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Capital Allowances Claims “It’s your money not the HMRC’s ” e.mail:-

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1 Capital Allowances Claims “It’s your money not the HMRC’s ” e.mail:-

2 Business Model Agents Accountants Commercial Brokers Commercial Agents Solicitors IFA’s + Strategic Partnerships Commercial Property Owners E-mail:-

3 What are Capital Allowances ? Capital Allowances are allowances which protect profits or income from taxation. They are obtained by valuing the plant & machinery (P&M) & integral features within commercial property. Their use is governed by the Capital Allowances Act 2001 but their origins date back to the 1870s. E-mail:-

4 What are the benefits for the property owner? You may be due a sizeable tax rebate! You will benefit for many years from reduced tax bills! E-mail:-

5 What types of property attract Capital Allowances? Any commercial property used with the intention of making profits which are taxable including :- Offices Petrol Stations Hotels Furnished Holiday Lets E-mail:-

6 Care & Nursing Homes Public Houses Industrial Units Restaurants Retail Outlets / Warehouses / Showrooms / Bed & Breakfasts / Theme Parks Doctors & Dentists Surgeries………… etc……….etc.…….etc. E-mail:-

7 What about leaseholders? Even if you lease a building rather than own it you can claim capital allowances on any major refurbishments :- What about leaseholders? E-mail:-

8 You can claim capital allowances on new build projects as the expenditure is incurred. What if I build a commercial property? E-mail :-

9 What is plant & machinery? Plant and machinery can include anything within a property which supports the business such as the following examples:- Emergency Lighting Boilers Aerials Burglar Alarms Fans & Heaters Freezer Rooms Lighting Fittings & Lamps Smoke Detectors Sanitary Installations Generators Soft Furnishings Switchboards CCTV Cameras Specialised Floor Coverings Kitchen Equipment E-mail:-

10 Integral Features For property constructed or purchased since April 2008 you have also been able to claim for integral features as below:-  An electrical system (including a lighting system)  A cold water system  A space or water heating system, a powered system of ventilation, air cooling or air purification, and any floor or ceiling comprised in such a system  A lift, an escalator or a moving walkway  External solar shading. E-mail:-

11  We can undertake a FREE HIGH LEVEL REVIEW of your Capital Allowances position letting you know the potential benefit and the predicted fees.  We only engage surveyors who are dual qualified being both members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) and the Association of Tax Technicians (ATT).  Your claim is dealt with by one person fully qualified and experienced to undertake the whole process.  Our fees are always competitive allowing the property owner to achieve the maximum financial benefits. Also NO CLAIM EQUALS NO FEE.  We work in harmony with your existing professional advisors for your benefit. E-mail:-

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