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Breakdowns and Trail Repairs A guide for preparedness.

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1 Breakdowns and Trail Repairs A guide for preparedness.

2 Suggested Trail Tools Basics: 1.Spare keys 2.Sockets 3.Wrenches 4.Pliers 5.Vise grips 6.Hammers 7.Screwdrivers 8.Hatchet or axe 9.Shovel 10.Tow strap 11.Jumper cables 12.Jack 13.Air source 14.Tire gauge 15.Tire plug kit 16.Flashlight 17.Ratchet strap 18.Gloves 19.Knife 20.Wire brush Optional: 1.High lift 2.Winch 3.36mm socket 4.Puller 5.Funnel 6.Tarp 7.Rope 8.Bungees 9.Multi meter 10.Trash bags 11.Hack saw 12.Air tools 13.Welding rod and hood 14.Torch

3 Suggested Parts and Supplies Parts: 1.U-Joint 2.Rear drive shaft 3.Birfield 4.Hub 5.Fuel line 6.Light bulbs 7.Spare tire 8.Belts 9.Fuses 10.Fuel filter 11.Spark plug wire 12.Spark plug 13.Valve stem Supplies: 1. Zip ties 2. Duct tape 3. Hose clamps 4. Bailing wire 5. Radiator stop leak 6. Oil 7. Gear oil 8. Radiator fluid/water 9. Wd40 10. Break fluid 11. Electrical wire 12. Rags 13. Power steering fluid 14. JB Weld 15. Bucket of bolts

4 Punctured Tires Trail Repair: Remove the object from the tire. Plug the hole. Tools and Supplies: 1. Plug kit 2. Air source 3. Air hose

5 Broken Tire Bead Trail Repair: Clean away all of the sand and dirt from both the rim and tire bead. Wrap a ratchet strap around the tire. Synch the strap down tight and fill the tire until the bead seats. Remove the strap and finish airing up the tire. Tools and Supplies: 1. Ratchet strap 2. Rag 3. Air source 4. Air hose

6 Bent Tie Rod Trail Repair: Use a rope, tow strap, or winch cable to straighten the bar out the best you can. You can also use a receiver hitch to accomplish this. Remove the tire rod and tie rod end. Sleeve the rod with your high lift jack handle. Reinstall and get off the trail. Replace the rod as soon as possible. Tools and Supplies: 1. strap, rope, or winch. 2. Hand tools 3. Highlift jack handle or pipe

7 Busted U-Joint Trail Repair: Change out the joint. Remove the spring clips. Using a socket and hammer, drive out the joint bearing cups. Replace the broken joint with the spare you have on your rig. Reinstall the drive shaft and be on your way. Tools and Supplies: 1. Hand tools including pliers, a hammer, and socket. 2. Spare U-Joint

8 Bent Fender or Panel Trail Repair: Bend the sheet metal back out until you have enough clearance to get you home. This can be accomplished by any creative measure but two popular ones are the BFH and the winch. Beat on the damaged metal until it is out of your way. If the hammer will not cut it, you can employ a buddies winch cable to pull the fender out of the way of your tire. Vise grip pliers can make a nice pull point or hook stop. Tools and Supplies: 1. BFH or winch hook 2. Vise Grips

9 Broken Brake Line or Cylinder Trail Repair: Pinch the damaged brake line tight with vise grips. This is easiest to do with flex lines but it will work on hard lines as well. Top off the fluid level and bleed the system if necessary. Drive carefully back to camp on three brakes. Tools and Supplies: 1. Vise Grips

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