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Galvanic Spa System II Pre-Launch Training Bringing the Spa to You! Nancy Tan SEA Regional Trainer.

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1 Galvanic Spa System II Pre-Launch Training Bringing the Spa to You! Nancy Tan SEA Regional Trainer

2 Objective  To know the Nu Skin Difference  Understand home spa trend  How to use Galvanic Spa System II

3 Bringing the Spa to You

4 Rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and refine your body.  Comfortable and safe  Convenient  Affordable  Effective  Compatible with multiple products

5 The Market Trend of Spa Treatments from the The International Spa Association (ISPA) 2002 Spa Industry Study  No longer see the spa as "pampering”.  Despite the economic downturn, the Spa industry has continued to grow at 46 percent.  Half (51 percent) of the spa industry’s revenues ($10.7 billion in 2001) are derived from treatment rooms.

6 The history of Galvanic Current  In 1791, Luigi Galvani was first to use electric currents for health benefits.

7 What is a Galvanic Treatment?

8 How does a Galvanic Treatment work?

9 Conclusion

10 Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa ™ II System

11 Select Button Facial Contact 0.125, 0.250, 0.375 mA Chrome Base- hand contact Release Button LCD Display

12 Face Conductor  It is Comfortable  It is Safe  It is Convenient  It is Effective  It is Affordable. Key Benefits

13 Comfortable & Safe  One way current  Over 50 years experience  Auto-adjust current  Special design to fit facial contour

14 It is Convenient  User- selectable polarity  Flexible program timing  Replaceable batteries  Interchangeable conductors

15 It is Effective  Results you can see  Products specially formulated to be compatible with Galvanic. Galvanic Facial Gels Body Shaping Gel Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment

16 It is Affordable  Only USD 6 per facial treatment  Only USD 2.50 per body retreat  Only USD5.40 per scalp treatment

17 Pre-treat Gel  Use the pre-treat gel with the Galvanic Spa II Face Conductor to help remove skin impurities and let your pores ‘breathe’.  It contains extracts of marigold extract, sea kelp and vanilla for their soothing effects.  TEA Cocoyl Glutamate purifies the skin.

18 Treatment Gel  Use the treatment gel with the Galvanic Spa II Face Conductor to revive and invigorate your skin.  Contains Arginine, an amino acid which helps the skin to recover from stress  Magnesium is a necessary component that promotes cellular energy.

19 How to use - Pre treat Apply Pre-Treat Gel over face Press button on Spa Instrument: ( Analyze) : Set time to 2 minutes Touch instrument to face: 1, 2 or 3 beeps:


21 How to use – Treatment Gel Apply entire contents of treatment gel to face Activate the instrument by pressing the button twice. Set time to three minutes. Hold it against your cheek. The instrument will beep to indicate it is ready.


23 Galvanic Spa Massage Step 1 2 3 4 4

24 Common Complaints  No results  Breakouts (Adaptation Symptoms)  Redness  Blemish

25 Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa ™ II System for the body

26 Shape Up!! Cellulite is a common term used to describe superficial pockets of trapped fat, which cause uneven dimpling or “orange peel” skin.

27 How Does Cellulite Develop

28  Fat metabolism is disturbed.  Fat cells become fatter.  Fat cells squeeze together capillaries and disrupt microcirculation, which causes a breakdown in the skin's elastin/collagen support structure  Fluid retention increases.  Toxins increase. The changes in blood flow, lymphatic drainage, fat, and connective tissue result in cellulite - a bumpy or dimpled appearance of the skin

29 Body Line changes significantly with Aging Aged 20s Aged 30s Aged 40s Aged 50s

30 Hypodermis Skin Structure

31 Factors Involved in Cellulite  Hormones  Lifestyle : Diet & Exercise  Age

32 Cosmetic Procedures Cosmetic services DescriptionCost (USD)Duration Mesotherapy Microinjections - Painless alternative to liposuction 400-500 5-15 treatment (given spaced 1 week apart) LiposuctionRemoval of fat cells via a special suctioning device with a cannula 1300 - 2000Up to 3 hours per surgery

33 Expand your home spa experience

34 Body Shaping Gel  Theobromine (Theobroma cacao extract): Rich in a molecule shown to have an effect on a certain enzyme in fat cells, helps in fat breakdown.  Golden Chamomile (Chrysanthellum indicum extract): This extract is rich in flavonoids, a class of antioxidants. Testing indicates these flavonoids may help inhibit the storage of fat.

35 How to use Use morning and night two days per week on each problem area. Set instrument polarity for this application to the “one fountain” setting and select time from 3-5 minutes. Place the body attachment to the Galvanic Spa ™ II instrument.

36 Complements-Liquid Body Bar  Featuring a unique blend of moisturizing ingredients  Aromatic grapefruit scent  Creamy soap-free formula

37 Liquid Body Lufra An invigorating cleanser that exfoliates dead skin cells then moisturizes and make your skin glow! Key ingredients Walnut Shell Powder Aloe Vera

38 Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa ™ II System for the hair Protect the future of your hair.  By using Nutriol® Hair Fitness Treatment with the Galvanic Spa™ II Instrument and Scalp Conductor you can accelerate the initial onset of benefits by facilitating the transport of key ingredients.

39 Hair Growth Cycle Anagen : the period of active growth Catagen : the resting state Catagen : the resting state Telogen : the falling phase before resumption of growth

40 Nutriol® Hair Fitness Treatment Revitalizes and strengthens hair by:  Promotes hair that looks and feels more abundant.  Increasing the availability of active nutrients and vitamins to the hair follicle  Helping correct scalp and hair imbalances, leaving hair healthy- looking and shiny

41 Nutriol ® Hair Fitness Treatment  Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment is formulated with Tricalgoxyl ®, a patented scalp nourishing ingredient derived from polysaccharide- rich seaweed and works with other essential ingredients to remineralize the scalp and enhance hair vitality.  Tricalgoxyl® was developed by a European laboratory with over 40 years of experience in the field of trichology (the study of hair and scalp treatment).

42 How to use  Shampoo and condition hair using Nutriol ® Shampoo and a Nu Skin ® conditioner of your choice. Towel-dry hair.  Activate Nutriol ® Hair Fitness Treatment by twisting the cap clockwise to break the protective seal around the bottle and release the powder into the solution.

43 How to use  Shake the bottle to activate the formula.  Remove the top and attach the applicator to the bottle.  Evenly apply treatment by squeezing the applicator, allowing a few drops at a time to flow onto the scalp, carefully avoiding the application of product beyond the hairline.

44 How to use  Use morning and night three days per week.  Set instrument polarity for this application to the “one fountain” setting and select time from 2-3 minutes.  Place the scalp conductor to the Galvanic Spa ™ II instrument.

45 Develop your business with Nu Skin ® Galvanic Spa ™ II System  Sponsoring -Demonstrate the spa beneficial results with the Galvanic Spa System II on your prospects.  Volume- A great market potential, and increase regimen  Retention- encourage your customers to endure the home spa experience as a commitment to looking their best.

46 Thank You

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