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0 The Internship LEAP Initiative Matthew Zinman Executive Director & Founder.

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1 0 The Internship LEAP Initiative Matthew Zinman Executive Director & Founder

2 1 Topic Expertise Founder of The Internship Institute and its education affiliate / product brand - Z University Developed 3 Internship Products for Employers The Blueprint for Internship Success (DVD) Intern Toolkit (turnkey materials/portal) Intern Supervisor Guidebook / Mentoring Curriculum 20+ years first-hand internship experience Managed / mentored 200+ students Host of / Actor at Presenter: Matthew Zinman

3 2 The Internship Institute Workforce Development Organization Close the gap between classroom learning and workforce competency Mission Initiatives: Education, Advocacy, Leadership, Collaboration Evolving to a non-profit; 501c3 status-pending Z University Education Affiliate – Products & Services Program Management, Work Productivity, Build Human Capital Consulting (strategy, recruitment, management, conversion) Education (onsite training, webinars for HR, supervisors & execs) Products: Internship Program Management Solutions About Us

4 3 Internship Program Materials Staffing Management System

5 4 The Internship LEAP Initiative

6 5

7 6 The Internship LEAP Plan MARKET STATE OF AFFAIRS Career center budgets average $10/STUDENT < 50% of students EVER use career centers < 50% of career centers do ANYTHING to provide direct support for internship placements ONLY 22% of career centers are “high-touch” with employers The annual cost of higher education = $6K / $23K There’s no time to waste; we are doing this now.

8 7 The Internship LEAP Plan Centralized, privatized, value-added … Based on consortium of best practices Plug-in with employers (chambers, WIBs, EDCs) Connect with community charities Fund pay for interns at non-profits

9 8 The Internship LEAP Plan Seamless/minimalist integration on campuses Virtual worker stations/command centers Host “on-campus internship” program a.k.a. “student-run” as much as possible Epicenter to source students in on-campus departments Stony Brook University Career Center

10 9 The Internship LEAP Plan Aim is for NO later than 2011 on campuses Immediate action (TRIAGE 2008) See FULL Internship LEAP Initiative Plan Based on “4 New Realities About Internships”

11 10

12 11 The Internship LEAP Plan Charities need helping hands Students need experience DVD sales fund giveaways St. Patrick’s Day Launch (3.17) New Orleans at Tulane Clinton On-Campus Initiative “Green” service movement

13 12 The Internship LEAP Plan Northeastern Model Co-ops / Internships / Service Martha’s Vineyard since ’05 In conjunction with WACE June 22-26 & 27 th – July 1

14 13 The Internship LEAP Plan Little Progress in Election Year Strap on the backs of our capable emerging workforce. They can do it.

15 14 The Internship LEAP Plan Intern Work Economic Productivity Study Supervisor Gain = 225 FULL work days/year

16 15 The Internship LEAP Plan I am NOT an economist Economic stimulus is to PUT money in consumers hands Instead, we saddle with loans, high tuition, debt, up to 6 tuition credits for internship and THEN we don’t pay them. It makes NO sense.

17 16 The Internship LEAP Plan Why keep them poor? If not paying now; they will! Socioeconomic equality What’s minimum wage Internship Tuition Credit = DOUBLE-PENALIZED

18 17 The Internship LEAP Plan Fear of opportunity erosion Give them “real work” Pay them = utilize for ROI Tax credit “tiers” (by $ize) Certify “Learning Outcomes”

19 18 The Internship LEAP Plan Foundation support The Internship Institute Corporate sponsorship ”

20 19 The Internship LEAP Plan No 2 schools do the same No ONE school can do this Create and open “channel” Workforce development focus Aid, Access & Accountability

21 20 The Internship LEAP Plan Augment infrastructure Layer-in “value add” services Minimalist approach Seamless integration Tie into admissions; liaison

22 21 The Internship LEAP Plan Program quality certification Tax credit reimbursement Keep everyone accountable

23 22 The Internship LEAP Plan BEST PRACTICES EXIST : Gather & Implement Freshman Year – Intake Assessments Sophomore Year – Registration; Preparation Junior Year – Complete Requirement Senior Year – Reflection; Adaptation; Placement

24 23 The Internship LEAP Plan Align students’ talent and career interests Streamline employment placement/opportunities Keep the government “informed” “Feed” workforce development system Virtual Internship Command Center/Work Facility

25 24 The Internship LEAP Plan ApprentiCorps: Community Conduit Raise funds to pay “green” interns Employer-Student Matching Service (one-stops) Student Assessment and Readiness Training Value-Add On-Campuses Makes student tuition money work harder …

26 25 The Internship LEAP Plan Already happening in Michigan; Indiana Imagine the “economic ripple effects” Strap economy on backs of emerging workforce Immediate productivity stimulus Long-term benefits of “right-careering” grads Get this great country back on its feet

27 26 The Internship LEAP Plan Mandatory 3 credits Average is 6 credits Where does that student tuition money go now? The 1.5 ’09 Credit Plan Make tuition $ work harder for everyone ALL AROUND WIN

28 27 The Internship LEAP Plan Exact budget number Annual by junior class Tuition scales service level to size of campus student body

29 28 The Internship LEAP Plan It’s THEIR right It’s THEIR money It’s THEIR opportunity It’s THEIR future WE’RE READY; ARE U?

30 29 The Internship LEAP Plan WHAT NOW? ApprentiCorps: March 17, Tulane U, New Orleans Northeastern/WACE Martha’s Vineyard (late June) Employer purchases will fund progress 2008: TRIAGE Mode; Coalition Building 2009=1.5: Site Planning/Programming Development A strategic advantage for any campus/community A strategic advantage for any employer/business 2010: Logistics Management; Site Development 2011: Network in Place, Scaled and Funded

31 30 The Internship LEAP Plan THE FUTURE IS HAPPENING NOW! Every college junior is our employer (2009) Every future college student our benefactor The Internship LEAP Plan is BIG enough to work ApprentiCorps community service internships Take THE LEAP for a brighter future … Internship Readiness & Placement Centers

32 31 Internship Program Materials Staffing Management System

33 32 The Internship LEAP Initiative

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