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Mobile Computing Solutions for the Utility Workforce.

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1 Mobile Computing Solutions for the Utility Workforce

2 GammaTech – U.S. Headquarters: Fremont, CA – World Headquarters: Taiwan – Years in Business: 30 – Employees: 500+ – Annual Revenues: $200M+ Presenter – Roger Cresswell, Business Development Mgr. – 30 years Mobile Computing Industry Knowledge – Professional Services, Customers Service, Industry Marketing and Business Development in Utilities, Telecommunications, Field Services, Enterprise Solutions

3 Field Service Objective The rule of rights… Get the right person To the right location With the right information And the right tools At the right time To fix it right the first time Enablers: CADGPS Telematics Systems

4 Tablet Migration Consumer Rugged

5 Steve Jobs 2010 Prediction – Tablets will eventually overtake PCs in sales… “We were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks because that’s what you needed on the farm. But as vehicles started to be used in the urban centers and America started to move into those urban and suburban centers, cars got more popular. PCs are going to be like trucks. They’re still going to be around. They’re still going to have a lot of value, but they’re going to be used by one out of X people.”

6 When should Enterprises adopt Tablet Computing? Dr. Pierre Berthon, Professor of Marketing at Clifford House, and team study results The 4-I’s are the ways in which people interact with devices… Inscriptive: inputting information (i.e. doctors and nurses recording medical data) Informative: reading, watching, listening (i.e. restaurant menu app with wine pairings) Interactive: editing or using graphics (i.e. video chat session with a service rep) Isolative: storing information (i.e. technician stores schematics in pdf) The 3-C’s refer to the abilities of the devices… Configure-ability: ability to change the configuration of both input (inscriptive) and display (informative) of information. Consume-ability: the ease with which information can be consumed or interacted with (both inscriptive and informative). Context-ability: the awareness of context, such as time and place. Conclusion – PCs have generally been Context-ual (general, impersonal, objective) while tablets are engaging in Context-ive (specific, local, subjective) computing.

7 Why Tablet Computing for Field Technicians? Better User Experience… Smaller Footprint Lighter Weight Easier Handling Touch/Swipe Interface Longer Battery Life Fewer Components to Fail Better Intrusion Protection Accessories When Needed

8 Convergence Interactive Technology Integrated Sensors Rugged Features Enterprise Applications Water Resistant Water Resistant

9 R11 is the lightest 11.6” inch rugged Tablet PC in its class. Elegantly designed, thin & light weight form factor with 4 foot drop, shock and vibration protection and IP65 dust and water sealing protection. A powerful performer using Intel’s 4 th Generation Haswell processor, coupled with a host of exclusive features. R11 Tablet 11.6” LCD

10 Why R11? Thin, Light and Strong The R11 is the lightest tablet form factor in its class, base unit 2.7 lbs w/battery, 3.3 lbs. including all options / expansion modules Rugged by Design Ultra compact form factor meets IP65 & 4ft drop, and MIL-SPEC 810G for shock offers complete protection in the harshest usage environments 11.6” Widescreen Display Brilliant sunlight viewable touch screen display (730 NITS) with exclusive water tolerant touch design that can be used while the display is wet Integrated Options, Maximum Productivity Optional Integrated Barcode Scanner and Magnetic Strip Reader, Smart Card and RFID Readers for 2 Factor Authentication security requirements Dual cameras- Full HD front and 5MP auto focus rear camera w/LED flashlight X-Strap, and Hand Straps designed for ease of use while on-the-move High Speed Performance & Superior Wireless Powerful performance using the Intel 4 th Generation Core i5 & i7 Haswell Processors Integrated 4G LTE (Gobi 5000), Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth Class 4, and GPS + Dual RF Switching capability Long life battery- 7hrs of performance with 5300 mAh Lithium polymer battery pack

11 R11 Expansion Modules

12 SmartCard or RFID Reader (2 Factor Authentication) Mag Stripe Reader / SmartCard Reader CTO option: (Leadtime + MOQ required) NFC/RFID Reader RS-232 + 2 USB Note: Expansion modules are mutually exclusive, except for barcode scanner Barcode Scanner

13 Expansion Modules Modules installed under X-Strap

14 X-Strap Hand Strap Carrying Accessories

15 One DC-in connector 2xUSB 3.0 2xUSB 2.0 1xRS-232 1xHDMI 1x RJ 45 (1) SMA Ext. Antenna (WWAN) (1) SMA Ext. Antenna (GPS) 2xUSB 3.0 2xUSB 2.0 1xRS-232 1xHDMI 1x RJ 45 (1) DC-in connector Docking Accessories Vehicle Dock Desk Dock


17 Thank You

18 Advantages Can be used as primary device Camera Navigation Wireless Battery Weight Carrying/Set-up Screen size vs. smartphone viewability Keyboard in the car Content Creation Accessories Windows/Open Platform Rugged: TCO, drops, temps, battery, wireless, intrusion, tablet screen overheating on dash, VDC – 4 to 1 rugged vs. consumer, downtime, productivity, response time Enterprise adoption

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