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Science Fair Project The Carbonation of Soda Liquid Luis Torres.

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1 Science Fair Project The Carbonation of Soda Liquid Luis Torres

2 Statement of the Problem How does Temperature affect the Carbonation of Sodas?

3 Project Overview It was very fun and interesting, yet nothing was done to the sodas because the amount of time was very insufficient

4 Research Interesting Surprising Fun A lot of work Definitely worth trying

5 Variables  Independent variable: Temperature  Dependent variable: Soda Cans (Operational Definition): Whether the cans shape will change or not.  Constant variables: Types of sodas, type of freezer, and time  Control group: Normal room temperature

6 Hypothesis  Extreme cold temperatures will cause the soda can to explode.

7 Materials  List of Materials  15 of the Same full soda cans  An empty freezer  A thermometer  A Data Table, or Graph, and a Journal to record Data  A Camera  Tape Measure

8 Procedure  Procedures  Gather all materials in the list above  Before doing anything, set the freezer to the maximum of temperature, and let the freezer calibrate for 24 Hours  Record at what time you changed the freezer’s temperature to estimate the 24 Hours  Label five of the soda cans “Max. Temp.”, another group of five soda cans “Min. Temp.”, and the last group of five soda cans “Mid. Temp.”  Then, take one picture of the three groups of soda cans  Place the thermometer in the freezer for a few seconds to see the temperature  Record that number, in Fahrenheit’s, in your Journal  Record the circumference of the group  Place that number in your Journal  Record at what time you placed the group in the freezer in your Journal  Place the group in the freezer for five hours  Check the freezer after two and a half hours with the thermometer  Observe and record any overall changes in your Journal  After the five hours, take a picture of the After result  Then, remove the group out of the freezer  Record and observe any changes of the circumference in your Journal  After that, reset the freezer to the minimum temperature  Repeat step 3-16  Then, reset the freezer to the middle temperature  Repeat steps 3-16  After all that is done, you will make a Table that will look something like this:   IV  Group1  Group 2  Group 3   Max. Temp.   Min Temp.   Mid Temp.   Inside each empty cell, you will place the outcome of each group’s shape/ circumference

9 Photos

10 Data/Observations (Analyzes)

11 Conclusion The project didn’t go so well. I needed more than five hours for the experiment to come pout as needed.

12 Possible Experimental Errors  A possible/ common error in this experiment might be timing and recording observations

13 Applications and Recommendations  I recommend using your time more wisely to get a better test records/times

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