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Sprayfo application.

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1 Sprayfo application

2 Table of content Start with colostrum
Application of Sprayfo milkreplacer 5 C’s for calf rearing

3 Collecting colostrum Wash hands before collecting Prepare udder:
Clean teats and teat ends Preferably: Milking with mobile milk machine Milking the cow completely: 1st colostrum is best colostrum Collect colostrum within 15 minutes after calving

4 Feeding colostrum with bottle
Feed colostrum with clean teat bottle Let voluntarily drink Weak calf; use drench

5 Freezing colostrum Frozen in 2 liter freezer bags/ plastic containers
On flat surface, like cookie sheet Each bag labeled: Date Cow Freezer -20°C Frozen for up to 1 year

6 Hygiene during colostrum period
Clean clothes and hands Clean udder Clean bucket Clean colostrum Clean individual pen for the calf Clean work; from young to older animals

7 Application of Sprayfo

8 Well dosing, mixing and providing

9 Controlled feeding by bucket
Controlled feeding: milk supplied twice a day Advantages Small groups (max 6 calves/group) Good monitoring Simple system Low investment Disadvantages Cleaning equipment (buckets, mixing equipment) More labor Mixing ratio less consistent Different drinking temperatures

10 Controlled feeding by automatic feeder
Automatic Calf Feeding System: milk supplied ad lib. Advantages Less work - timesaving Calf can self determine when she wants to drink Constant drinking temperature and mixing ratio More feedings per day Individual feeding monitored Disadvantages Expensive?? Teaching calves how to drink Less personal control over calves Still single boxes for first 2 weeks

11 Supply of water is important
Water requirement: 10 – 15% of body weight 3.1 – 3.5 L/ kg dry feed (roughage/ concentrate) Direct available after colostrum period 1st week: limited 2 L of lukewarm water After 1st week, ad-lib Bowl or trough with floater

12 Start with concentrate and roughage
From second week Special calf concentrate (starter) or Grain- muesli mixtures Protein content around 19% (not too fancy) From week 3 Roughage Alfalfa hay Coarse hay Chopped straw Artificially dried alfalfa Rich in dietary fiber - structure Tasty and daily fresh

13 80% diarrhea = feeding errors
Too thin Too cold Too dirty Too early Too much

14 How to keep calves happy?
Management tools: Intake control of Sprayfo Check Drinking speed Milk powder stock Cleaning drinking machine (automatic cleaning best) Mixing bowl Tubes Nipple Periodical maintenance New teat/nipple New tubes Overall hygiene

15 5 C’s for calf rearing

16 Colostrum First milk given to calf Rich in fat and protein
Immunity elements Cleanly collect colostrum Test colostrum for quality Feed clean colostrum: 3 – 4 L after birth Feed colostrum 3-4 days

17 Calories Calories are very important for: Growth Remain healthy
Calories come from: Colostrum Milk replacer Calf starter Low external temperature Extra calories needed -15 oC = 100 gram / day !!

18 Cleanliness Clean, dry, well-bedded and draft-free environment
Best prevention of future health problems Reducing bacteria in calving area: Giving the calf best possible start in life Clean + disinfected buckets etc. Helps reduce spread of disease among calves

19 Comfort Healthy calf: Needs to be comfortable Well-bedded Warm
Properly ventilated area Shelter from drafts and wind Unsure whether bedding should be changed: Kneel on bedding for 20 seconds If knees get wet: Bedding should be changed or added

20 Consistency Calves are creatures of habit
Like same routine day after day Be fed the same feed at the same time each day Same temperature Milk replacer is more consistent Monitor same time each day

21 Questions?

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