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ICDS-Annual Programme Implementation Plan Financial Year 2012-13 Directorate of Women and Child Development Government of Himachal Pradesh.

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1 ICDS-Annual Programme Implementation Plan Financial Year 2012-13 Directorate of Women and Child Development Government of Himachal Pradesh

2 Himachal Pradesh – A Profile Total Population68,56,509 Male34,73,892 Female33,82,617 Rural Population61,67,805 Urban Population6,88,704 Percentage of SC & ST Population25 % & 4% IMR40 Sex Ratio974 Literacy Rate (Total) (%)83.78 Male Literacy Rate (%)90.83 Female Literacy Rate (%)76.60

3 Child Population (Census 2011) Total7,63,864 Male4,00,681 Female3,63,183 Percentage of 0-6 Population 9.47 Sex Ratio906

4 ICDS in Himachal Pradesh No. of Districts12 No. of CD Blocks77 No. of Sanctioned ICDS Projects78 (77 Rural & 1 Urban) No. of operational ICDS Projects78 No. of Tribal Projects7 No. of Sanctioned AWCs18386 No. of operational AWCs18352 No. of Sanctioned Mini AWCs539 No. of operational Mini AWCs219

5 Human Resource S. No. Intervention s/Activities Vacancies Timeline Directorate1June/2012 District level12Sept./2012 Block level119--do-- Sector level (Supervisors) 464 (150 to be filled up) March./2013 AWC level836Dec./2012

6 Estimated Budgetary Requirement Salary & Honorarium Total Budget : Rs. 13508.71 lakh Central Share : Rs. 12157.84 Lakh State Share : Rs. 1350.87 Lakh

7 Status of Pucca / Kucha Buildings Pucca Buildings14839 Semi-Pucca Buildings1436 Kucha Buildings2077 Toilets (Own)10454 Kitchen (separate)2719 Own Departmental Buildings (constructed out of State Budget) 816

8 Year Budget (Rs in lakh) Expenditure ( Rs in lakh) Total Centre Share State Share Total Centre Share State Share 2010-1110051.299123.00928.299534.908692.70842.20 2011-1214565.0813727.08838.0013846.2213074.42771.80 2012-1315954.0014788.001166.00-- Budget and expenditure during last two years under ICDS

9 Year Budget ( Rs in lakh) Expenditure ( Rs in lakh) TotalCentre ShareState Share TotalCentre Share State Share 2010-115184.73 2466.482817.25 5184.73 2466.482817.25 2011-125738.742819.492919.255638.742819.492819.25 2012-133428.99188.993240.00 1387.00 188.991198.01 Budget and Expenditure under SNP during last two years

10 Growth Monitoring WHO Growth standards rolled out in all projects Trainings completed in 2 Districts (out of 12) at all levels. Trainings in progress in remaining 10 Districts. New WHO Growth Charts and MCP cards printed and supplied to all AWCs.

11 No. of AWCs providing PSE No. of children 3-6 years as per AWWs survey No. of 3-6 years children attended PSE (as on 31.03.2012) Target for the FY Estimated budget requirement for PSE Kits AWCs= 18352 Mini AWCs= 219 3,01,0131,59,4891,62,000Rs. 1,84,82,000 Contents of PSE Kits For the F.Y. 2011-12 Two in One Board 12 mm MDF / Heavy Particle Board with handle & clips, One side chalk board, One side marker board, size 2” X 5”, Workbook Size: 8.5” X 11” title multi colour, Hard binding with 20 os cardboard, Workbook 67 pages (34 leafs), Workbook inner pages 80 GSM maplitho paper & multi colour printing on both side For the year 2012-13 For AWCs : Doll House Tent, Game Dolphin Ring Toss (Jr.), Mask with Dress For Mini AWCs : Game Dolphin Ring Toss (Jr.), Castle Pre S chool Education: Plan & Budget ( FY 2012-13)

12 Nutrition and Health education Village Health and Nutrition Days (VHND) are organized once every month (preferably on Wednesdays and for those villages that have been left out, on any other days of the same month) at the Anganwadi Centre in the village. The Anganwadi Centre has been identified as focal point for service provision in RCH-II, NHRM and as a platform for inter-sectoral convergence. The Experts from Health and Nutrition (Doctors and NGOs) are invited to deliver lectures in these camps. Birthdays of children are celebrated at Anganwadi Centre level with community participation.

13 IEC Plan Awareness generation through camps at District, Project, Sector and Anganwadi level. Awareness generation through electronic and print media. Folk songs, dramas, quiz, exhibitions etc. organized. Involvement of PRIs. Budget for 2012-13 : 186.12 lakh

14 Monitoring & Evaluation : Plans Introduction & Roll Out of new ICDS MIS Preparation of Supplementary Action Plan to STRAP for Trainings under MIS Imparting Trainings to all ICDS functionaries at all level

15 Training & Capacity Building:Plans Trainings on use of WHO child growth standards & MCP cards. Job & Refresher trainings for AWWs (STRAP). Orientation Trainings for AWHs (STRAP). Capacity Building Plan under State Training Policy, 2009 for all employees including Class - IV, Drivers and ministerial staff.

16 New Strategic Shifts Strengthening of IEC components by organizing folk songs, dramas, quiz contents, debates and by involving PRIs. Reduction of Malnourishment / controlling anaemia by making use of Double Fortified Salt (iron fortified salt) mandatory in nutrition programme under ICDS. Introduction of State Specific Training Plan for all employees.

17 Budget Summary for F.Y.:2012-13 ComponentTotal Budget ( lakh) Central Share ( lakh) State Share (lakh) HR-Salaries & Honoraium13506.7112157.841350.87 Admin. Cost (Rent, vehicles, POL, contingency, 603.48543.1360.35 Procurement of Material & Equipments (computers, almirahs, storage box, utensils etc.) 497.93448.1449.79 Training & Capacity Building (STRAP) 147.43132.6914.74 IEC186.12167.5118.61 Monitoring & Evaluation93.0683.759.31

18 ComponentTotal Budget ( lakh) Central Share ( lakh) State Share (lakh) Others (uniforms, flexi- fund etc.) 347.22312.5034.72 Total (ICDS)15381.9513843.751538.20 SNP7395.003697.50 Construction of Anganwadi Bhawans 300.00Nil300.00

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