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Instructions 1.  SITING YOUR TRAMPOLINE  Your trampoline works best and is safest if it is dead level. If your trampoline is fitted.

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1 Instructions 1

2  SITING YOUR TRAMPOLINE  Your trampoline works best and is safest if it is dead level. If your trampoline is fitted with a safety enclosure then potential hazards within 2 metres of the trampoline like paving stones, fences, pools, tree trunks and buildings will not be critical. Without a safety enclosure it is vital to keep clear 2 metres of lawn space all round the trampoline.  Always ensure that the area above the trampoline is clear of overhead cable and branches. Even if the cables and branches are way up high, birds will roost on them and use your trampoline for target practice.  Garden trampolines are designed to stand on a lawn. If they are on concrete or gravel the underside of the leg bases will wear away quite quickly. If you are planning to site your Trampoline on concrete or on a patio you should fix floor guards to your Trampoline legs.  If you need to level your trampoline try and raise one side by the same distance that you sink the other. That way you still have sufficient clearance beneath the trampoline to prevent larger and more energetic bouncers bottoming out and hitting the ground. Unless the slope is very slight just blocking up the lower legs will not work well as the trampoline will tend to move down the slope and fall off the blocks. It is better to create a groove for the uphill legs to rest in or alternatively ground anchor them so they cannot creep down hill. A quick and simple way to check that your trampoline is level is to take off a spring and see if it will roll downhill on the trampoline bed. 2

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4 Guidelines for Use -Your Super Tramp Boomer garden trampoline is a powerful, durable British product. -Treated with respect and common sense, this superb premium quality trampoline will provide years of fun! -Always position the trampoline on a flat area of lawn and clear of all obstacles or buildings. -Never wear shoes whilst bouncing -only one person on the trampoline at one time. 4

5 1. Insert leg triangle into leg base. Repeat other end 2. Repeat with the remaining leg parts. Lie completed assemblies onto the ground 3. Slide one side rail stub into the tube of a leg 4. Pull the side downwards until horizontal. Attach other leg assembly 5

6 5. Attach other side rail to the frame. Do not try to fit end rails as these will not fit until springs have been fitted 6. Ensure frame is square by temporarily attaching one side of end rail to check alinement (as seen on 7 & 8) 7. 8. 6

7 The springs must only be attached to the frame as instructed below. This is important as the trampoline must be tensioned in order for the end rails to fit correctly. If all springs are attached on one side first it will be extremely difficult to attach the opposite side. Unfold the trampoline bed and lay on the ground inside the frame. Ensure the cross is facing up. 1.First attach one of the end of the springs to the bed and the other end to one end of an anchor strap (Super Tramp logo up) 2. with the spring in one hand and the strap in the other, pull the spring back to touch the frame. 3. wrap the anchor strap around the top of the frame and attach the spring hook underneath as shown. 7

8 With the frame no under tension, attach the end rails. If necessary use a wooden block or wooden mallet to knock into place. -do not hit the frame with metal as damage may occur. With the end rails fitted, you can now attach the springs. The best approach is to work opposite with someone, as springs can be added at the same time. If working alone evenly add the springs to each side. - Please ensure springs replicate the diagram above. 8

9 Your Super Tramp Boomer is supplied with a complete set of frame pad elevators. (to reduce noise – although these may not be required when the trampoline has been sunk into the ground. 1.Thread the plain end of the long strap through the ratchet spindle as shown. Make sure both hooks point upwards. 2.Attach the hooks of the completed long straps to the holes at the end of the frame. Tighten ratchets from underneath to tension straps. 3.To fit the end straps, hook the short hook of a 7” spring into the ‘D’ ring on a end strap. Position a black spring anchor strap 110mm from the End Rail tube end and hook the spring through the anchor strap. Now attach the opposite side ensuring the end strap runs on top and not underneath. 9

10 Lay the frame pads upside down with the eyelets uppermost. Pass the flexible end of a toggle loop through the eyelets as shown on the right. Use a tool such as a screwdriver to carefully pull the toggle loop out the second eyelet. Repeat for all the pads. Turn over the frame pads and lay them evenly around the edge of the trampoline so that the frame and springs are covered. Slide the corner pocket of each side of each side pocket onto the rounded end of each end pad. 10

11 Attach pads around frame by holding elastic loop, and stretching the plastic toggle around the frame and inserted back through the loop. As shown. Fit the frame pads, using the supplied toggle loops, Working from underneath the trampoline. Use the leaver on the ratchets to tension the straps. Once this is done pull the skirt of the pads over the frame. 11

12 12

13 IMPORTANT Please keep your proof of purchase it will be needed to make a claim * Please note we recommend that all 2 string beds to be refurbished ever 2-5 years. All enquires please call +44 (0)3302 232948. 13

14 Twitter : Feel free to tweet us a picture of your trampoline @supertrampuk @JetSportsLtd Facebook: Pinterest: 14

15 For more information on trampolines check out Get Britain Bouncing and for spare parts visit our website 15

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