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TC Williams Crew February 25, 2012. Alexandria Crew Boosters 2011 – 2012 Officers Co-Presidents Roland Lemke Karen Lemke Co-Vice Presidents Lisa Zickar.

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1 TC Williams Crew February 25, 2012

2 Alexandria Crew Boosters 2011 – 2012 Officers Co-Presidents Roland Lemke Karen Lemke Co-Vice Presidents Lisa Zickar Secretary Randee Hilton Co-Treasurers Wanda Street Kristen Stone Co-Membership Luci Bach Daniela Spigai

3 Alexandria Crew Boosters Committees VASRA Ed Emblom Milos Ivanis Regatta Food Lisa Emblom Fundraising Tonia Blagrove Endowment Jonathan Olsson Communications Lou Zickar BBQ & Silent Auction Sarah Conrad ?? Grocery Card Betty Interiano Crew Closet Ellen Pattisall Erg Sprints Jeff Byron Website David Magallon Car Wash ?? Crew Dance ?? Safety ?? Hospitality Dorene Pickup Julie Arnold

4 VASRA Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association Association of 37 schools and booster organizations in Virginia and DC For 2012, organizes 10 regattas o 9 at Sandy Run Park on the Occoquan o 1 at Georgetown on the Potomac TC Williams participates in 5 VASRA Regattas including: o Darrell Winslow and Smokey Jacobs (Boys Only) o Charlie Butt (Georgetown) o Ted Phoenix (Lower Boat Championship) o Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championship (States)

5 Waivers: Required to Participate


7 Need Additional Information Waiver Link: o Volunteer Job Descriptions o Questions regarding VASRA o Contact Ed Emblom Volunteer Coordinator o Milos Ivanis

8 Regatta Food - Lisa Emblom 3:30AM4:00AM4:30AM5:00AM5:30AM “I gotta get to the bus! Where’s my breakfast and lunch?!?! Crew Season Saturdays: Situation Normal

9 Regatta Food – What We Do Food Fee to cover food costs Alexandria Crew Boosters (ACB) volunteers shop, prepare, pack and serve breakfast and lunch to ALL rowers at every event away from the boathouse o Hot Breakfast and Hot Lunch where we can cook  St. Andrews – Delaware (3)  Stotesbury – Philadelphia, PA  Nationals – Camden, NJ o Breakfast and Sandwiches where we can’t cook  Occoquan, Sandy Run (5)  Charlie Butt, Georgetown

10 Regatta Food – Season Prep Food Prep Party, March 18 th at Conrad Home Prepare 120 lbs potatoes and 100 lbs chicken for five cooking events this season! Cutting potatoes. We take volunteers of all ages! Par-boiled potatoes, bagged and ready for the freezer. Slicing and bagging chicken for the freezer.

11 Regatta Food – Sandwich Parties o The Friday evening before every local event, ~20 parents from ANY boat gather to make sandwiches.  April 13 th, prep for Darrell Winslow Regatta  April 20 th, prep for Smokey Jacobs Regatta  April 27 th, prep for Charlie Butt Regatta  May 4 th, prep for Ted Phoenix (States – Lower)  May 11 th, prep for VSRC (States – Upper) o We make 200-300 sandwiches (meat and veggie) and pasta/side salad and pack coolers for transport next morning.

12 Work o Hauling Food/Equipment o Setup (Tent, Kitchen, Food) o Cooks (Breakfast and Lunch) o Servers o Cleanup Benefits o Parent Potluck o Beautiful Locations o Team Spirit o Relax more than work Regatta Food - Cooking Events

13 Regatta Food - Local Regattas Work o Hauling Food/Equipment o Setup o Tent/Food Fussing o Cleanup Benefits o Could get a good parking spot o If at event to watch races, not a lot of effort required to help rowers o Team Spirit Occoquan Georgetown

14 Regatta Food - Opportunities Regatta Food Volunteer Opportunities RowersEventDateNeed 1AllSeason Food PrepSunday, 3/1820 2AllSt. Andrews RegattaSaturday, 3/3120 3 Boys OnlyDarrell Winslow Regatta Friday, 4/1315 4Saturday, 4/144 5Girls OnlySt. Andrews RegattaSaturday, 4/1420 6 Boys OnlySmokey Jacobs Regatta Friday, 4/2015 7Saturday, 4/214 8Girls OnlySt. Andrews RegattaSaturday, 4/2120 9 AllCharlie Butt Regatta Friday, 4/2715 10Saturday, 4/284 11 Lower Boats Only Ted Phoenix, Lower Boat Championships Friday, 5/415 12Saturday, 5/54 13 Upper Boats Only Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championship Friday, 5/1115 14Saturday, 5/124 15 Coach SelectedStotesbury Thursday, 5/176 16Friday, 5/1820 17Saturday, 5/1920 18 Coach SelectedNationals Thursday, 5/246 19Friday, 5/2520 Saturday, 5/2620

15 Begun in June 2000 Goal: “... each year the Endowment income would be sufficient to purchase a new shell (eight) for use in the TC Williams Scholastic Rowing Program.” 2 funds make up the Endowment o ACB TCW Crew Endowment o Schuyler Hamilton Jones Memorial Fund Name on the Wall Plaque Endowment

16 Jonathan Olsson Phone: 703-836-8547

17 Grocery Card Betty Interiano Grocery Cards are just like a cash card… Except we get 5% back! Giant Shoppers Food Warehouse

18 BBQ, Bluegrass and Silent Auction Sarah Conrad Co-chair - Needed Location: ODBC Date: May 4, 2012 Time: 7:30pm Eat, Drink, Dance and have Fun! Meet Crew Parents and Alumni!

19 Car Wash Chairperson - Needed Two Sundays this Spring A lot of fun trying keep the water on the cars …!

20 Restaurant Night April 3, 2012

21 Restaurant Night March 20, 2012

22 Crew Dance Chairperson - Needed Co-chairperson – Needed May 5th, 2012 7:30 until 11pm(approximately) Held at Dee Campbell Boathouse Chaired by Novice Parents We are seeking a Chairperson An easy event for two Chairpersons to share

23 How to stay connected Crew Website

24 How to stay connected Facebook Friend - Alexandria Crew Boosters

25 TC Williams Crew Coaches Boys Pete Stramese Peter Hearding Adam Soller Matthew Holland Stephanie Patton Katie Bond Girls Mercedes Kiss Jaime Rubini Patrick Marquardt Maureen Tuchowski Matt Given Cathy Hott Azim Khodjibaev Catherine Wilson

26 Regatta Schedule March 24, 2012Scrimmage - Dee Campbell Boathouse 7:30am Christening – Dee Campbell Boathouse10:00 am March 31, 2012St Andrews - Middletown, DE April 14, 2012 St Andrews - Middletown, DE (girls only) April 14, 2012Darrell Winslow Regatta - Occoquan, VA (boys only) April 21, 2012St Andrews - Middletown, DE (girls only) April 21, 2012Smokey Jacob Regatta - Occoquan, VA (boys only) April 28, 2012Charlie Butt Regatta - Georgetown May 5, 2012Ted Phoenix Championship - Occoquan, VA (lower boats) May 12, 2012Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championship - Occoquan, VA May 19, 2012Stotesbury Cup Regatta - Philadelphia, PA May 26, 2012SRAA National Championship - Camden, NJ June 2, 2012CSSRA Championship - Ontario, Canada

27 TC Williams Crew We look forward to a terrific year!

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