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The Finger Flosser ME 553 – Off Campus Group #10 Adam Foresman Cody Balk Kelly Walker Daniel Villano Jacob Chenathara.

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1 The Finger Flosser ME 553 – Off Campus Group #10 Adam Foresman Cody Balk Kelly Walker Daniel Villano Jacob Chenathara

2 Benefits of Flossing *Shiny, white teeth *Heart disease prevention *Bacteria/Plaque Reduction *Inflammation Prevention/Reduction *Bone Loss Prevention *Long Term Savings!

3 Difficulties when Flossing *Timely with all routine activities *No immediate satisfaction *Hard to reach places *Gets caught in teeth *Inflexible devices for proper flossing techniques

4 Flossing Statistics *80% are not happy with their smile *73% of Americans would rather go grocery shopping than floss 28% or less of population floss nightly Most people cite lack of time as a reason for not flossing

5 Flossing Statistics Contd *33% of low-income adults have untreated decay *51 million school hours per year are lost because of dental related illness

6 Current Flossing Tools & FLAWS : *Floss involves both hands and considerable time* *Its still hard to reach the back of the mouth with floss picks*

7 Criteria For New Flossing Tool *Saves Time, Quick* *Easy to Use, Simple* *Affordable by all Target Users*

8 Potential Solutions (IDEAS GENERATED)

9 Flossing Solution – Finger Flosser 3-D CADD *FINGER FLOSSER* *Comfortable Velcro Finger Strap* *Finger Rests In Grooved Seat*

10 Interchangeable Floss Head *Interchangeable Floss Head; Allows Easy Replacement*

11 Isometric Views of Finger Flosser

12 Flossing Solution – Finger Flosser Prototype The Finger Flosser uses velcro to strap around one’s finger. This allows the user greater flexibility to reach those hard to reach parts in the mouth

13 Finger Flosser Prototype The Finger Flosser uses the flexibility and leverage of one’s finger And allows for a greater range of motion for easy flossing

14 Finger Flosser Prototype All Parts of the mouth can be accessed with ease Force and Flexibility of Finger allows flossing precision and cuts down on flossing time

15 Flossing Market Summary More than $200 million in US alone. Major players are Glide, J&J, Colgate (>80% of market share) Flossing product types: Traditional floss thread Flossing Picks Individual flossing heads Water picks Mouthwash is considered a separate industry “Don't use waterpicks as a substitute for tooth brushing and flossing. They are effective around orthodontic braces that retain food in areas a toothbrush cannot reach. They do not remove plaque.” Academy of General Dentistry

16 Targeted Users Dentists to show clients new tools in the flossing industry Families with children Ability to make this product into something young children would like to use People aware of flossing needs, but not satisfied with existing products People who are health conscious but unaware of the consequences of not flossing

17 Marketing Strategies Health Conscious Children Unsatisfied customers with current products

18 Finger Flosser Portfolio Types Individual Sample Kits: 1 body, 4 heads (Free to $1) For dentist or schools Travel Kits: 1 body, 14 heads (2 weeks for 1 person)($2-3) To be sold at convenient stores, hotels, airports Personal Use: 2 bodies, 200 heads (1 person for 3-4 months) To be sold at convenient stores, grocery stores ($3-5) Family Size (>6 months for 4, different colored bodies) ($5-7) To be sold at convenient stores, grocery stores Packaging Plastic zip lock bag with flossing heads in separate bag Cardboard box for family size Body Colors Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink and Orange Head Shapes Straight & Curved

19 Flossing Business Model Mostly sell in retail & grocery stores (Wal-Mart, CVS) Product value strategies: Giveaways at dentist offices 155,000 dentists in US Giveaways at elementary schools Servicing value strategy Operational practices strategy

20 Flossing Business Model Cont’d Other business strategies to investigate: Collaboration Sponsorship Brand loyalty Co-marketing with travel toothpaste/toothbrush company to cover entire daily oral maintenance portfolio. Excluding mouthwash which isn’t as travel friendly.

21 Revenue & Pricing Strategies Volume and unit sales Marketing strategies by segmenting different target users Portfolio pricing depends on location & type of store, etc. Be competitive but realistic in price Product improvements are addressed for people that do not normally floss and have difficulties with current technologies but those people that do not want to spend much $ on floss.

22 References Survey results: American Hygienist Ass 2/03 Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), Surgeon General David Satcher Number of Dentists:

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