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3 August, 2014. Silence Your Cell Phones Loretta Dildine Telephone: (928) 503-4348 President Telephone: (928) 627-8100

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1 3 August, 2014

2 Silence Your Cell Phones

3 Loretta Dildine Telephone: (928) 503-4348 Email: President Telephone: (928) 627-8100 Email: Lance Stern Vice President

4 Rachel Wehr Yuma USBC 1040 W. Lakeside Dr. Yuma, AZ 85365 Telephone: (928) 344-0188 Email: Your Leagues POC with the Association

5 Jon Bailey John Castaneda Fred Dusseau Vic Karbowski John Schofield Robin Wilson Tony Cendejas David Coleman Karri Eads Elizabeth Small Angela Smith Kim Stern Stephanie Torres Melanie Groth Thomas Dority Ken Lindsey Renee Ouellette David Waples Rachel Wehr Vacant Position Vacant Position 1 Youth Director & 1 Director positions available 3 Year2 Year1 Year

6 Website E-Mail (mail chimp) Association Manager Correspondence Awards Tournaments & Entries Social Media Phone Call or Face-to-Face Meeting

7 Calendar of Events Community Issues Scholarships & Awards Tournaments & Entries Download Forms Secretary Tools Lots of useful information

8 @YumaUSBC Social Media - Good way to keep in touch with your league members and pass along Important information about your league. Cost to use these sites- Free Like Us or Follow Us to get important information

9 League Officers Instruction Sheet USBC League Sanction Application USBC Membership Applications High Score Awards Forms Local Association Awards Form Basic League Flyer 2013-2014 Average Bluebook 2014 Convention Legislation League Funds Flyer 2014-2015 Playing Rules (two) Membership, Rules & Awards Changes Bowling Software Flyers BLS & Perfect Secretary USBC Awards Booklet

10 Use Dark Ink Print Clearly ORIGINAL submitted to Assoc. Manager Keep a copy for your records

11 All Info Needed Youth or Youth/Adult Leagues Youth Reps USBC Bonding League Funds Except Lineage President Signs Submit within 30 days of League Start

12 $4.00$21.00 National $10, Local $10, State $1 National $4.00, Local $0, State $0 Standard Membership No change for adults Youth – Major Changes

13 Same Member # No Duplicates Reprint feature Expanded “Find a Member”

14 PRINT Information Clearly & Legible

15 Sport Logic web interface Parent Info Youth Info Retain the same USBC bowler ID# e-mail address required

16 $10 Registration Fee: Breakdown: $4 USBC Membership $6 for association use - $3 Processing fee - $3 Awards Program Optional Registration Upgrades $15 Polo Shirt w/Yuma USBC Logo $8 T-shirt w/Yuma USBC Logo $5 Towel with Yuma USBC Logo USBC Youth Membership: Upgrade Options: Bowlopolis $3.50 Jr Gold U12 $10 Jr Gold U20 $30

17 Check for specifics on each Members Reward

18 2014 – 2015 Season Leagues with 16 or fewer sessions Cost is $10 Memberships good for that league only purchase again for another short-season league Membership Cards Electronic only High Score Achievements recognized Rings & Plaques Not included Option to purchase awards Current Standard Membership Bowlers may bowl Don’t have to purchase SS membership Honor score awards earned

19 Available on Find a member CD available upon request

20 Lane Condition Key Sport League – This icon indicates this average was bowled on a USBC certified Bowling pattern, in an official USBC Certified Sport Bowling League. This average should be adjusted using the Sport Bowling conversion chart when using it for tournaments. Non-Registered Sport League – This icon indicates this average was bowled on a Sport Bowling pattern, in a league that was not certified as an official Sport Bowling league. Blue – This icon indicates this average was bowled on a USBC Blue pattern, or a similar difficulty to the USBC Blue patterns. White – This icon indicates this average was bowled on a USBC White pattern, or a pattern of similar difficulty to the USBC White patterns.

21 2014 Legislative Update Four proposals were accepted. Rules & Bylaws Changes in your packet 2014 – 2015 Playing Rules Book Online ( & 2 books provided to each league President & Secretary Already have, provide to another Board Member

22 Membership Changes Standard Youth Memberships $4 The local membership dues cap will be removed State adult membership dues cap raised from $1 to $5 Adult Basic membership (leagues with 16 sessions or less) Specification Changes Gripping Holes Any thumb hole not used for gripping during delivery is considered to be a balance hole. Ball cannot have an additional balance hole

23 Rules Changes USBC Rule 7c. (Defines what a broken pin is) USBC Rule 18. Bowling Ball – Altering Surface Polishing machines prohibited USBC Rule 115a. Dismissal of League Officer or Player Notification can be sent via email Also applies to Rule 115b nonpayment of league fees Award Changes High Score Awards become once-in-a-lifetime Except for Sport Awards Special Achievement Awards determined by local Assoc.

