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IIT KHARAGPUR as a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Consultancy.

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1 IIT KHARAGPUR as a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Consultancy

2 Areas of Focus 1. Food Science and Technology 2. Dairy and Food Engineering

3 Consultancy Services Offered 1.Analytical studies 2.Development of industrial products/systems 3.Development of laboratories 4.Human Resource development programmes 5.Testing of industrial products/samples

4 Research Labs Available Computer Simulation & Design Lab Agronomy Lab Applied Botany Lab Aquacultural Engineering Lab Containerized Mobile Pilot Plant Lab for Enzyme Production Dairy & Food Engineering Lab Farm Machinery and Power Lab Post Harvest Engineering Lab Soil Sciences Lab Soil Water and Conservation Engineering Lab

5 Lab Facilities Available Spray dryer Infrared moisture analyser Plate freezer Electrode boiler Aseptic packaging machine Plate heat exchanger Paneer making machine Sandesh making machine Chhana making machine Fluid bed freezer FTNIR spectrophotometer Water activity meter Fibre determination unit UV-VIS spectrophotometer Fermentor Freeze dryer Sonicator Tintometer Vacuum packaging machine Texture analyser

6 Work in Focus Development of process technology for production of instant (soluble) green tea powder from fresh tea shoots. Production, processing and storage of bael pulp powder Detoxification of aflatoxin B 1 in red chilli powder Development of various types of ready to eat breakfast items/ snack foods from millets. Reconstitution behaviour of dahi powder developed in the laboratory. Development of health foods and Neutraceuticals

7 FMCG Related Technologies Developed 1.Production of Natural Coconut Water With High Storage Life 2.Novel Functional Fruit Juices 3.Process to Manufacture Tomato Powder 4.Novel Technique for Manufacture of Instant Tea 5.Process technology for manufacture of Dahi (Curd) Powder 6.A device for cryogenically individually quick freezing of fish, marine products, meat, fruits and vegetables

8 Projects Being Done In Kharagpur Development of prototype for semi-continuous production of paneer(National Dairy Development Board, Anand). Collaboration with Tea Board of India. Development process technology for production of health foods/snacks and energy drinks. AICRP on post-harvest technology (ICAR) Development of technology for production of ready- to- eat-health foods/snacks and energy drinks.

9 Future Research and Development Activities PID stream temperature control Aseptic Packaging Twin screw extrusion Mechanisation of indigenous dairy products

10 Why collaborate with IIT Kharagpur ? Rich Research hub Strong intellectual capital Produces unparalleled technically competent students Healthy balance of core engineering courses and non core course electives Emphasis on hands on, learn as you do approach Numerous successfully completed projects

11 Thank You

12 1.Tender coconut water is subjected to membrane based filtration process and the filtered water is packaged in aseptic conditions, giving high shelf life. 2.A product with significant market potential, entirely a green process (no chemical added at any stages) Advantages 1.The heat treatment (pasteurization and sterilization) is not used and thus the original flavour, taste, etc. are retained. 2. No chemicals, additives, preservatives are used compared to existing methods. 3. Shelf life is higher than the existing ones.

13 1. Product 100% natural, unsweetened fruit juice having a distinctive flavour, profile and an attractive colour prepared from common tropical fruits. 2.It is rich in nutrients such as essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidant potency and other bioactive components obtained from the ingredients. 3.First of its kind in terms of the formulation and can compete with any existing juices in Indian market based on quality. Advantages Contains fruits commonly available in the Indian market. Such a unique preparation has not been achieved yet. Go natural- the juice does not have any chemical/synthetic additives. Contains minerals (iron,zinc), probiotics (fructooligosaccharides, inulin), natural vitamin C and antioxidants

14 1.Free -flowing dehydrated tomato juice (tomato powder) using foam-mat drying technology. 2.Allows ease of making fresh tomato paste(which is used in many Indian culinary preparations.), along with retention of colour, flavour, vitamins (particularly the ascorbic acid) and other nutritional characteristic. Advantages 1.The product is highly stable against deteriorative microbial, chemical and biochemical reaction thereby reducing handling, packaging and transportation costs and negligible energy requirements during storage. 2.Retention of colour, flavour, vitamins (particularly the ascorbic acid) and other nutritional characteristics in the product. 3.The product is free from any scorched odour or taste, has good nutritional and organoleptic qualities and satisfactory shelf life.

15 1.Instant/soluble tea powder is produced from the expressed juice of green leaves. 2.Drawbacks of the conventional method (spray/freeze drying of the concentrated brew of processed tea leaves) - inferior quality, high cost and high energy. 3.Superior quality instant tea at lower costs. Advantages 1.The instant tea produced has good liquoring characteristics and the constituents are in the acceptable range. 2.The tea granules produced is comparable to CTC (crushing, tearing & curling) tea in quality and liquoring characteristics. 3.Considerable savings in the economy as the juice and residue are converted into value added products in this method.

16 1.Unlike conventional liquid nitrogen tunnel freezers, the liquid nitrogen immersion freezer consists of liquid nitrogen feeding unit, liquid nitrogen bath, temperature sensor. 2.Simplicity and less capital cost involvement. Advantages 1)A Liquid Nitrogen Tunnel freezer may cost several hundred lakhs depending on the capacity. The intended Immersion freezer will cut the initial investment cost to a great extent. 2)The consumption of Liquid Nitrogen will be comparatively less than the available tunnel freezers. 3)The fabrication of the Immersion freezer is much easier. 4)The materials required for fabrication is also easily available. 5) The process control mechanism is much simpler.

17 1.Dahi powder is a high nutrition product having long shelf life. 2.Though powder is used, the taste and texture of curd is preserved. 3.Since it is fat free, it can be marketed for the health conscious, aiming at the milk product and food processing industries. Advantages Process technology for manufacture of dahi powder has been developed. The free flowing powder obtained has acceptable colour and flavour, is easily reconstitutable and contains viable lactococci. Dahi is prepared from standardized buffalo milk using mixed mesophilic culture NCDC-167 and the level of fat in dahi is standardized to get dahi powder with no free fat and a rich mouth feel and appealing flavour. Formulation of health drink and energy drink mixed based of dahi powder has also been carried out.

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