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Kysor Panel Systems Product/ Tools Training

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1 Kysor Panel Systems Product/ Tools Training

2 Kysor Basics Section 1

Walk-in coolers and freezers are constructed with prefabricated panels formed to exact sizes. Features: Available in 3-1/2”, 4” and 5” panel thicknesses Poured-in-place urethane insulation, CFC Free Cam-Lock wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-ceiling joints for ease of installation Sturdy wood perimeter or high-density rail Flexible designs from simple rectangles to complex- angle configurations A variety of metal types and colors are available Panel lengths of up to 26’, indoor clear ceiling spans of up to 22’ THICKNESS      "K" FACTOR        "U" FACTOR    "R" VALUE         3-1/2"             .146                     .040               25         4"                   .139                     .033               32         5"                   .135                     .026               40

4 Therma Structure Panels (Wood Frame)
Often abbreviated as TST, Wood Framed panels are constructed with a durable wood frame. Common Wood Frame applications include: Supermarkets Outdoor Boxes Warehouse Boxes requiring stronger structural design

5 Insulframe Panels (High Density Rail)
Often abbreviated as HDR, High Density Rail panels are constructed with a high density urethane framing member (non-wood) rail in lieu of wood around the frame. Common HDR applications include: Food Service Convenience Stores Pharmaceutical/Environmental Applications Indoor Applications Must use for non-wood specs

6 Cam-Lock Fasteners Cam-locks are used to attach ceiling to ceiling, wall to wall, and optional ceiling to wall and wall to floor. Fastener material shall be steel housing, hook and pin with high pressure die-cast zinc cam Gasket is double bulb Wrench is provided to tighten panel fasteners The hook of the fastener shall engage over the pin when rotating the wrench and with cam-action, draw the panels tightly together Plug buttons cover wrench holes Lock spacing shall not exceed 48” on center with a 6 ½” panel minimum to fit cam-lock Benefits: Provide a tight and positive seal Reduce on-the-job installation time

7 NSF & Non-NSF NSF Radius NSF Radius ANSI/NSF Standard 7 is a sanitation standard. Walk-Ins must be designed for easy cleaning using only approved metal finishes and gaskets in all joints. All wall to wall and floor to wall intersections must be manufactured with a ¼” minimum radius built into the panel for cleaning Galvanized metal is not allowed for a floor finish FRP is not allowed for a NSF wall finish Floor panel must incorporate a coved edge Trims or overlays are not allowed to achieve an NSF rating It can be VERY costly to KPS if a box is not labeled NSF when it is required because a certified NSF inspector must then go to the site and inspect the panels

8 NSF & Non-NSF, cont’d NSF Standard Label Component NSF Label NSF Standard Label: used when KPS supplies panels and refrigeration NSF Component Label: used when KPS supplies panels and refrigeration is supplied by someone else NSF also allows labeling of walk-ins designed for packaged product only (radius and finish requirement would not apply) When specified on the drawings, an NSF label is applied to the interior of the door section, latch side or to the interior of the panel adjacent to an opening when a door section is not used

9 Mesa Profile Used to improve the appearance of metal used as the exterior finish of outdoor walk-ins All outdoor walk-ins require a painted metal to reflect the heat 26 Ga. white embossed standard for all customers except environmental 22 Ga. Polar white and 22 Ga. Sand Tan standard for environmental customers (available in FTW only) All Galvanized and Aluminum metals can be Mesa profile Metal is roll formed into standard metal in the factory Non-painted finish is not offered for the exterior of any outdoor walk-in with out a disclaimer

10 Secure top panels to wall panels with lag bolts
Lag Down Tops Secure top panels to wall panels with lag bolts *KPS Standard* Lag bolts to be a minimum 2” longer than the thickness of the top panels Need 24” clearance if perimeter walls are accessible Need 36” clearance if wall/walls are not accessible Holes to be pre-drilled in top panel at factory Top trim is a standard with lag down tops

11 Secure top panels to wall panels with cam-locks
Lock-Down Tops Secure top panels to wall panels with cam-locks Optional feature Typically used in Foodservice and Environmental Panels under 11” wide or under 3 ½” tall will not have locks Only offered on small square, rectangle, or simple L-Shaped boxes Do not use on units in excess of 35’ in length Do not use on angled units

12 Use to conceal top panel edges/seams
Concealed Tops Use to conceal top panel edges/seams Optional feature Can be used in coolers and freezers Tops will sit back 1” from exterior perimeter of unit Use on wood frame, non-lock down, outer perimeter walls only

13 Top and Factory Cap Trim Finish the edge of top panels
Standard Finish the edge of top panels Optional Top trim is standard Shipped in 10’ lengths Factory cap is not available on angled boxes

14 Screed Options To attach panels to concrete slabs for all units without manufactured floors Strip Screed Aluminum Angle PVC Channel Outdoor units must have walls fastened to the ground Screeds which fasten to the ground only can not be used on outdoor applications 18 GA Galvanized Concealed Angle

15 Insulated panel floors are used to complete the thermal envelope
Manufactured Floors Insulated panel floors are used to complete the thermal envelope All freezers require insulated panel floors or insulated slab (insulated slab by others) Standard manufactured floor is constructed with 3 ½” studs and ½” plywood under the metal floor finish NSF requires a horizontal to vertical radial corner built into the floor panel NSF approved floor finishes include aluminum and stainless steel Non-NSF finishes are galvanized (except for packaged products only)

16 Manufactured Floors, cont’d Manufactured Floor Capacity
Foot Traffic: 16 gauge (min) metal over foam (no backing) – uniform live load = 600 PSF Hand Trucks: ½” plywood under 22 gauge metal – uniform live load = 900 PSF Pallet Jack: ½” plywood under 22 gauge metal with field applied 3/16” ADT – uniform live load = 2500 PSF Optional Floors: 2” Floors (typical for environmental ¾” Plywood in lieu of ½” Double Plywood (½” or ¾”) All units with manufactured floors and doors or openings over 3’6” wide requires a floor disclaimer

17 Insulated Slabs SUGGESTED FLOOR INSULATION THICKNESS FREEZER EXPANDED TEMPERATURE (ºF) POLYLSTYRENE URETHANE 32º TO -20º 6” ” DESIGN BASED IN INTERIOR INSTALLATION. IN CERTAIN REGIONS OR APPLICATIONS, IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO VENTILATE BELOW INSULATED SLAB TO PREVENT HEAVING An insulated slab is a continuation of the freezer thermal envelope, insulation, and vapor barrier An insulated slab is used when the size or structural capacity of an insulated panel floor is not adequate Always use two layers of insulation Recommended thickness is 2” each for a total of 4” minimum

18 Insulated Slabs, cont’d
Insulation and vapor barrier must be continuous and complete. Vapor barrier is installed on the sub slab with all seams sealed. The vapor barrier covers entire floor area of freezer, including the exterior warm side of the breaker strip. Insulation is installed in a minimum of two tightly fit offset layers so to eliminate the possibility of gaps. Freezers in excess of 1000 square feet may require ventilation below the slab to prevent heaving. Customers should consult a design professional with expertise in the design of insulated slabs (Kysor Panel Systems does not offer this service).

19 Insulated Slabs, cont’d
Insulated Panel Silicone Floor Insulation Visqueen Breaker Strip Butyl Corner Wrap

20 This is the end of the Basic Panels 1 Course.
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