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Sample Transfer Dr Zoe Davison Central Bank, Newcastle 6/ 7/ 2011.

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1 Sample Transfer Dr Zoe Davison Central Bank, Newcastle 6/ 7/ 2011

2 Transferring Samples into the Central Bank

3 Phases of Transfer Phase I: Centre visits Phase II: Transfer of historical collections Phase III: Transfer of prospective samples

4 Phase I Small team of Andy Hall, Gail Jenner and Zoe Davison visit centres to introduce ourselves with banking personnel Talk through the logistics of transferring samples and work out a rough time frame for this 4 site visits and 1 teleconference completed to date 4 more visits scheduled and plan to complete this stage by the end of the year

5 Phase I Key points from recent visits: FFPE tissue Batching of samples for despatch Anonymisation Transit time Consent Samples embedded in clinical trials

6 Phase I: Desired outcomes Rough numbers of samples Size and shape of the vials Whether samples will be anonymised prior to dispatch to the bank A rough time scale for dispatch of the historical samples

7 Unpacked & transferred to portable - 80 Barcoded, scanned & stored away in a monitored freezer Samples collected by PDP and transported same day Data entered into Matrix Gemini LIMS Phase II Send cryoboxes to centre Contact the appropriate person at centre and arrange a convenient time for collection

8 Phase II: Courier Using PDP – The Clinical Trials & Healthcare Specialists Courier Transported same day where possible All packaging and dry ice will be provided Include temperature monitoring device The cost of the courier service will be paid by the Central Biobank

9 Phase II Newcastle frozen samples transferred in two batches - first batch transferred using portable -80 freezer Carol putting final touches to MTAs and SLAs so we can start transfers from Birmingham, Glasgow and Liverpool

10 Phase III Once we have transferred the historical collection we will arrange a rota Send 2D bar-coded tubes Normally be 6 monthly Registration will still be done at Leicester Payment will be made every 6 months upon receipt at the Central Bank

11 Nunc Bank-it 2d barcoded tubes Lock into the 96 well or 48 well rack 0.5 ml and 2 ml sizes Write CCLG number on side Batched to central bank on 6 monthly basis and scanned into database Phase III

12 Consent Auditing Our recent HTA audit highlighted the area of consent Impractical to keep a copy of all consent forms Plan a 3 yearly informal audit of consent forms at centres Also use this time to chat about any issues that have been identified

13 CCLG Coordinating Centre (Tissue Bank Coordination) 3rd Floor, Hearts of Oak House 9 Princess Road West Leicester, LE1 6TH Tel: 0116 249 4460 Fax: 0116 254 9504 website: CCLG Central Tissue Bank (Tissue Storage Location) Newcastle Biomedicine Biobank Faculty of Medical Sciences 4th Floor Leech Building Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 4HH Tel: 01912464442 Fax: 0191 246 4301 website: Supported by

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