24 2014 – 2015 Season High Score Awards become Once-in-a-Lifetime 300, 800, and 900 only honor score awards Special Achievement Awards Provided by the local associations only Sport Bowling Awards No change

25 ID Tags Performance based (pins over average) +25, +50, +75, POA Game +75, +150 POA Series USBC Watch for a +100 POA Game SWAG Tags All Spare, Dutch 200, Clean Game 7-10 split conversion, Big 4 split conversion Certificates League Champions, High Game & Series

26 Bowler of the Year 8 Categories Youth Boy & Girl Adult Male & Female Senior Male & Female (ages 50-69) Super Senior Male & Female (ages 70 & Over) Association High Average Same 8 categories Association Most Improved Bowler Same 8 categories Uses previous years book average to compute New bowlers w/no book average (use 12 games)


28 Excellent resource to run a successful league Available on League Resources Handbook PDF format at Includes Duties & Responsibilities Sample Accounting Forms Verification Worksheet Suggested League Rules has more resources available

29 Stay in Contact with previous members Special Invitation Mail Phone Email Word of Mouth Friends Family Clubs Social Media

30 “MUST” is a key word League Account FDIC Approved Institutions or Equivalent Bank or Credit Union or use In-Center Banking Must be in the Name of the League, not an officers Two Officers must sign for any withdrawals EIN used to open the account EINs provided by IRS (online is easy and fast) In-Center Banking Convenient for deposits, but there are drawbacks Center provides monthly statements to President

31 Deposits Made within 7 days of receipt Includes fees collected from membership dues Failure negates full bonding insurance coverage Verification Statement sent to the League President President verifies account monthly verification form available to assist Withdrawals Must have 2 signatures Expenses must be approved by the Board or in Rules Other than weekly lineage

32 Withdrawals cont. Bonding program covers up to $10,000 Prize funds greater than $10,000 USBC recommends payment by checks or money order Must distribute prize funds within 7 days after withdrawal Audit President appoints audit committee At least 1 audit within the last 30 days Audit committee procedures at Financial Statements Provided to each team captain Discloses all monies collected and expenditures Detail of prizes paid to each team & individuals

33 When certifying your league be sure to send the following to the Association Manager within 30 Days of the start of your league: Completed League Application – Original Only Completed Membership Cards Membership fees for all bowlers purchasing memberships in your league Dues Worksheet

34 ALL bowlers must complete a Membership Card in every league they bowl in! This Includes: Late Comers Substitutes Lifetime Members Submit additional cards using the “Dues Worksheet” along with any fees (if applicable) January: Standing Sheets

35 Be sure you have submitted Membership Cards and fees for ALL bowlers Complete the “Final Average List” and submit within 30 days of League completion Submit Final Standings with the Final Average List All submitted to the Association Manager

36 ARE YOU A CERTIFIED LEAGUE OFFICER? Do you know the ins and outs of your current position as a league secretary, treasurer or president? Do you sometimes feel you could be doing a better job with your league duties? Become a certified league officer through an online instructional course and short exam. Courses Available include: $25 Registration Fee (one time) Basic Bowling Knowledge – (prerequisite to other courses) League Secretary League Treasurer League President Register Today

37 Coaching Clinics (3 times during the year) October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bowl for the Cure Bowl-a-Thon November Food Drive Toys 4 Tots Fundraiser/Collection Christmas Family Donation/Collection March of Dimes (collecting dimes all month) Autism Awareness in April BVL Bowlers to Veterans Link Tournament scheduled for May

38 Adopt-a-Youth Program Pledge amount of league fees each week Payable at the end of the season Scholarship Donations Helen Karlovich Scholarship BVL Bowlers to Veterans Link Donate amount of league fees each week Conduct 50/50 raffles to raise money Bowl for the Cure / Susan G. Koman Donations of league fees or 50/50 collection

39 lots of information posted Like US on facebook Follow us on Twitter @yumausbc

40 Working Together to have a Successful Season

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