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1 Magic Mirrors The College Of Metaphysical Studies Online School (Click Left, Space Bar or Enter To Advance Each Page)

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1 1 Magic Mirrors The College Of Metaphysical Studies Online School (Click Left, Space Bar or Enter To Advance Each Page)

2 2 Mirror Messages Mirrors that are fogged up – such as your bathroom mirror after you shower – can leave messages “impressions” from spirit on the other side. Many mirrors are actually “windows” to other realities. A mirror message manifests all at once – not slowly as if drawn by an artist. For example – if a face was to appear – the entire face would materialize at one time.

3 3 We all have portals in our homes that open and close. This does not necessarily link with hauntings or projections. We suggest you place one or more mirrors over your bathroom vanity – when become fogged up – it may leave messages for you. The messages are usually clearly visible – and in picture form rather than numerical or in written symbols. These mirrors link to a “window'” on the other side. Often messages are “sent through” by spirit after you come out of the shower or a hot bath. You will receive a “thought” to pay attention to one or more of the mirrors. It's all done with mirrors!!

4 4 Try this experiment … Go into the bathroom and shut the door and window – so the hot air will be trapped in the room.  Clean your mirror with a paper/regular towel.  You can use the water from the sink or the shower.  Allow only hot water to run.  Wait until your mirror fogs up before you shut the window.  When it is fully fogged up – shut the water and allow the mirror to project its images.  They may come through slowly or quickly.  One mirror can create an entire picture.  Observe the mirror from various angles.  You may be surprised at what you see!  It may take several attempts to correctly perceive the images – which can vary in size.

5 5 Magic Mirrors Magic Mirrors were used in olden days to enable one to see the present, the past and the future. They are of great variety, and of great antiquity. They seem to be of Persian origin, the Magi having used them for a method of divination called Catoptromancy. The persons who, in Rome, read these mirrors were called Specularii. The Chinese and the Hindus made theirs of metal, concave or convex. In the East these instruments were called Stellar Mirrors.

6 6 It was believed that they were accurate provided they were made under a favorable constellation, and that they should only be consulted when one felt comfortably warm, for the cold harms the lucidity of their oracle. Reinaud speaks of them in his Description of the Blacas Cabinet. The operators perfume them, fast for seven days before using them, and recite sacramental prayers at the moment of consulting them. Some bore the name of their inventor (Cagliostro, Swedenborg, etc.) More recently they have been used to fix the eye of clairvoyants or mediums so as to put them into a state of hypnosis. (see Mirror Scrying slide). Cahagnet, in his Magnetic Magic, quotes the principal mirrors as follows:

7 7  The Theurgic Mirror: a bottle of clear water looked at by a child & in which the Archangel Gabriel replies by pictures to his questions.  The Mirror of the Sorcerers: any kind of mirror or pail of water. The sorcerer, standing near the consultant, recites a spell & shows him the reflection of the picture wanted.  The Mirror of Cagliostro: the bottle of clear water is on a piece of furniture, & before it a child, on whose head the operator places one hand & tells him the questions to ask, to which replies are given in allegorical pictures.  The Mirror of du Polet: a piece of cardboard having pasted on one side a sheet of tin & on the other a piece of black cloth. The operator magnetizes it strongly & places it a foot away from the eye of the consultant who, having fixed his eyes on it, soon sees in it the desired object.  The Swedenborgian Mirror: a paste of graphite mixed with olive oil is poured on an ordinary mirror & allowed to dry for a few days. The consultant, whose image must not be reflected (he stands at a distance for this reason) looks into it, while the operator stares magnetically at the back of his head, & vision takes place.  The Magnetic Mirror: a round crystal globe filled with magnetized water at which the consultant looks carefully until the desired vision appears.  The Narcotic Mirror: similar globe but a narcotic powder made of belladonna, henbane, mandragora, hemp, poppy, etc., is dissolved in the water.  The Galvanic Mirror: Made of two discs, one of copper & concave, the other of zinc & convex, both magnetized 9-times in 9-days. The center of the concave is looked at.

