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ULTRACHEM CORPORATION. Reporter : Home Use M.A. Zipper Fresh Bag.

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1 ULTRACHEM CORPORATION. Reporter : Home Use M.A. Zipper Fresh Bag

2 Deterioration of Vegetable Green vegetable Cucumber Pepper

3 Ultrachem MA Fresh Bags MA fresh bags prolong produce freshness by modify gases and humidity inside the bag. MA zipper fresh bag not MA zipper fresh bag

4 Ultrachem MA Fresh Bags MA Zipper Fresh bag Not MA Zipper fresh bag

5 Features of Zipper MA Fresh Bags 1.Meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 regulation. 2.Contain zero toxins, odors, or harmful substances. 3.Controlled airs and relative humidity inside the bag to prolong produce freshness. 4. Preserves nutrition.

6 Benefits of zipper MA Fresh Bags Long lasting reusable bags. Can be recycled for environmental protection. Friendly top seal design. Easy to use. Produce waste reduction. Save time by shopping less often.

7 How to use ★ Stored produce should not be rinsed or wet. Dry vegetable after 10 days Wet vegetable after 10 days

8 How to use ★ Use separate bag for each type of produce.

9 How to use. Store the package in refrigerator. Good air circulation in storage room. Avoid unnecessary opening of bag. Expel inside air as much as possible before sealing

10 Main Factors Affecting Freshness ★ Damage gases such as ethylene, ammonia. ★ Physical damage. ★ Transpiration and relative humidity. ★ Temperature and respiration

11 Temperature Affects Freshness Temperature vs. respiration. High temperature accelerate: deterioration rate, water loss, disease growth, appearance disorders, unwanted growth of plant parts. After pack into M.A. Fresh Bags, store in refregirator.

12 Recommendation Normal State freezer burn ★ Keep produce at optimum temperature to avoid freezer burn. ★ Vegetable optimum storageVegetable optimum storage temperature. ★ Fruit optimum storageFruit optimum storage temperature. ★ Don’t pack too tight and keep good air circulation in refrigerator

13 Specification Custom bag size is available. Requires a minimum quantity purchase. Please contact Ultrachem specialist.

14 Package Ten pieces for each box. Custom quantity inside box is available.

15 Q & A THANK YOU VERY MUCH ULTRACHEM CORPORATION TEL:886-2-8965-8898 skype:ultrachemcorp Home

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