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EDSGN100 Section 006 Team 1 Roger Rangel-Lafuente Matt Duffy Monica Corsetti Allison Ranslow.

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1 EDSGN100 Section 006 Team 1 Roger Rangel-Lafuente Matt Duffy Monica Corsetti Allison Ranslow

2 1. Task: Designing for both producer and consumer 2. Approach 3. Analysis of Final Project 4. Design and Prototype 5. Summary 6. References


4  Wind the gear to move the film across exposure area

5  Winding puts tension on spring so that the shutter lifts and film is exposed to light

6  Capacitor builds charge from battery and sends electric spark to bulb  Bulb flashes at same moment that shutter lifts

7  When all exposures have been used, camera is taken to film processing center  Camera is recycled/disposed of

8  We Define the Problem to be:  Shrinking Market  Limited sustainability  Source of E-Waste

9  E-Waste is waste generated when electronic devices are disposed of  It contains many harmful toxins  Most e-waste is exported to developing countries  Disposable cameras contribute to e-waste

10  Shrinking Market =  Limited Sustainability + E-Waste =

11  Fit the product to a new, modern, eco- friendly market  Right now, environmentally friendly is also profitable

12  Customer Needs Assessment All of those surveyed were 17-18 years old 100% of those surveyed own a digital camera 10% have used a disposable camera in the past year The most popular response to “do you know anyone who uses a disposable camera?” was “my grandparents”


14  Analysis of Market Research Young people have completely replaced the disposable camera with the digital Teenage and early adult consumers are technology dependent

15  Overall, the market research we conducted led us to believe that the best option for the FunSaver camera is to find a new, less technology-dependent market

16 Decision- Making ChartLarger MarketCost-effective Reduce e- wasteAppearanceEase of use Ease of manufacturingSustainability Digital Disposable+--O+-- Outdoors Camera-++OO++ Camera for an older market-++OO++ Camera for kids++++O++ Aspect ideas for kids' camera Binocular viewfinderN/A+O++-O Rubber casingN/A++++O+ Larger capture buttonN/A+O++OO Connect to computer (USB)N/A--O+-+ Handle/strapN/A++++O+

17  Analysis of Design-Selection Matrix  Best Design: Camera For Kids Disposables are cheap and thus parents give them to kids without worry of damage Market is not technology-dependent  Best Features to include in camera: Rubber Casing Handle/Strap Bigger Capture Button

18  Concept: Make the FunSaver more appealing to a new market: young kids Easier to use Less Expensive by increased sustainability Increasing the number of times the camera can be recycled by increasing durability

19  Works the same way as the original  Improving the shell only Easier to hold with rubber grips and strap Larger button for ease of use

20  Increasing durability On average, a disposable camera is recycled (meaning repackaged with new film and resold) 3 times before it cannot be reused

21  Rubber Grips absorb shock and prevent damage when camera is dropped  Strap prevents frequent dropping of camera  Less damage to shell means camera can be reused more, leading to less e-waste

22  Cost- The same or less as consumer pays now: $5.00-$6.00  Short-term cost Slightly more expensive at first Cost of manufacturing rubber case and strap  Long-term cost Less expensive in long run More durable camera can be recycled more times Decreasing need of production=decreasing production costs



25  icture.shtml icture.shtml  n_US/pd/FUN_SAVER_Camera/productI D.164407600 n_US/pd/FUN_SAVER_Camera/productI D.164407600  l_conside.php l_conside.php

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