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Monday, January 26, 2015 Est. February 5, 2008 The Ozarks’ First Nature Preschool Notes from the Nest Hello Parents, It was so nice seeing everyone at.

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1 Monday, January 26, 2015 Est. February 5, 2008 The Ozarks’ First Nature Preschool Notes from the Nest Hello Parents, It was so nice seeing everyone at Open House! We are still a work in progress but it is coming along beautifully. Lesson plans are posted outside of classrooms beginning this week. Check out the learning experiences happening in each room! Please label any items such as diapers with your child’s name. If you have cubby friendly options for kids naptime items, such as half size pillows, that would greatly help us to manage our space. We also need a change of clothes for your child in a gallon zip lock bag with their name on it. We are going outside a lot to explore our new space so extra clothes are a must in case we get into something fun (such as mud). Thank you, see you all this week! ~Miss Carly Parent Education We will be conducting fire and tornado drills this week, it is a great time to review those procedures with your child at your home as well. Ready in 3 is a free publication that will be in your mailboxes this month as a tool to help your family design a plan. Our emergency plans are posted in each classroom and copies are available if you would like one. Offsite evacuation sites are something every parent needs to note: : Learning Center babies would come to Preschool, and Preschool kids would go to the Learning Center (Carly’s House). Our secondary location for both is Holy Trinity Catholic Church 2218 East Bennett, 65804.Ready in 3 Preschool: 2214 East Seminole, 65804 Peapod Learning Center: 1355 S Black Locust Place, 65809. It is always a good idea to have your teacher’s phone numbers in the event of an emergency also, so please touch base with them and connect! My cell phone number is 417-413-8977. Preschool land line is in the works- stay tuned for updates. Make a plan and play it safe!. Dedicated to my beautiful, wistful,wildly creative daughters who inspired this creation. Love what you do and you will never fail. Volume I Peapod Tattler

2 Upcoming Events: Tuesday January 20: Stories to Go, 10am Wednesdays 10am, Organ Wise Guys Fridays at 10am: Stretch and Grow Monday, February 2, Groundhog’s Day Valentine’s Day Party, Friday Feb 13, 3:00pm Thursday, February 12, Zoo Class 3:00pm Monday, February 16, Presidents’ Day, Peapod Closed Tuesday, February 17, Stories to Go, 10am Winter Weather In the event that Springfield Public Schools closes due to weather, Peapod also closes. Please monitor local news for information on weather related closings. KSPR 33 also has a text message notification system that will alert you if Springfield Closes.

3 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Breakfast Milk, bananas, wheat toast with butter Milk, apples, blueberry muffins Milk, oranges, bagels, cream cheese Milk, red delicious apples, banana nut muffins Milk, pears, buttermilk biscuits and assorted jams Lunch milk, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and tomato soup over linguini with sausage, apple slices Cheese, black bean and corn enchiladas, Cajun rice, romaine salad with mixed baby tomatoes House casserole (penne, home made beef marinara, Italian cheeses, basil, and parmesan) Steamed broccoli and beans, milk Pulled Pork Sliders with sweet cabbage slaw, crispy baked fries, baked beans, and milk. Shrimp tacos with siracha aioli and sweet and sour slaw, whole wheat tortillas, squeeze of lime, fresh pineapple wedge, and crispy hush puppies. Snack Baby carrots, ranch, and wheat crackers Oranges (cuties), goldfish crackers Celery sticks with ranch, town house crackers Plums, wheat crackers, cheddar cheese Oranges, Graham crackers, Hazelnut spread (Nutella). Carly’s Kitchen *Menu items subject to change due to unforeseen kitchen emergencies. January 26-30, 2014

4 Seeds (birth-three years) DomainMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Self and Social (SSD) Practice saying good morning Puppet storyCreative plan in kitchen Practice teacher names Practice friends names Language and Literacy Clifford Book and circle time with songs Sign language for daily activities Read aloud with friends, kids select stories Clifford’s Colors, crayon practice The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Caterpillar Colors CognitiveI spy- objects in books Building with blocks Practicing the first letter in my name Shape puzzlesNature Object Search MathCounting cheerios at snack Glue cheerios to numbers Count trees outside How many friends are here today? What’s a number? Physical Development Hop over the stick game outside Dancing!Balance practiceBaby Yoga with Tori Copycat exercise HealthHow do we blow our nose with tissues? Clean up song with Miss Sam Learn sign language for diaper Song: This is the way we wash our hands Practice using napkins at mealtimes SensoryMelted Snowmen Project with Miss Sam Plastic bag Paint Play with Miss Tierra Shaving Cream snow in the sensory table Polar Bear Hand Craft Make a Caterpillar snack

5 Notes from the Seeds Hello Parents, We are having a blast here in the infant toddler room making new friends and learning together. It has been a joy getting to know all of the new babies here at Peapod. We have a lot of winter themed sensory crafts planned for your little ones this week. We will be stretching our growing muscles during baby yoga with Miss Tori and learning a fun hand washing song and practicing blowing our noses with tissues. I will be working on sign language with the babies, working on our balance, and much more. We cant wait to get to know your families better! Please contact me with any questions (417) 217-1081. Miss Sam Lead Teacher, Seeds

