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Physical and Chemical Changes

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1 Physical and Chemical Changes

2 What is the difference between physical and chemical properties?

3 Physical Change Although some extensive properties (like shape, phase, etc.) of the material change, the material itself is the same before and after the change. The change can be “undone.”

4 Chemical Change The substances present at the beginning of the change are not present at the end; new substances are formed. The change cannot be “undone.” (Exception: Some reactions are reversible.)

5 Physical or Chemical Change?
How can you tell?

6 Physical or Chemical Change?
How can you tell? Rusty Nail

7 Physical Changes Aluminum foil is cut in half.
Clay is molded into a new shape. Butter melts on warm toast. Water evaporates from the surface of the ocean. A juice box in the freezer freezes. Rubbing alcohol evaporates on your hand.

8 Chemical Changes Milk goes sour. Jewelry tarnishes.
Bread becomes toast. Rust forms on a nail left outside. Gasoline is ignited. Hydrogen peroxide bubbles in a cut. Food scraps are turned into compost in a compost pile. A match is lit. You take an antacid to settle your stomach. Your body digests food. You fry an egg.

9 Physical or Chemical Changes?
Salt or sugar dissolving in water The formation of steel or brass (metal alloys) Inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide Source: A Closer Look: Chemical Vs. Physical Change

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