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Flexible Canning System Automotive Catalytic Converter

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1 Flexible Canning System Automotive Catalytic Converter

2 Content Company presentation Canning technologies Reference list
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3 Adresses: Company presentation KZ Handels AB Tel: +46 300 54 16 10
Box Fax: S KUNGSBACKA Sweden Contact persons: Evert Andersson Karl Zickert Ingemar Gottberg

4 Company Presention KZ Handels AB (, located ca 25 km south of Gothenburg in Sweden, has currently 25 employees and is expanding. The company has a longstanding recognition in Europe, North America and Asia as a supplier to the automotive industry and universities of reliable and high-quality components for emission test systems with very short leadtimes. The company is one of largest prototype canner in Europe of catalytic converters for testcell and field evaluation in cooperation with customers. The company is, as well, able to perform accelerated aging of catalysts and converters. The company has been certified in the ISO 9000 standard since XXXX. Secrecy Agreements will ensure customer reliability and confidenciality.

5 Canning Technologies KZ Handels AB does offer several different catalytic converter and DPF canning solutions, prototype packages, which gives the customers a very high degree of flexibility and convenient evaluation of exhaust pipe emissions in test cells and vehicles. The packages can include inlet and/or outlet, and as well intermediate tubes. The prototype packages do consist of different basic system: Serial production converters, which are disassambled/cut open and existing monoliths are switched to others according to customer requests. Application: Passenger cars, TWC/DOC/DPF/CSF. Evaluation purpose: test cell and vehicle.

6 Application: Passenger cars; TWC/DOC/DPF/CSF.
Canning Technologies KZ Standard Prototype Canning is a fixed part converter system upon customer requests, there all parts are welded together in a tight and short unit. All metallic material is made from austenic stainless steel for highest possible durability. Ceramic monoliths are sleeved with mats before canning, while metallic ones are welded at the mantle. Application: Passenger cars; TWC/DOC/DPF/CSF. Heavy Duty/Off Road/Marine/Genset; DOC/DPF/CSF/SCR/Amox. Evaluation purpose: Test cell.

7 with gastight flexible V-clamps. Application: Passenger cars;
Canning Technologies KZ Quick Canning System (QCS) is a fully flexible converter and exhaustpipe system. QCS enables you to quickly reconfigurate your converter system, since every part is separatately canned. Equipped with flanges/collars, each component can be fixed to others with gastight flexible V-clamps. Application: Passenger cars; TWC/DOC/DPF/CSF. Heavy Duty/Off Road/Marine/Genset; DOC/DPF/CSF/SCR/Amox. Evaluation purpose: Test cell.

A flexible, demountable and modular Test Canning System, designed for Catalyst and Particulate Filter test purpose. The main purpose for this product range is customer Test Cell applications, but as well vehicle testings. This V-clamp based Test Canning System consists of modular components such as: Cones, V-clamps, V-rings, Disposable Sleeves, Sampling Sections, Diameter Adapters, Various Flanges and Gaskets, all made in stainless steel, for high temperature restivity, re-use and maximized durability. The disposable Sleeves used for the encapsulation of Catalysts and DPF’s, are easily exchanged with a quickly release of the two V-clamps, which are available in a range of lengths to match different substrate sizes, and also in both mild- and stainless steel, depending on the application and customer requests. Catalysts and DPF monoliths are stuffed into the disposable Sleeves including an expandable ceramic mat with the help of a specially made assembly tool. It is recommended heat treat canned components in order to achieve a correct tension and withholding of the monolith.

9 Canning Technologies Cones :
Those are made by pressure turning of steel sheet tubes, and then completed with V-ring. The Cones are available in different designs : Standard Cone-end, Tailored Pipe-end, Bolt-connection-Flange, or V-connection-Flange welded to the steel tube. Connections for sampling can be attached upon request. Standard Cone-ends : Standard Cones are available for any customer standard. Tailored made Pipe-ends : Standard Cone-ends can be extended by tailor made exhaust pipe tubings upon customer request.

10 Canning Technologies Bolt-connection Flanges :
Bolt-connection Flanges for standard Cone-end diameters, are made of stainless steel sheet by the means of Water-jetcutting. Bolt-connection-Flange gaskets : Gaskets matching the Bolt-connection-Flanges are kept on stock. V-connection-Flanges : Stailess steel V-connection-Flanges with unisex-key steering for the standard Cone-end diameters are machined. V-connection-Flange gaskets : Gaskets matching the V-connection-Flanges are available. V-clamps : V-clamps are made out of four V-formed sections, connected two by two with a welded strap and two strapping bolts forming two sections. One of the bolts is equipped with a quick release. V-rings : V-rings are cut out of stainless steel platesfirst by the means of Water-jet-cutting followed by machining to creat their characteristic V-shape profile.

11 Canning Technologies Disposable Sleeves :
Disposable Sleeves for smaller diameters (4,66” and 5,66 “) are made of thin-walled steel Pipe, without flanges. Sleeves for larger diameters (9,5 -10,5” and 12“) are rolled from steel sheets, welded together and then out-flanged. Both mild- and Stainless-steel models are available. Sleeves are manufactured in lengths matching 3” and 6” long substrates, and can be welded together to match substrate lengths such as: 3”, 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”. Any other length could be manufactured on special request. Expanding Mat’s: Expanding Mat’s with sheared sealings, matching all standard monolith sizes are on stock. It is recommended to heat treat canned components in order to achieve a correct tension and withholding of the monolith (electric furnace at 350°C for one hour).

12 Canning Technologies Sampling Sections :
Sampling Sections are made out of thin-walled steel Pipe with V-formed rings welded on, at the Pipe-ends. Connections for various sampling tapping could be fitted on special request. Diameter adapters : Diameter adapters are made of two V-rings with a conical pipe in between, to enable connection between the different product ranges. Connections for various sampling tapping could be fitted on special request. Assembling tools: For each product range, a special made assembly tool is available. This tool ensure an evenly applied force on the Brick, and also a correct location of the Brick inside the disposable Sleeve.










22 Some of our clients Volvo Car Corp SAAB Volvo Power Train
Volvo Technology Corp Scania AB Daimler Chrysler Corp Cummins JMC BASF Umicore Ecocat Tetrapak Lund University Chalmer Technical Highschool AVL List GmbH IFP Emitec

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