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Portreath Surf Life Saving Club Kitchen Policy and protocol.

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1 Portreath Surf Life Saving Club Kitchen Policy and protocol

2 Kitchen use policy Policy shows that we have considered food safety legislation!

3 Induction and recording  Food safety guidelines will be adhered to at all times by volunteers to ensure the safety and well-being of club members and the general public.  Volunteers are required to have read; asked appropriate questions; and understood the information contained within the Food Standards Agency: Safer food, better business for caterers folder as part of induction training – copies can be made available for this purpose, please ask an executive committee member.  Volunteers will have a guided explanation of general kitchen use and storage from a nominated executive committee member before commencement of food preparation.  Volunteers are required to sign the relevant forms within folder under ‘staff training’ when they have received basic induction training.  Volunteers with Food Safety Qualifications will provide a copy of their certificate for inclusion in folder.  Diary entries; cleaning schedule; ordering of foodstuffs; delivery and recording of suppliers will be overseen by club operations manager.  The responsible person opening the kitchen on each session is required to complete opening and closing checks and must complete diary entry for that day.

4 Operational conditions  Food safety guidelines will be adhered to at all times by volunteers to ensure the safety and well-being of club members and the general public.  Volunteers should not enter kitchen if suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea (48 hours exclusion please).  All volunteers must wash hands before starting to work with food; wear an apron if handling unwrapped food; be clean and tidy; remove outside clothing or coats; take off jewellery and watches; and tie hair back if appropriate.  There will be no smoking in the kitchen area.  There will be no eating in kitchen area.  Volunteers must avoid touching face, coughing or sneezing over food.  All cuts must be covered with brightly coloured waterproof dressings.  No young people under the age of 16 years in kitchen.  No animals in kitchen.  Volunteers must leave kitchen in tidy and clean condition which is ready for next session.

5 Kitchen protocols Protocol shows we are endeavouring to follow food safety legislation

6 Opening checks Check all volunteers have read, understood, asked questions as appropriate of trained volunteer and signed staff training record – if not to do this now Check fridges and freezers are working properly (temperatures should be <8 0 C for fridges and around 18 0 C) - any problems recorded in diary entry Check the equipment you will be using is working properly - any problems must be recorded in diary entry. Anyone volunteering in the kitchen area must remove outside coats/clothing and hang outside kitchen; clean aprons or disposable aprons to be put on All food preparation areas wiped with disposable wipes or with a clean cloth and cleaning spray (materials stored under dishwashing sink) Check there are plenty of hand washing and cleaning materials (soap, paper towels, cloths, etc)

7 Closing checks Ensure that all unused food is either stored appropriately or disposed of Check food storage and dispose of any food past its ‘use by’ date All tea towels and aprons are placed in laundry bin for washing All disposable cloths are disposed of All waste and bins to be removed and new bin bags put into bins – new bags under dishwashing sinks All electric plugs (with exception of freezer and fridges) are switched off and removed from sockets Complete diary entry, making any relevant notes of usage, and sign – it is imperative that we have traceability and a record of accountability Doors to alcohol storage and kitchen door locked with master key (requirement of bar licence)

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