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Types of Merchant Ships - Introduction-

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1 Types of Merchant Ships - Introduction-
Lesson 1 Types of Merchant Ships - Introduction-

2 A ship

3 Basic vocabulary 1 Write definitions for the words below: Radar
Pilot house (wheelhouse) Upper deck Capstan

4 Basic vocabulary 1 Radar: apparatus that detects objects through the use of microwaves. Pilot house: a room in the superstructure containing navigation and steering equipment. Upper deck: higher deck on a ship. Capstan: vertical – axled winch that can be used to apply force to a cable, rope, etc.

5 Basic vocabulary 2 Write definitions for the words below:
Hawsehole (hawsepipe) Anchor Bow Bulwark Flagpole Boom

6 Basic vocabulary 2 Hawsehole (hawsepipe): opening in the front of a ship for anchor cables. Anchor: a mechanical device that prevents a vessel from moving. Bow: part at the front of a boat that cleaves the water. Bulwark: protective rim of the upper deck. Flagpole: post used to hoist flags. Boom: post used to load and unload goods. bulwark- linica; flagpole ; cargo boom – samarica - derrick ; cleave - cijepati

7 Classification of ships according to what they carry or jobs they perform
PEOPLE Cruise liner Passenger liner Hydrofoil Hovercraft Hidrokrilni gliser, brod s podvodnim krilima; air – cushion vessel – brod lebdjelica, brod na zračnom jastuku

8 Passenger Liner

9 Cruise Liner

10 Hydrofoil

11 Basic Vocabulary 3 Write definitions for the words below:
Hydrofoil boat Stern Stack Windlass Dinghy – čamac za spašavanje

12 Basic Vocabulary 3 Hydrofoil boat: high-speed ship which lifts above the water surface at speed. Stern: the rear part of a ship Stack (funnel): conical shaped structure consisting of a shaft for ventilation and the passage of smoke . Windlass: horizontal– axled winch that is used to hoist an anchor.

13 Hovercraft

14 Hovercraft

15 Basic vocabulary 4 Write definitions for the words below: Hovercraft
Rudder Gearbox

16 Basic vocabulary 4 Hovercraft: transport vehicle that moves on a cushion of air. Rudder: apparatus for turning the boat. Gearbox: device which reduces or multiplies angular velocity.

17 Combined / mixed types Passenger – Car ferry General cargo ship
Ro-Ro passenger ship

18 Ferry Sidrena cijev ; sidreno ždrijelo

19 Special purpose ship Oil tanker (ULCC, VLCC) Chemical carrier
LPG carrier LNG carrier FPSO (Floating production storage and offloading) Tanker za naftne derivate ; tanker za prijevoz nafte, brod cisterna ; ultra large crude carrier ; brod za prijevoz kemikalija; vrlo veliki brod za prijevoz sirove nafte

20 Oil tanker (side view) Double hull?????????????????

21 Oil tanker 1 oil tanker = petroleum tanker
designed for the bulk transport of oil Basic types: Crude tanker (carries large quantities of unrefined oil from its point of extraction to refineries) Product tanker (smaller / carries petrochemicals from refineries to points near consuming markets)

22 Oil tanker 2 VLC – very large crude carrier (200,000 – 300,000 dwt)
ULCC – ultra large crude carrier (> 300,000 dwt)

23 Chemical carrier = type of tanker designed to transport chemicals in bulk has separate cargo tanks - coated

24 LPG carrier

25 LNG carrier


27 FPSO = floating production, storage and offloading
used by the offshore industry for processing hydrocarbons and storage of oil hydrocarbons produced from nearyby platforms are received, processed, stored, offloaded

28 Special purpose ship Container ship Ro-Ro ship Car carrier
Bulk carrier

29 Container ship

30 Container ship rapid growth ofcontainer transport
cargo can be transported from customer to customer TEU (twenty feet equivalent unit) FEU (forty feet equivalent unit)

31 Ro – Ro ship

32 Ro-Ro ship roll on / roll off
wheeled cargo (automobiles, trucks, etc.) ramps

33 Bulk carrier

34 Bulk carrier carries unpackaged bulk cargo (grain, coal, ore, cement) in cargo holds bulk cargo can be dense, corrosive and abrasive -> cargo shifting ; spontaneous combustion

35 Basic vocabulary 5 Write definitions for the words below:
Navigation bridge Container Loading crane Bulbous bow

36 Basic vocabulary 5 Navigation bridge: raised platform from which a vessel is controlled. Container: standard sized boxlike object used for transporting goods. Loading crane: apparatus used to lift and operate cargo (containers). Bulbous bow: a protruding bulb at the bow of a ship just below the waterline.

37 Special purpose vessels
Harbour tug Ocean -going tug Supplier Dredger LASH ship Heavy-lift vessel

38 Tugboat

39 Tugboat highly manoeuverable powerful for their size / strongly built

40 Supplier

41 Supplier = supply ship designed to supply offshore oil platforms
transports goods and personnel to and from offshore oil platforms

42 Grab dredger

43 Grab dredger used to maintain or deepen channels and fairways

44 LASH SHIP Lighter aboard ship Loading of barges (lighters)

45 Heavy-lift vessel

46 Heavy-lift vessel moves vary large loads that cannot be handled by normally equipped ships semi-submersible

47 Special purpose vessels
Cablelayer Icebreaker Oil drilling vessel Research ship

48 Icebreaker

49 Icebreaker hulls which are strengthened for navigation in ice
reinforced stem

50 Fishing vessels Trawler Freezer trawler Fishery factory ship
Whale ship Whale factory ship

51 Trawler

52 Trawler engaged in all-the-year-round fishing
must therefore be a strong, sturdy vessel able to work in the worst of weather

53 Freezer trawler can remain at sea for many weeks longer than this as the catch is sorted, washed, gutted and then frozen into about 40 kg-blocks and retained at a temperature of about -28°C, until port is reached.

54 Fish factory the catch is not only cleaned and gutted, but also filleted, skinned and processed ready for the market

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