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Personal Branding Training June 2011 Sandra Malone.

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1 Personal Branding Training June 2011 Sandra Malone

2 Going back to basics..... What exactly is a brand? A brand is a promise to stakeholders. Have you thought about what you promise to people? Have you given any thought to what your personal brand is? Do you realise that your most important job is to market YOU? June 2011Sandy Malone–

3 You’re Branded, Branded, Branded June 2011Sandy Malone– Exercise 1 – On a piece of paper, answer these questions: Last Night: Who supplied the clothes you changed into when you got home? Where did you buy your food for supper? What did you brush your teeth with? Who supplied the bed you slept on? The sheets? This Morning: Who supplied the breakfast food/coffee? What does your choice of employer say about you? What car do you drive?

4 You’re Branded, Branded, Branded June 2011Sandy Malone– Exercise 1 Once you answered the questions on the previous slide, take note of the brands that make up your actions and interests. Ask yourself why you made certain brand choices over others What does the use of those brands say about you?

5 Identifying the Brand of ‘You’ Who is this brand called ‘you’? Your personal brand has several major influencers including your family, career, friends, external world What do you promise? Describe it What is your brand personality? Describe it Are you memorable? Who is your competitor? Why are you different? Describe it What motivates someone to interact with you? June 2011Sandy Malone–

6 Your Personal Coat of Arms June 2011Sandy Malone– Exercise 2 Using a 4 way shield, something like the one to the left, draw what your family, friends, career and outside world mean to you in a single visual to come up with your personal coat of arms. This will capture your personal values. It’s more difficult than you think!

7 Here’s a Thought: You’re the CEO of You Be honest – how would you describe your reputation? June 2011Sandy Malone Reputation disastrous Reputation distinct Reputation neutral or dissed Who’s That?

8 Exercise 3: Your Logo and Strap line What are you famous for? – Draw your logo – Create your strap line Why will we read about you in the news? June 2011Sandy Malone–

9 Your Own ‘Brand’ Write your personal ‘Brand Promise’ – You promise to do what? – 1 minute Brand elevator speech – why should anyone recommend you; what value will we get and why should we believe you? – This is difficult to do, but you must crack it! June 2011Sandy Malone–

10 Why should you care about your personal brand? Your career, and therefore possibly your life, depends on it! First 7 seconds – What you look like – What you sound like – What you say Silent indicators – Your impact – Your voic – Your social media sites – Your visibility June 2011Sandy Malone–

11 Exercise 4: Your Personal Branding Scorecard Fill this in to give yourself clarity of purpose Personal Vision and Mission Personal Key Roles (External) Personal Brand Objectives Specialisation Personal Brand Statement and Story Personal Critical Success Factors & Performance Measures Personal Targets Your Action Plan (to include on-line) June 2011Sandy Malone– Quantify and Qualify

12 Exercise 5: Your Communications Strategy Every good brand needs to be communicated-that includes you! Key Messages Your USP Proof Points June 2011Sandy Malone– Quantify and Qualify

13 Q&A Contact details: Sandy Malone Marketing Moves June 2011Sandy Malone –

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