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Daily DOL Warm Ups Week 2.

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1 Daily DOL Warm Ups Week 2

2 Daily DOL Warm Up 9/15/2014 1.) there reading artic fury a short story 2.) last Saturday I washed dads car cut the grass and planted aunt sues bushes

3 Now Check Your Answers 9/15/2014
1.) They’re reading, “Artic Fury,” a short story. 2.) Last Saturday I washed Dad’s car, cut the grass, and planted Aunt Sue’s bushes.

4 9/16/2014 1.) them boys have chose to order this food hot dogs potato chips and milk 2.) snowy our cat is the whiter of all the cats on our block

5 Now Check Your Answers 9/16/2014
1.) Those boys have chosen to order this food: hot dogs, potato chips, and milk. 2.) Snowy, our cat is the whitest of all of the cats on our block.

6 9/22/2014 1.) she had laid the groceries on the counter but she had forgot to put the ice cream into the freezer 2.) betty her cousin should of visited the usa

7 Now Check Your Answers 9/22/2014
1.) She had laid the groceries on the counter, but she had forgotten to put the ice cream into the freezer. 2.) Betty, her cousin should have visited the U.S.A .

8 9/23/2014 1.) he gots the biggest of the to pieces, don’t he 2.) most of my friends Parents like dogs I think

9 Now Check Your Answers 9/23/2014
1.) He (gets or has) the bigger of the two pieces, doesn’t he? 2.) Most of my friends’ parents like dogs, I think.

10 9/24/2014 1.) george my friend is traveling weest on highway 66 2.) my family however are spending it’s vacation in the east

11 Now Check Your Answers 9/24/2014
1.) George, my friend, is traveling west on Highway ) My family, however, is spending its vacation in the East.

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