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Gary Peak Field Service Engineer McCauley Propeller Systems Building On The Best.

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1 Gary Peak Field Service Engineer McCauley Propeller Systems Building On The Best

2 Product Support for 2010  Technical Publications  McCauley Training  Foreign Certifications  Threaded Propellers  Service Bulletins & Letters  Pending service Information  Field Issues

3 Recent Manual Revisions  MPC26 CD Owner’s Manual Rev. 1 Original issue April, 2008 Rev. 1 issued December, 2009 added the information for fixed pitch propellers Contains owner’s manual information for all C200 through C1100 series as well as fixed pitch aluminum propellers

4 Planned Manual Revisions  MPC1100 (est. completion 4th qtr 2010)?  CMM1100 (est. completion 4th qtr 2010)?  BOM100 (est. completion 4th qtr 2010)?  SPM100 (est. completion 4 th qtr 2010) Should include C3400 hub information Will include all De-Ice information (830415 De-ice manual will be obsolete)

5 New Product Manuals  MPC28 Owner’s Manual – Fixed Pitch Composite  MPC110 Service/Overhaul Manual – Fixed Pitch Composite  MPC3400 Service/Overhaul Manual- Constant Speed Composite  MPC27 Propeller Operator’s Manual Composite Propellers  BOM200 Blade Overhaul Manual (Constant Speed Composite Blades)

6 McCauley Training  McCauley Training Advantages: Flexible training schedule Class book provided can be used for future reference Competitive prices Knowledgeable trainers Cost effective way to train new employees without disrupting existing personnel Assistance in making lodging and rental car arrangements

7 New Courses for 2010  C300/C500 Feathering Propeller Overhaul  Intro. to McCauley Propeller and Field Maintenance  Fixed Pitch Propeller Maintenance  Boot R& I Optional With Constant Speed Overhaul

8 McCauley Training Available Classes  Constant Speed Overhaul  Turbine Overhaul  Blade Overhaul Manual  C703 Field Reassembly  C1103 Field Reassembly  Courses Can Be Combined Visit for a full list of available

9 Owner’s/Operators Class  Propeller/Governor operation theory  Participate in a build up/tear down of a C400 series propeller  Discussion of active service letters and service bulletins

10 Composite Training Development  Composite Blade Overhaul  1L100 Overhaul  C3400 Overhaul

11 Composite Blade Overhaul Class  Damage assessment/Inspection  Minor blade repair  Leading edge guard replacement  Resonance testing

12 C3400 Composite Overhaul Class  Design overview  Operational differences  Damage assessment  Assembly/Disassembly  Adjustments  Hub repairs

13 1L100 Composite Overhaul Class  Damage assessment/Inspection  Minor Blade repair  Leading edge guard replacement  Resonance testing

14 Composite Tooling Requirements  Majority of tools utilized are common with other composite blade manufacturer’s  McCauley specific tooling: Resonance Test Equipment Resonance Testing Fixture/Adapter Shank adapter for utilizing existing collets

15 Composite Qualification  Complete qualification process still under development  Will require procurement of applicable tools and fixtures  Approved personnel must complete McCauley composite training  May require work to be completed on a “qualification blade” and then approved by McCauley prior to obtaining certification

16 16 Recent Foreign Approvals COUNTRYAUTHORITYMODEL #AircraftDATE RECD ArgentinaDNAC443Cirrus SR223/12/2009 BrazilANACC447 - STCCessna 4008/11/2009 IndonesiaDGCA1A170/JHACessna 172 R/S9/1/2009 IndonesiaDGCA1C235/LFACessna 172 R9/1/2009 KoreaCASAC98Cessna A188B8/14/2009 ChinaCAAC1A170/JHACessna 172R/S9/15/2010 ChinaCAAC1C235/LFACessna 172R9/15/2010 ChinaCAACC431Cessna 182T9/15/2010 ChinaCAACC442Cessna T182T9/15/2010 ChinaCAACC432 Cessna 206H/T206H9/15/2010

17 17 Recent Foreign Approvals COUNTRYAUTHORITYMODEL #AircraftDATE RECD ChinaCAACC444/C447Cessna 350/400Submitted GermanyEASAC447Cessna 40003/09/2010 UkraineSAAC768King Air C90ASubmitted UkraineSAAC703Cessna 208/208BSubmitted

18 Threaded Propeller Part Production  Ceased production of threaded blades in 2002  Last parts orders for threaded parts was 10/1/2010  Consumables and other purchase parts will continue to be available through McCauley  Technical support of the product line will continue indefinitely

19 Threaded Propeller Parts Stopped

20 Service Information Overview Service Letters SL2008-3 SL2009-1 SL2010-1A SL2010-2 SL2010-3 Service information released since last WAPA meeting: Service Bulletins SB137AE ASB221E ASB250A ASB255A SB263 ASB264

21 Service Bulletins SB137AE - Time Between Overhaul (TBO) Adds long term storage requirements for TD propellers Increased governor TBO from 1800 hours/60 months to 2000 hours/60 months Adds a table with all of our component life limits

22 Service Bulletins ASB221E – Inspection of 1A103/TCM Changes from ASB221D to ASB221E Adds inspection and reaming of the bolt holes Adds visual and mag particle inspection of steel reinforcement plate Adds mag particle inspection of mounting bolts Adds visual inspection of mylar gasket  AD 2010-04-05, effective March 10, 2010

23 Service Bulletins ASB221E (continued) ASB221E vs. AD 2010-04-05 The difference between the ASB and the AD is the repetitive inspection ̶ ASB221E has a repetitive inspection every 750 hours or 36 months, whichever occurs first ̶ AD 2010-04-05 requires the repetitive inspection be performed every 750 hours. There is no calendar limit on the AD. If the propeller was previously inspected per ASB221C or D the initial inspection is not required. The repetitive inspection schedule should be followed.

