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7 Using Cost vs. Value Information In Backup Generator Sales Homeowners can protect their house, family and lifestyle by installing a standby generator for their home. Standby generators are safely and permanently installed like a central air conditioning system, are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane (LP), and automatically provide back-up power to the home during utility outages — whether the homeowner is there or away. No extension cords, no refueling, no hassles and no worries. For many, the value of this protection alone, more than justifies the cost of the project. However, knowing that they can recoup part of the initial cost with an increase in the home’s value can make the decision even easier.

8 Sponsored By: Using Cost vs. Value Information In Backup Generator Sales Close More Sales By Working The Numbers: Costs Saved In The Home + Home’s Increased Value vs. Initial Generator Cost 1) Estimate the cost savings to expect during an extended power outage. Consider: — The cost of replacing the contents of the refrigerator and freezer — The cost of staying in a hotel due to dangerous temperatures in the home (hot or cold) — The cost of being out of business for a few days (if there is a home business) — The cost of frozen pipes (plumbing repairs plus water damage cleanup) — The cost of damage due to failed sump pumps Explore tools to help with these estimates such as which shows some estimates of the damage costs on a 2,000 sq. ft. home, based on how high the flood waters Six inches of water $39,150 One foot of water$52,220 Two feet of water$62,880 Three feet of water$68,100 Note: These costs can vary from state to state and from home to home 2) Consider other potential cost savings: — Some homeowner’s policies may offer discounts for homes with a backup generator — Some utility companies offer discounts to homeowners with backup power in exchange for permission to shut off utility power during times of peak demand 3) Compare the total cost savings + the cost recouped for a “Backup Power Generator” on previous chart with the initial cost of the generator — In most cases, the cost of the generator will pale in comparison to the cost savings and the cost recouped

9 Sponsored By: Important Considerations In Choosing A Backup Generator 1) Identify What Needs To Be Backed Up Financial Protection: Sump pumps, home business, freezing pipes, mold, refrigerator/freezer, etc. Family Protection: Heat/cold, communications systems, security system Special Needs: Meds. that must be refrigerated, pool pumps, wine cellars, tropical fish tanks, etc. Convenience: Garage doors, appliances, entertainment, games for kids, etc. 2) Determine Correct Size Whole house vs. essential loads only Estimate generator size needed with calculator like one at: mber=103 3) Choose The Right Generator For The Application Reliability Is A Priority: A reliable generator will cost less over time due to lower service costs and less downtime Power Quality Is Key: Tight voltage and frequency regulation and low harmonic distortion will protect sensitive electronics powered by the generator Faster Response: A sign of better technology. It makes a difference during an outage Commercial Grade Engines: Provide durability and reliability Warranty: Make sure the company stands behind the product 4) Budget For Professional Installation Not a DIY project Professional will handle gas hookup, electrical connections, local permits and ordinances

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