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Written by Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy Project by Siena.

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1 Written by Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy Project by Siena

2  Emma Mills  Payton Mills  Jazmine James  Sydney  Tess and Hector  Mrs. Burkle  Ox  Quinn and Cashmere  Mr. and Mrs.Mills  Nick

3  Payton and Emma’s middle school  The Mall  The Mills’ house/front yard  The school’s janitor closet  Emma and Payton’s bedroom  All of the middle school classrooms  The school gym

4  Emma and Payton are twins, but opposites. Payton is a stylish fashionista who is always nice. Emma is a spelling bee champion/mathlete/brainiac who thinks she has no time for fashion. Emma is 3 minutes older but Payton is three quarters of an inch taller. The story starts on the first day of sixth grade. Payton is totally psyched! But when the Mills’ twins receive their schedule, they find out that they have no classes together! Payton makes friends with popular Sydney and her crowd, while Emma messes up with everyone she talks to except a boy named Nick. On the way down the halls to get their schedules, the strap of Payton’s tank top snaps. Emma tells her to get in the janitors closet and use duct tape on her strap. And she does that.

5  When Payton forgets to pack her lunch, she has to buy a horrible burrito from the hot lunch line. Sydney and Cashmere say it’s disgusting, and most of the girls at Sydney’s popular table agreed. So Payton didn’t eat it. When she was walking out of the cafeteria, she slipped and spilled her burrito on the school’s football hotshot. Meanwhile, Sydney is sending mean messages to Emma on Payton’s iPhone. Emma is getting bothered by know it all Jazmine James, and Jazmine teases her for falling out of her chair. Jazmine’s best friends Hector and Tess and Jazmine all act like she has balancing problems. When Emma meets Payton at her locker, she finds out about Sydney’s texting and what happened to Payton. So instead of Payton having a horrible social life, they switch clothes and stuff in the Janitors closet. They practice being each other and continue switching at school. Payton finds out how comfortable Emma’s ugly clothes are and gets everyone thinking about how friendly Emma is.

6  Emma studies up on fashion and gets Payton and Sydney back together, and she also picks out awesome outfits for Sydney and her group. Emma prints a schedule for swiching and gives a copy to Payton. The girls were walking out of the Janitor’s closet when they bump into Jazmine James and papers fly. Jazmine sorted their papers and didn’t seem suspicious. What Emma and Payton didn’t know was that Jazmine had their schedules. Payton was doing an extra curricular for Emma, broadcasted to the school. Sneaky Jazmine asked Payton what her winning word in the spelling bee was, and Payton didn’t know, and she thought it was this gross word, so she said it live. Jazmine showed the school the schedule and pretended it was just algebra. Payton and Emma accidentally said what they had been doing on the school camera. They were grounded, but they did a live apology, and Tess became Payton’s friend and Quinn became Emma’s friend. Schedule Gym P Jc Lockers ep Fkdfjkdlfjl ;kdsfjd;fjd s Schedule Gym P Jc Lockers ep Fkdfjkdlfjl ;kdsfjd;fjd s

7  In the back of the book, there are the top ten stupidest twin questions ever asked, answered by the Mills twins.  Julia Devillers and Jennifer Roy, the authors, are twins!  I rate this book wwww for wikitastic.

8  Hope u liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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