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Electrolux - A World leader in Design Innovation & Sustainability.

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1 Electrolux - A World leader in Design Innovation & Sustainability.

2 Our Overview 2 …..A GLOBAL LEADER IN CONSUMER DURABLES & PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCES …. 40 million products sold per year More than one product per second 57,000 in 60 countries

3 3 Design as a differentiator In order to stand out in a crowded world, Electrolux draws on its rich design heritage to provide the unique experience for customers and consumers alike “ Design is our foremost tool of differentiation ” Hans Str å berg CEO

4 4 Innovation as Tradition The Electrolux story is replete with legendary designers such as Raymond Loewy who designed the “ L300 ” series of refrigerators in the 1930 ’ s Raymond Loewy : 1893 - 1968

5 5 Commitment to Design We have over 120 designers located in 7 design centres around the world

6 6 Leadership Position in Project/Kitchen Channel  We are leaders in Italy (#1 market share)  We work closely with all kitchen makers to set the trends of the future together  First to launch stainless steel  First to launch Aluminium  First to launch 90cm Dishwasher  First to launch side opening oven  First to launch integrated hobs Major trend-setter across all categories at Eurocucine

7 7 BI Combi Fridge 70/30  ERN29800 –60 cms, built-in refrigerator. –Combi refrigerator 70/30 – 290 litres. –Net Cooler capacity - 214 litres. –Net Freezer capacity - 76 litres. –Frost-free –Separate control of the temperatures –Electronic control of the temperatures, visible on the LCD display, present between the doors –Sound alarm for abnormal high temperature of freezer –Internal ventilation inside the cooler –Illumination inside the cooler –Freeze capacity: 13 Kg in 24 hours –Complete White interiors with glass shelves. –Reversible doors –Climate classTropical –Energy classA++ –Dimension External/Built-in –Width, mm540/560 –Depth, mm547/550 –Height, mm 1772/1780

8 8 Thanking you

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