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The resources you need to make an impact Presented by Toni E. Washington “Inner City Guru”

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1 The resources you need to make an impact Presented by Toni E. Washington “Inner City Guru”

2 Agenda Developing a successful youth program isn’t like building a shed in your back yard. This is major construction. Phase 1 of Development: Engaging Youth Phase 2 of Development: Engaging Parents

3 Phase 1

4 The Design Process Survey the neighborhood Review local demographics Familiarize yourself with existing programs and services Reach out to them. They will be important for your recruitment process.

5 The Construction Process 1. Identify “disconnected” and at-risk youth in your target age range. 2. Connect them to positive mentoring opportunities. 3. Re-evaluate their education opportunities. 4. Create safe places for them to hang out and safe activities for them to engage in. 5. Develop youth employment opportunities. 6. Implement career and college planning initiatives.

6 Preparing for Construction Develop marketing materials Saturate the community Talk to everyone! Hold a “coming out” party Develop and deploy an outreach team. Use familiar faces in the neighborhood to help with initial outreach Focus on youth first

7 Laying the Foundation “It’s Their Space, Their World” Know their world! What is their day-to-day life like? Don’t make assumptions. Who and what attracts them? Speak their language Break down barriers


9 Laying the Foundation Be genuine! This isn’t a job. It should be a PASSION. Be REAL. Possess the 4 Cs: Care Concern Control Commitment And wear your hard hat – sometimes things get a bit rough.

10 Letting people know what’s going on.

11 Construction Signs Banners, Fliers, Posters

12 Construction Signs T-shirts – make sure they are creative and colorful

13 Construction Signs Outreach Mobile – The City Teenz car

14 Construction Signs Vehicle Wrap

15 What to Build and How to Build It

16 Structures Safe Events

17 Structures Athletic Programs

18 Structures New Opportunities College Tours Out of Town Trips Local Field Trips

19 Structures Youth Hang-Out or Safe Zones

20 Construction Hazards Watch out for these obstacles during the process: Lack of parental involvement Lack of trust Broken Promise Syndrome Old School vs. New School Accountability

21 Phase 2

22 Laying the Foundation Focus on the youth first. But long-term success will depend on parent involvement. Parents will need to be recruited with incentives and events. As with the youth, you will need to attract their attention and then develop a real relationship with them.

23 Safety Rules Understand the family dynamics. Know who the family leaders are. Be genuine and honest. Don’t judge or lecture. Don’t interfere with the parent-child relationship. ALWAYS have an open ear to listen and help in any way you can. Remember that helping the parents helps the children. Give them tools. Help connect them to resources. When you commit, follow through in a timely manner.

24 Structure Parent “PEP” Squad: Partner, Educate, Prevent Organize and name neighborhood and community parents to crusade the zone, door by door, street by street. Partner with all organization within a 5 mile radius to include: Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Watch Organizations, Churches, Daycares, Non-Profits, Food Banks, Shelters, Businesses, Youth and Afterschool Programs. Educate the entire community about workshops, special events, rallies, neighborhood Prevent crime, vandalism, truancy, abuse and neglect

25 Need to know where to go from here? Toni Washington 1-321-226-8556 @myrulesmyreality @innercity_guru My Rules My Reality, Inc. Toni E. Washington

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