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Literature and Visual Arts by Nika Norman

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1 Literature and Visual Arts by Nika Norman
Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley (Aaron Blake) The Peasant Prince (Li Cunxin) Lucy Goosey (Margaret Wild) Cat (Mike Dumbleton) Crow and the Waterhole (Ambelin Kwaymullina) The Empty City (David Megarrity) Ock Von Fiend (Luke Edwards) Ziba Came on a Boat (Liz Lofthouse) Amelia Dee and the Peacock Lamp (Odo Hirsch) The Night Garden (Elise Hurst) Shh! Little Mouse (Pamela Allen) You and Me and Our Place (Leonie Norrington) Parsley Rabbit’s Book about Books (Frances Watts) The Antarctic Book – Living in the freezer (Dr Mark Norman) The Shaggy Gully Times (Jackie French) The Key to Rondo (Emily Rodda)

2 Fuel Your Mind Book Week 2008 Written by Nika Norman

3 Literature and the Creative Arts don’t have to wait till Book Week
Literature and the Creative Arts don’t have to wait till Book Week. Try some of these ideas, adapt them any time as a follow up to reading your favourite book or during a thematic unit. Have a great time experimenting and trying new things. Nika Norman

4 Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley By Aaron Blake
Cardboard print of friends. Using thin card cut out facial features and body parts separately and layer shapes . Glue with PVA. To print use foam rollers and paint or use rubber rollers and printing ink.

5 My Friend Mono Print On the back of the paper draw a continuous line drawing of a friend. Using a rubber roller, roll out printing ink on a smooth surface( perspex or thick plastic taped to the desk.) Place paper picture side up on ink, do not touch the paper, carefully trace the picture with a pencil and lift off. When the picture is dry paint with dyes or wash paint.

6 The Peasant Prince by Li Cunxin Figure drawing
The Peasant Prince by Li Cunxin Figure drawing. Directed lessons in proportion

7 The Peasant Prince Draw in pencil and trace over with felt tip pen.
Erase pencil lines. Shade areas with watercolour pencil. Apply water to coloured areas.

8 Lucy Goosey by Margaret Wild
Soft chalk pastel Demonstrate techniques using chalk pastels- layering, blending, crosshatching, drawing. Use white or coloured paper for the background.

9 Cat by Mike Dumbleton Photocopy cat and other characters from the story. Create a background in crayons. Cut out and paste characters to the background. Apply wash paint to the picture.

10 The Empty City David Megarrity
Create individual collage pictures of your favourite shop. Use old wrapping papers, wallpapers, junk mail, scrap brenex paper. Use felt tip pens to draw in details. These could then be collated into a class frieze.

11 Crow and the Waterhole by Ambelin Kwaymullina Masks for Readers Theatre

12 Create masks from thin foam or cardboard
Create masks from thin foam or cardboard. Cut an inner semi circle to form the headband. Make the eye holes by putting the mask on and then touching and marking where the eye holes should be. Remove the mask and cut the holes. Draw , cut out and attach the features with staples and then paint.

13 Crow and Waterhole Recreate illustrations from the story.
Draw the picture in a light coloured chalk pastel. Colour in with oil pastels. Apply a watery layer of black paint and dab off with tissues to reveal the crayon areas. Create the characters separately . Cut out and attach with masking tape to give a 3D appearance.

14 Ock Von Fiend by Luke Edwards
Collect pictures of old houses. Draw with felt tip pens. Apply water colour pencils then add water. Create a character that would live in the house.

15 Strange characters Observe and discuss Picasso’s cubist portraits.
Collect large pictures of people from magazines and cut out each facial feature. Create a portrait using cut outs and oil pastels. Add edicole dyes in complementary colours.

16 Ziba Came on a Boat By Liz Lofthouse
The past. Use teabags or brown wash to create a background. Directed drawing lessons on portraiture . Draw a portrait of yourself and a family member Use charcoal and chalks. The journey. Use sponges to create a storm. Create the boat by using a piece of cardboard to apply the paint.

17 Amelia Dee and the Peacock Lamp by Odo Hirsch
The Lamp. Enlarge and copy on thin card the net of a truncated hecatogonal pyramid. On each panel draw an animal- a peacock, eagle, tiger, monkey, rhinoceros. Construct the lamp and hang.

18 Flame/Lamp Sculpture Cut the end off a wire coat hanger and manipulate the wire into a shape. Push the end into a block of polystyrene. Stretch a stocking leg over the wire and base and tie a knot. Apply two to three coats of watered down PVA. Paint with a design when dry.

19 The Night Garden by Elise Hurst
Polystyrene sculpture Scraps of polystyrene can be joined with tooth picks or skewers to create a hedge monster. Diorama Create a hedge grove in a shoe box Large library entrance Cut a large fridge box diagonally from top to bottom on the side panels to create two free standing panels. Draw a monster and paint with sponges to give texture.

20 Shh! Little Mouse by Pamela Allen
Retell the story adding extra pages. Backgrounds Crayon rubbings of surfaces. Edicole ink washes. Printing. Use real fruit. Cut shapes from polystyrene. Create stencils from overhead projector plastic and use sponges to apply paint.

21 You and Me and Our Place by Leonie Norrington
Chalk pastel pictures. Ariel view of your home. Under the sea mural. Create a large background. Draw individual sea creatures, cut out and mount using masking tape. Collage of the beach. Draw the beach using chalk pastels. Apply PVA and real sand on the picture. Create individual figures and glue onto background.

22 Parsley Rabbit’s Book about Books By Frances Watts
Create a book mark from thin card. Construct a stretch rabbit. Concertina fold paper and cut alternately from folded sides. Plasticene Rabbit.

23 The Antarctic Book – Living in the freezer Dr Mark Norman
Individual or large frieze. Water- blue cellophane Ice and snow –crumpled copy paper. Penguins – copies in different sizes. Sea spiders- pipe cleaners. Blue whale- Blue balloon. Snow Petrel- 3D construction

24 The Shaggy Gully Times by Jackie French
Cramped Conditions Cut paper into different shapes. Draw animals in these shapes touching at least 3 sides. Paint. Trace in black texta and add bars.

25 Wanted Posters Crazy Critters Collect pictures of animals and enlarge.
Choose portions of the animals to copy into a section of the art paper. Draw and trace in black texta. Paint. Crazy Critters Fold a piece of paper into four. Draw the head in the first section. Pass to another person to draw the neck. Fold back to hide the head and neck. Pass the paper to next person to draw the body. Lastly draw the tail. Unfold the paper and give the animal a new name.

26 The Key to Rondo by Emily Rodda
The Music box Paint a shoe box black. Create panels to fit all four side of the box. Read descriptions of panels to students .( page 2) Draw in black felt tip pen and colour in water colour pencils and apply water. Glue to side of the box. Line box with material.

27 Monsters Sculpture Read the description of the
monster to students ( Page 301). Use wire, polystyrene balls and Scraps, pipe cleaners, feathers, material scraps, textas, and any odds and ends to create a monster.

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