6 Saplings Preschool MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Morning Meeting Bird Finger Poem, Feather exploration All about NestsAll about BeaksWhat do birds eat?Review Writing Center Writing with feathers in salt with ink Different types of nests (Make a Bird Guide) Adding to bird guide, drawing bird anatomy Feather writing Bird Guide Feather Writing Bird Matching Math Center Feather PatternsGraphing birds we see Cheerios on pipe cleaners Counting worms, birdseed play dough Feather patterns Science Center Feathers as camouflage, bird matching memory game Exploring nests, making our own Bird puzzles, using different types of beaks Bird memory game, using different types of beaks Bird seed sensory box Dramatic Play Camouflage, Bird watching Outside collecting materials, nests Camo, act out bird movements Birdseed play dough cooking in the kitchen Baby bird play Art Center Making birdsEdible nests, gummy worms, making birds Making BeaksBirdseed play dough sculptures Bird Egg painting Making birds Books/Literacy Parrot Book “Feathers” “Birds and their Nests”, Create a play nest, discuss parts of books “Pardon Me”, Birds “A Bird Life cycle”“Let’s Go Hugo”

7 Sprouts (two to three years) DomainMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Self and Social Send Home “All About Me” worksheet “My Hand Art”“How I feel”“Class Collage” with individual pictures Hands are not for Hitting Language and Literacy Ladybug of Orchard Ave “I spy” (I describe, they guess) “Swat The Letter”Alphabet SortingLadybug of Orchard Ave review Cognitive Who is tallest? Ordering game Straw Necklaces- they make and choose colors Match the toy animal to picture of the animal “Mystery Bag”Who is Missing MathematicsNumbers with Cheerios “How tall am I?”“How many Bubbles? Matching Numbers Architecture Puzzles Physical “All the SuppliesAnimal YogaSnowball ThrowPretend to be Swamp Animals Balancing games HealthVegetable Painting Fruit do Art“Learning to wash our Hands” Toothbrush Painting Growing Germs Science, Art, Sensory, etc. “Water Freezes”- have children fill up container with water and see how its frozen in freezer later. Salt Art“Hershey Kiss Project” Pipe cleaners through the strainer Fabric Collages

8 Sprout News Hello Parents, My name is Rachel and I am the new lead teacher for the Sprouts! We have had so much fun these past few weeks and I am so excited to start this newsletter so you guys can be aware of what our day entails! Here is our schedule for this week. I will be with the kids Monday through Thursday, and Liz teaches on Fridays. (I like to pop in on Fridays and say hello!). The kiddos LOVE to go outside, so weather permitting, we may include more curriculum for the outdoors with week. We also start every day with a morning book that the children choose. I try to base my lesson plans off what the kids have been interested in, for example the activity “How Many Bubbles” was based off the kids noticing “Nemo” in our hand soap. They are all great little learners and seem to be very excited to be in our new classroom. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us! Miss Rachel

9 Staff Schedule January 26-30, 2014 ClassroomMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Learning Center Chelsea open-12 Jenna 8-6 (L) Tori 12-drop Chelsea open-12 Jenna 8-6 Tori 12-drop Chelsea open-drop Jana 8-6 Chelsea open 12 Jenna 8-6 Tori 12-drop Chelsea open-drop Jenna 8-6 Seeds Jana open-12 Tierra 12-close Sam 730-drop(L) Tierra 8-close Sam 730-drop 2 (L) Tori 8-drop Sam 730-drop 2 (L) Tierra 8-close Sam 730-drop 2 (L) Jana open-drop (L) Tori 8-1 Tierra 1-close Sprouts Rachel 730-drop Liz 730-drop Saplings Kelsey 730-530 Terre 830-1 Tessa 1-drop Kelsey 730-230 Katie 230-close Terre 830-1 Liz 1-drop Kelsey 730-330 Katie 330-close Kelsey 730-230 Katie 230-close Terre 830-1 Liz 1-drop Kelsey 730-330 Katie 330-close Teachers, It is exciting to see what you are planning in your classrooms. This week we are posting our lesson plans for parents in the newsletter and on bulletin boards. Learning Center girls, yours will be the same format as the Seeds and will go on our bulletin board at the house. Tessa and I will be visiting each classroom on a weekly basis to observe lessons and help guide you in the process of planning, reflecting, observing the children, and utilizing those observations to drive instruction. With the beginning of the year, it is also time to get professional learning plans together. If there are any workshops or classes you are interested in taking that spark your interest, let me know. We will all need 18 hours of training for the year for accreditation. Thanks, Carly

10 Peek at the Week January 26-30, 2014 Bring a backup meal every day in case the kids eat everything. I am working on my amounts but cooking for 50 is not perfected yet, make sure you have teacher food planned. First impressions are the most important, and we have lots of new families. Classrooms need to be ORGANIZED. Clutter is a killer – keep your countertops, shelves, and cubbies cleared off. There is a yen and yang with casual wear and put together appearance. If you are going super casual you need to make extra effort in other areas. If you have rolled out of bed to come to work, it shows. Keep it comfortable but professional. Cleaning supplies can’t be out on counters, they have to be under sinks. Hand sanitizer- all of this will be disappearing this week, it is not allowed by licensing. Hands need to be washed when the kids arrive, before meals, after diapering, and when coming in from outdoors. Use all three steps, not just bleach spray. Test your solution every day to ensure it is OK. I will be randomly testing the solution. Mark your calendars, we have a Nature Revealed class February 28 from 830-1230 with Jay Barbar from the Missouri Department of Conservation so please make sure you keep that morning free. Yes, you are paid to go, and it is awesome. Bring backup clothes in your trunk in case someone snots, poops, or throws up on you. Bring outerwear and appropriate shoes each day- we will be going outside twice a day minimum unless weather is freezing. Website of the week “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” ~Henry David Thoreau

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