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Leveraging latest technologies by Carrier Cold Chain Solutions 18th Dec 2013.

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1 Leveraging latest technologies by Carrier Cold Chain Solutions 18th Dec 2013


3 Source Precooling ` TransportRetail Distribution Center ProcessingShipping Total Cold Chain Solution

4 Engineering & System designInstallation & Start up Monitoring, maintenance, optimization INTEGRATED SOLUTION SYSTEMSEVAPORATOR UNITSCOLD ROOMS Hardware Software Turnkey Solution CONTROLS

5 Marine Land Transport Refrigeration

6 Retail Refrigeration

7 Cold room products Air Cooled Cond Unit 1 to 20HP, MT / LT Water Cooled Cond Unit 1 to 30HP, MT/LT Multi Compressor Racks 20 to 200HP Roof top Units 30 to 60HP Multi Compressor Screw Racks 50 to 400HP

8   Hospitality J DC   Food Processing 10 2030 50 100200 Multi Compressor Racks Size Air cooled Water cooled Roof top Rack 300   I J J    Hermetic  I  J U U U U U  Pharma / Chemical Product & Application 400500

9 HQ & Manufacturing, Gurgoan Kolkata Br. Chennai Br. Mumbai Br. Delhi Br. Ahmedabad Br. Pune Br. Bangalore Br. Hyderabad Br. Lucknow Br. Chandigarh Br. R & DTechnical Support Applications & Projects ManufacturingSales & Service Branches across India Delivery Management Carrier Refrigeration India

10 Manufacturing unit at Gurgaon World class manufacturing facility - Deep Freezers - Condensing units - Evaporator units - Compressor Rack - Air cooled Condenser - Water cooled condensing units - Retail display products such as Lunch case, counter etc

11 Qingdao Haier Carrier - QHC Founded:2001 Location: Qingdao, China Total Area: 30,000 sqm Employees:300 Products:Mechanical systems Remote display cases Plug-in display cases

12 Lead Design Center - China Lab. : 61,000 ft 2, 11 test cells Office : 38,000 ft 2 Investment: $50M over 5 years Co-locate: UTRC (China) Carrier University Established December 2006

13 Refrigeration systems Carrier Refrigeration

14 Refrigeration Systems Freon system Split systems Rack system (Central) Ammonia System Flooded system Pump feed system Secondary system (Brine) Using Freon Using Ammonia

15 Apple Freon System Split System

16 Unit Coolers Compressor Rack Evaporative Condensers Liquid Receiver MCC Rack System (central) Freon System

17 Rack System (central) Freon System

18 Flooded System Ammonia System

19 Pump feed System Ammonia System

20 Brine System Secondary System

21 Advantages Vs Other type

22 Refrigeration System SystemAdvantageDisadvantage Freon Central Rack Efficient, reliable, flexible, easy maintenance Refrigerant cost Ammonia FloodedLow refrigerant cost, low Capex Toxic, Complex system, less flexible, high opex, Freon - BrineLess refrigerant charge High Capex & Opex, complex system, corrosion, brine cost

23 Refrigeration for Logistic & Distribution Carrier Refrigeration

24 Carrier@Steps2Solution Customer Requirement Product & Design Data Project Requirement Service Support Application Support Service Engg Associates Field Engg & Installation Innovation R&D Detail Engineering

25 CDU / Evap Condensing units Condensers Evaporators Spec & Vendor qualification Energy Saving Devices Heat Reclaim / D2D Specs & Supplier qualification Cold rooms Doors / Panels Specs & Supplier qualification Installation Material Valves, Copper Insulation tube Standard specs Cabinets Passport Qualification Compressor Rack HT / LT Rack Satellite Racks Rack Controller Passport Qualification Control / Electrical System Monitoring system Electrical panels Specs & Supplier Qualification Carrier@Steps2Solution

26 Commodity Storage Requirement Chilled store with Temperature & RH Control FruitsChocolate VegetableSeeds Chilled MeatFlour Chilled store with Temperature Control Pharma & Chemical Dairy Spices Frozen store with Temperature Control Ice cream & dairy Veg & meat Pharma & Chemical

27 Logistic Cold stores Type of storage Short & long storage Multi commodity Perishable and High value Challenges Variable product load High infiltration load Variable packing & types 24 x 7 operation Reliable System Flexible Efficient

28 Compressor Rack Evaporators Automation & Control Evaporative Condenser Central Refrigeration System

29 Compressor & System Semi Hermetic- Reliable & Efficient (Two stage) Multi compressor- Automatic loading & unloading Stand by capacity Automation- Easy operation (24 x 7) Evaporators Ceiling suspended- Latest design coils - AL Casing for corrosion resistant - Air streamers to cover large area - Fans Rugged, Industrial, 3phase (except for Ante room) Evaporative Condenser Vertical discharge- Power saving design - Not effected by wind direction - GI Casing for corrosion resistant - Heavy duty casing and legs - Fans Rugged, Industrial, 3phase Features & Advantages

30 Rack system

31 Rack & condenser controllerReal time cold room controller HACCP Compliance routine in built Easy and remote setting of parameters Automatic loading, unloading of compressor. Cycling of condenser fans. Monitoring of key parameters Alarm, fault indication Automation

32 -2800 MT Frozen store -Hot Gas Defrost -Automation -Multi compressor Rack Key Projects Multi-purpose Distribution Center at Chennai

33 -Potato store -High Turn over -Automation -Semi Hermetic CDU -Reliable evaporators Key Projects Potato Processing & Storage at Kolkata

34 -Cargo storage 2880 m2 -Multi commodity & multi temperature -24 x 7 Operation -Scalability and Reliability -Multi compressor Rack 360kW Key Projects Perishable Cargo Distribution Center near Delhi T3 terminal

35 -High value vaccine storage -Chiller and Freezer combined system -Scalability and Reliability -Multi compressor Rack Pharma storage at Pune Key Projects

36 - Chiller & Freezer Rooms - Condensing units with Carlye compressors - Energy efficient systems - Multi purpose utility Food Processing Project at Kolkata Key Projects

37 - Wide range of product-localized and imported -Application and turnkey capability -After market support -Latest multi-compressor rack system -Environment friendly refrigerant -Food safety design -Reliable & energy efficient Carlyle two stage compressors -Proven & reliable imported evaporators from Profroid-Carrier -Automation for efficient and easy operation Key benefits from Carrier

38 Suction Cut-Off Unloading –Consistent unloading –Efficient unloading Suction Gas Cooling –Lower internal operating temps Contoured Pistons –Increased volumetric efficiencies Bi-direction Oil Pump –Increased volume 50% for HFCs –All models down to 2-hp Oil Pressure Regulator –Reduces system oil circulation –All models down to 2-hp Large Oil Sump –Reduces nuisance oil trips Strategic Design Principles

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