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1 Made in United States of America Rev: 2010-03-01 EMIT ESD Monitoring, Ionization & Test EMIT ESD Monitoring, Ionization & Test SmartLog V5™ ESD Data Acquisition System

2 Made in United States of America Features and Benefits The patented* EMIT SmartLog V5™ is designed for fast, frequent, and accurate testing of ESD personnel grounding items. Its unique design embeds an ESD tester, computer clock, keypad, barcode scanner, Ethernet module and proximity badge reader (optional) into a compact stainless steel enclosure. By touching the electrode button once, the SmartLog V5™ tests the resistance path limits of the worn wrist strap and both worn ESD footwear independently within two seconds. It may also test a worn ESD garment if it is used as part of personnel grounding path. Test results are electronically stored in the SmartLog V5™ and are easily downloaded to a PC for logging records and evaluation. “Compliance verification records shall be established and maintained to provide evidence of conformity to the technical requirements.” (ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 section 7.3) The EMIT SmartLog automates the entire ESD verification process assuring all the data collected is valid and unaltered. The numerous man hours spent collecting, reviewing, and reporting on is now a thing of the past. Eliminates Manual Papered Logs Automates ESD Reports Large Test Database Time Clock Capabilities ESD Access Controller 5 Year Limited Warranty Superior Technical Support Simultaneously Tests Worn Wrist Straps and Independent Footwear Improved Test Cycle Speed Reduces Employee Line Build-Ups CCD Barcode Scanner Offers Instant Identification of Employee Barcode Badges Server Software Available Rev: 2011-11 US Patent 6,078,875

3 Made in United States of America More Features Foot Plate Detection NEW foot plate detection will alert the user when the foot plate cable is disconnected or damaged. The footwear LEDs will flash and prevent tests from being performed. Stainless Steel Enclosure NEW stainless steel enclosure provides increased durability and a modern, industrial look. Volume Control NEW volume control allows you to adjust the audible alarm heard when performing tests. Connection Cover NEW connection cover prevents unauthorized tampering to the SmartLog V5™'s cable connections. A single opening at the bottom provides an organized method to route your cables. Proximity Reader NEW optional HID iClass proximity reader offers instant recognizing of employees proximity badges CCD Barcode Scanner NEW CCD barcode scanner uses LEDs instead of lasers for user safety and improved equipment life. Use the badge guide at the bottom for proper barcode badge placement. The scanner reads over 10 barcode symbologies including Code 39 and Code 128. Embedded Ethernet Module NEW embedded Digi Ethernet module eliminates the risk of tampering. Use the Ethernet module to communicate with your SmartLog V5™ over a secured LAN network. Mounting Bracket NEW stainless steel mounting bracket allows the SmartLog V5™ to be easily taken down from an installation site without having to remove several screws. Simply remove one thumbscrew to disconnect the SmartLog V5™ from the bracket.

4 Made in United States of America Dimensions and Components Power Reset SmartLog Clock Settings Ground Jack Relay Terminal Daisy Chain Terminal 12VDC Power Port DIP Switches (Adjustable Resistance Values) RS-232 Communication Jack Ethernet Jack (Network Connection) External Reader Port Master/Slave Switch (Daisy Chaining) Buzzer Volume Adjustment Barcode Badge Guide Foot Plate Jack High Contrast LCD Display HID Proximity Reader (Optional) Numeric Keypad Single-Wire Wrist Strap Jack Dual-Wire Wrist Strap Jack Solid State Test Switch CCD Barcode Scanner 4.9 8.3 3.5 1.4 Smaller Footprint

5 Made in United States of America Turnstile Use the new EMIT 50770 SmartLog V5™ Turnstile to provide access control to your ESD test program. Users must pass their predefined ESD test in order to activate the turnstile. Its construction is entirely stainless steel and made in the United States of America for superior reliability. Stand Use the EMIT 50415 stand as an alternative method to mounting the SmartLog V5™ on a wall. It features a heavy gauge, powder-coated steel construction for minimized corrosion and contamination. Wall Mount The new mounting bracket allows the unit to be mounted and removed without the use of any tools. Install the bracket to a flat surface and secure the SmartLog V5™ with the included thumbscrew. Mounting Options

6 Made in United States of America Manage Hundreds of Users and Departments TEAM5 offers multiple options for adding and modifying user records. TEAM5 logs every update which can be tracked and viewed using the History Report feature. A built-in Global Control feature allows you to select a single user, group of users or the entire list to make a change to multiple fields including Required Test, Department, Shift, etc. Manually add or import an entire spreadsheet of users using the add/import function. A set of on screen instructions makes it easy to format the spreadsheet as well as catch any duplicate entries before they are imported. Multiple Reporting Capabilities TEAM5 offers several options for displaying current and past ESD test information at your and anyone’s PC desktop. Scheduled Emailed Reports – 9 emailed reports can be scheduled for anytime and day of the week. Designate reports to be sent to individual users, department managers and/or email lists. Web Monitored Reports – TEAM5 uses a set of static web pages to display near real-time ESD data. Data is instantly refreshed when any of the 6 pre-defined filters are selected. Emailed Notifications TEAM5’s automated alert feature sends out an email to a selected group notifying them when a specific event occurs in the software. Know instantly when communication is lost with any of the active SmartLogs with the SmartLog Communication Alert. Calibrate your SmartLogs before they go past due with the Calibration Alert Indentify which users are Failing their ESD test more frequently then others by activating the Max Consecutive Failed Tests Alert TEAM5 Software Click hereClick here to learn more about TEAM5 and TEAM5 Enterprise Software

7 Made in United States of America SmartLog V5™ Need More Information? For a demonstration of more information please contact the EMIT factory for your local sales representative. 3651 Walnut Ave Chino, CA 91710 Phone: (909)664-9980 Fax: (909) 627-7449 Website:

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