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By Pencacksilat Federation of India. History of establishment International rules and regulations Sporting arena.

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1 by Pencacksilat Federation of India

2 History of establishment International rules and regulations Sporting arena

3 PERSILAT founded in Jakarta on 11 March 1980 Indonesia - Garuda wings Singapore- Lion Malaysia-Tiger Brunei- Paddy The 3 rings- Self defense, Artistry and Sports.


5 Dewasa: 17- 40 years old Remaja: 14- 17 years old SIJORI (Singapore-Johor Riau) competition: 17-25 years old

6 Tanding (Match) Seni Tunggal (Single) Ganda (Doubles) Regu (Team of 3)

7 3minutes 1 wrong/missing move: - 1 pt 10 x 10m squares Different sequence of moves: Disqualification Weapon breaks; stoppage of desired execution of moves: Disqualification Vocals effects allowed; must be limited.

8 Jurus Baku Tunggal Tangan kosong dan bersenjata (parang/golok dan tongkat/tembong)

9 Tangan kosong Parang Tembong 1 choice of weapon from the following: sabit/pisau/trisula

10 Parang Tembong 3rd choice of weapon

11 Judging Aspects Bercerita - storyline Keberkesanan - effectiveness Keindahan – aesthetics Kemantapan - stability and forceful Masuk akal - logical execution of moves


13 Jurus Wajib 3 Pesilats execute the moves together - act as a shadow to each other. Judgement of Presentation 1)Benar – Must execute the designated sequence of events 2)Tepat – Synchonisation 3)Kemantapan – with force 4)Penjiwaan – seriousness

14 3 rounds of 2 mins; 1 min rest in between rounds 8m circle boundary Minimum of 2 Pesilats in the category Weight Categorisation: Dewasa/Adult- 5kg intervals Remaja/Youth- 3kg intervals Determination of weight class: ≥6 hrs before the bout Second weight- taking: ≈15 mins before the bout


16 Orange belt of 10cm thickness 2 assistants 1 assistant seated in the assistant’s arena, the other sits outside the arena. Female pesilat-1 female assistant required. No vocals Present themselves in an orderly manner No unauthorised drinks are allowed No accessories allowed No videotaping/picture-taking

17 Bersedia – to signify the start of the bout Mulai – to start the bout Berhenti(Ti) – to stop the bout Pasang – to start the bout again with sikap pasang Menghentikannya – to stop the bout due to disqualifications, injury or if assistant throws in the towel

18 Chest Abdominal area ( from the belly button upwards ) Left and right ribs and hips

19 Using pola langkah Not obscured from the Juri’s view Stable and forceful blows and kicks Coordinated movements Correct technique executed

20 Segari Gergaji Selang Bentuk S/Z Segi 4 Ladan Segi 3 POLA LANGKAH

21 PERMISSIBLE Shuffling of feet Jumping from an area to another Coordinated fast moves of jumping Turning Slow walking moves MOVES IMPERMISSIBLE Running Jumping ( like boxing or taekwondo ) Walking

22 1-2 times: Warning 3 rd time: Teguran Purposely go out of the ring (>2 times per round) Purposely wasting time Purposely attacking the opponent to injure him Impermissible moves (not following kaedah silat) Communicating with outsiders using symbols/vocals Bringing in unauthorised articles Both pesilats do not attack each other.6

23 Peringatan Attacking at the non-designated attacking zones Breaking opponent’s joints Throwing the opponent outside ring Head butting Attacking before the Wasit calls ‘Mulai’ Attacking after the Wasit calls ‘Ti’ Biting, pulling of hair, scratching, grabbing Touts, insults, vulgarities Repeating penalty after Peringatan Pesilat attacking the KP/DWJ/WJ - Disqualification

24 o Teguran 1: -1pt oTeguran 2: -2pts oTeguran will not be brought forward to the subsequent rounds oPeringatan 1: -5pts oPeringatan 2: -10pts oPeringatan 3: Disqualification Peringatan will be brought forward to the subsequent rounds

25 1 pt- Use of the hands/arms/elbows to attack/block/shove the opponent 1+1 pt- Block and counter with a punch 2 pts-Use of knee/legs and feet to attack/block/shove the opponent 1+2 pts - Block and counter with a kick 3 pts - Falling the opponent in an allowed manner 1+3 pts - Attacks, blocks, shoves and locks on the opponent followed by a fall

26 Menang Angka/ By points Menang Teknik/ Technical Knockout (TKO) Menang Mutlak/ Knockout (KO)

27 Tangkapan is deemed to have failed: 5 counts is up Opponent holds on to the hand or shoulder, not making him viable to a fall Pushing and pulling is seen

28 Jury’s decision If draw, the one with the least penalties win If draw, the one who has the best techniques win e.g.1+3 pts If draw, 1 more round included If draw, the lighter one wins If draw, the KP will decide

29 Pesilat admits defeat Doctor’s decision after 30s Assistant or coach throws in the towel; informs KP that the Pesilat is unable to continue Wasit’s call to stop the game or after a countout

30 Opponent falls and does not gain consciousness after countout

31 Upacara Pembukaan pertandingan (opening ceremony) Upacara Penutup Pertandingan ( closing ceremony)

32 Keris Mandat handing over A silat opening act follows Assembly of all the competitors

33 Handing back of the keris mandat Closing act by a pesilat Closing speech


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