need to press A & B buttons together to get to the WiiSports Menu. Try Bowling first – it’s a great way to introduce yourself to WiiSports! Consult the WiiSports manual for HINTS on how to play each of the games.

10 Check the manuals!

11 NOTES Additional Wii Remotes must be synchronized to your Wii Console (See Quick Setup for easy instructions.) Multi-player games may require additional Wii Remotes. Each Wii Remote takes two AA batteries. Rechargeable battery packages are available (purchased separately). Worth it if you’re a heavy Wii user! The Wii Console is wi-fi ready, and will allow you to connect to special Wii channels, such as News & Weather. Follow menu prompts to set up wireless connection.

12 You may need a LAN Adaptor (purchased separately) if you don’t have access to a wireless network.

13 After you’ve conquered WiiSports, try... ROCKBAND2!

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