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ZEH Project Shake n’ Bake Angeline Sutedjo Claudia Parra Iselin Frøybu Ed Ferguson March 2, 2011 1.

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1 ZEH Project Shake n’ Bake Angeline Sutedjo Claudia Parra Iselin Frøybu Ed Ferguson March 2, 2011 1

2 Project Overview Shake n’ Bake`s goal is to create a modern net-zero energy house. With windows enclosing the south faced walls, we maximize the output from passive solar energy, while also producing energy from a PV solar system.  To use energy-efficient appliances,  Solar heating system, electric heat pumps,  Passive solar design,  Mostly south-faced windows,  PV System. 2

3 LocationNew Havens, CT House Size (floor area in square feet)2,950 w/garage Numbers of Floors2 Numbers of Occupants4 Number of Bedrooms4 Heating/Cooling SystemElectric Heat Pump Main Heating FuelElectricity Size of Photovoltaic System6.6kW Solar Water HeaterNo R- VALUE OF WALL INSULATION Double 2x4 10’’ foam Ceiling R-ValueR60 V ENTILATION AIR HEAT RECOVERY Yes P REDICTED OR MEASURED ANNUAL ENERGY USE 6,600kwh/yr 3

4 Floor Plan: First Floor 4

5 Floor Plan: Second Floor 5

6 6

7 Appliance Overview  Energy Star Products, More Efficient than Average, Overtime Savings, Nice and Modern Look:  Washer: Maytag MHW6000X. Most cost-efficient washer on the market; best quality and best price  Dishwasher: Bosch SHX68E05UC Integra 800. Uses 156% less water than the average dishwasher.  Freezer/Refrigrator: Whirlpool GSF26C4EX (26.4 cu. ft.) Side by Side Refrigerator. Energy Star Compliant.  Heating/Cooling System: A heat pump is conditioning system that uses refrigeration equipment to supply warm air in winter and cool air in summer. Initial cost for a heat pump may be higher than for a regular furnace, it uses energy more efficiently the savings will more than make up for the initial higher cost. Water UseM+E+DTotal Operating CostPurchase Cost 4.83 kgal/yr542.06kwh/hr$103/yr$718 (Aj Madison) 7

8 Appliance Overview Pictures Bosch Dishwasher Whirlpool Freezer/ Refrigrator Maytag Washer 8

9 How does the Electric Heat Pump works? 9

10 Heat Recovery System  Heat Recovery System  Recovers heat from the building  Captures exhaust air  Reuses some of the energy  Reason:  Works to both ventilate the house while keeping heat inside  Much more effective than simply using windows 10

11 Passive Solar Design  Large, clear windows  Cover whole south side of house  Look very nice, lots of sunlight.  Price of heating drops tremendously with windows  Infiltration a problem, but heat gain worth it. 11

12 Solar Electric Photovoltaic Panels  From GE Energy  South-facing.  We have 39 170W panels.  Made by Sharp, only 2.75$/watt.  Area of 709.5 square feet.  We have a 2500 watt inverter from Cobra. 12

13 Summary of the design  Most important aspects of your design:  Almost all windows and the roof are south-facing.  Heat recovery system:  Works to both ventilate the house while keeping heat inside. Much more effective than simply using windows.  Tight walls.  high R-value in walls and ceiling. 13

14 Economic Analysis  PV Panels: $475 per panel, $18,525 total up front.  Predicted energy use 6,600kWh/yr and produce is 8,865.12kWh/yr.  Simple payback time: $18,525/(8865.12k Wh/yr x.10 per KW)= 20.89 yrs 14

15 SketchUp: Summer SolsticeWinter Solstice 15

16 SketchUp Vernal Equinox Autumnal Equinox 16

17 Reflection What have we learned? 1. Work on Google SketchUp. It is a time consuming program, there are many details. 2. Air leakage in a house is major heat loss source during the winter. In order to decrease the amount of heat needed we build our house with high insulation. 3. Heat recovery devices have an efficiency of 250%, the total energy required will decrease. 4. In house there are systems within systems. In order to create a zero-energy house one most look through the systems and subsystems. 17

18 Reflections… 1. Why aren’t all new homes being built to this standard? Zero Energy Homes are a great example of environmentally responsible building and lifestyle. 2. With the government incentives and the fact that electricity prices are destined to increase is plugged into the equationon, the ‘eco- upgrades’ to pay back. 3. Even though the down payment for an energy efficient house is high, the payback is large. 4. 70% of the energy consumed come from homes and buildings! 5. To produce the optimum solar power, the roof and windows should face between South-East and South-West. 6. To improve the team’s performance we should DEFINETELY start earlier. 18

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