24 Service Bulletins ASB250A – Hub life limits for C1101 – C1104  C1101, C1102, C1103, and C1104 hubs are now life limited to 6000 hours TTSN All hubs with more than 5750 hours TTSN ̶ Remove from service within next 250 hours TIS All hubs with less than 5750 hours TTSN ̶ Remove from service upon reaching 6000 hours TSN

25 Service Bulletins ASB255A – Jetstream J41 blade life limits and added blade inspections  All C1101-1104 blades are now life limited to 3,500 hours TTIS

26 Service Bulletins ASB255A (continued)  Changes the inspection compliance For blades with less than 2400 hours TTIS ̶ Inspect blades upon reaching 2500 hours TTIS For blades with more than 2400 hours TTIS ̶ If blades have been inspected in accordance with ASB255 within past 2400 hours TIS Inspect upon reaching 2500 hours time since last inspection ̶ If blades have not been inspected in accordance with ASB255 within the past 2400 hours TIS Inspect blades within next 100 hours TIS

27 Service Bulletins ASB255A (continued)  Removes the repetitive inspection requirement  Adds an inspection of the shelf on the blade shank where the split retainers ride  C-5963 split retainers are replaced by C-7870 split retainers  During reassembly the C-7870 split retainers must be installed with the ends clocked 90 degrees from the counterweight hole

28 Service Bulletins ASB255A (continued)  AD 2009-19-04, effective October 27, 2009  AD has different compliance times than ASB Blades with more than 10,000 hours TSN must be removed from service before next flight Blades with more than 3000 hours TSN must be removed from service within next 500 hours TIS, not to exceed 10,000 hours TSN Blades with less than 3000 hours TSN must be removed from service upon reaching 3500 hours TSN

29 Service Bulletins  SB263 – Measuring feather angle on C652 C652 has a high feather angle There have been issues with incorrect feather measurements and adjustments which resulted in the propellers rotating backwards when feathered Make sure the protractor is on the correct side of 90 degrees

30 Service Bulletins ASB264 – Hub dowel hole inspection  Drill point feature in the bottom of the dowel holes on C1101, C1102, C1103, and C1104 hubs  Specific S/N range (041002 thru 090133)  Drill point feature can vary in size  If it has a drill point feature of any size it is affected.

31 Service Bulletins ASB264 (continued)  Both pictures feature different size drill points  Use a magnifying glass, wooden stick or transfer putty to help identify drill the point  There is a warranty program for this ASB

32 Service Letters SL2008-3  Added additional pitch range for the 1A100 and 1A135 fixed pitch

33 Service Letters SL2009-1 (New fixed pitch model)  1A162/TCD6754 Installed on Cessna 162 Skycatcher Designed for TCM O-200-D engine with lightweight “star” flange Requires proper indexing for smooth operation ̶ Segment of crankshaft flange with flat spot at 12 o’clock and the prop at 10 and 4 position

34 Service Letters

35 SL2010-1A (new governor models)  C290D3/T53 Single rpm governor used on Cirrus SR22T  C290D4/T5 Created for Atlantic Aero Inc for their IO-550 STC conversions on the Cessna 206 and 210  DCFUS290D10/T8 Counter-rotating mag head governor created for Colemill Enterprises on their Piper Navajo/Chieftain synch system STC conversions

36 Service Letters SL2010-2 (C447 oil level)  Increased the oil fill level from 1300cc up to 2000cc.

37 Service Letters SL2010-3 (new cylinder gasket)  Rubber gasket that does not use permatex.  Initially approved for use on C432 only  Have been field testing it for 1 ½ years with no leakage problems

38 Application Guide MAG (McCauley Application Guide)  Latest revision is February 2010  Added Non-McCauley STC’s  It is available on the McCauley website  Let me know if you find any errors or have additional information you want added, or changed.

39 Pending Service Letters SL2010-X (single piece piston rod)  Single piece piston rods for C300 and C500 series propellers  Will eliminate pressure checking piston rods and leakage issues at the brazed connection between the two pieces.

40 Pending Service Letters  SL2010-X 1L100 Spacer removal

41 Pending Service Letters  SL2010-X Definitions of a Service Letter and Service Bulletin

42 Field Issues Deice lead restrainer strap installation  Still having issues with tearing deice boots  Purpose of the restrainer strap is to hold down the lead not the boot  Looking at the feasibility of leaving the restrainer strap location the same but positioning the boot farther outboard

43 Field Issues Cad plated hardware  You may notice a change in the appearance of the Cad plating on some of our hardware. We are changing from type I to type II.

44 Enlist your Help We also want your help. Let us know if you have any ideas for new STC’s or other products to add to our line up.

45 Bonus C400 series fixed pitch

46 Gary Peak Field Service Engineer McCauley Propeller Systems 5800 East Pawnee Wichita, Ks 67218 800-621-7767 316-831-3844 Building On The Best

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