8 8 Mirror Scrying Mirror scrying is an ancient Celtic tool, but it's been used in all shamanic traditions at one time or another. The Celts just did more crazy things with it. Originally, its purpose was related to the military, as in looking into a pool of water to see an enemy's actions and/or shape shifting to a strategic location. Using a mirror to scry instead of water accomplishes the same thing. You're using the silver as 'water' in the mirror and also what has 'set' into the liquid silver. Mirror scrying can be seen as a water exercise and has those elements and characteristics. The Mirror Itself: The type of mirror you use is important. The older it is, the better. Newer mirrors don't use silver for one thing. You can find older ones at estate sales or sometimes antique stores will have some scraps in the back. If you do find a scrap, put a wood frame and back on it. It also should be a bathroom or daily-use mirror as opposed to a decorative or ornamental one. This means that a lot of people's energy will be in there (it gets set into the liquid/silver), making it much more powerful and pliable. At first, it's easier to connect with people's energy in the mirror and see what they saw and who they are/were (hint: this is an exercise in itself).

9 9 Cleansing The Mirror: When you first obtain the mirror, it must be 'cleansed' with Intent by the user. This can be done a number of ways: by using Reiki, your hand, a significant feather, salt/breath or just your breath are all effective techniques … Once the mirror is initially cleansed, it should be fine. Remember, though, that these are basic suggested cleansing techniques, uncomplicated, and using Intent is the key element. Keeping it simple is always best.  Use the Reiki Power symbol on it by simply drawing it above the mirror, then move it into the surface and through the mirror with your hand. The power symbol gets it clean and keeps it that way.  You can also sweep the mirror using your hand or breath. Go from left to right (palm down) and move it across and off the mirror. Once is enough.  Put some sea salt on the surface of the mirror and then use your breath in the same way and motion as if you were using your hand.  Run a feather (one used in shamanic work) across the surface from left to right.

10 10 Setting Up For The Exercise: The physical set up for using the mirror is simple also. You can put it on a table and pull up a chair or sit on the floor with the mirror in your lap. Either way, make sure that you're comfortable and cannot see your own reflection in it. Use a dark room and a couple of candles positioned in the following way: Candle ______ Candle -------Mirror------- _______YOU_______  You can see by the amazing artwork above where each element is placed in the exercise. With the candles, you are setting up a field or space in which to work and with things being positioned this way it places you visually inside that space. You are essentially connecting two triangles; one formed by you, the mirror and the candles, and the other created in non-linear space and time by the reflection of the two candles in the mirror itself. This will compress your energy similar to the way it's done in the Recapitulation. When everything is chugging along like it should, you will find yourself feeling as though the two candles are actually behind you as you move into alignment. Another purpose for the candles is to create the proper smoky quality to lay across the surface of the mirror.

11 11 The Exercise: Once you've got the space, mirror, candles, and you set up – get physically comfortable, take a deep breath and let it out. Clear your mind and focus on what you are about to do. Create an Intent or ask a question using Intent. You can say it out loud, that helps. Also visualize it, feel it in every part of your being, 'your bones', and then push it out with your will. Let it go, detach from it as you move it. Your Intent can be anything, but it should be crystal clear. Okay, begin by looking at the surface of the mirror (remember that you are not seeing any reflection). At one point, it may go black or silvery and you will feel a shift. You're on the way!  The feeling you will find is that the mirror surface itself becomes much like water. Allow it to move and change, then ask your question or state your Intent again. Intent is very important going in but it is also important once you realize you have moved that you restate the obvious so to speak. Don't do it verbally though, having set the Intent you know the feeling, so simply express it in those terms. This allows your energy to flow through much better.

12 12 Some Things You'll Notice: It's hard to say exactly what will happen. It depends on you, how you move, and what your manifested Intent will bring. As a first step, you can work with scrying on the surface of the mirror to look at things. A second step (once a certain expertise is acquired and verified) is to move through the mirror. And, of course, then there's shape shifting and disappearing from this attention. At least, that's how I see a natural progression as one works with this.  Remain open and fluid. If you have problems with getting much from the mirror, you can add smoke to the mixture by placing incense at the bottom of your mirror and using the smoke that rises across it's face as a sort of liquid energy to change the reflection of it. The surface may not change much. You may just dive straight in. The nice thing about this method is that it is relatively harmless; you don't have to worry about going off the deep end. If you start seeing things you don't want to, just don't look. Other methods are more transportive and can cause you to have to deal with things whether you want to or not.

13 13 With practice it is a powerful tool that was used extensively by all sorts of people in the past. Its uses are truly limitless, and you should approach it this way. Once you learn to trap your attention, you can learn to journey with it, seek visions or answers to questions, affect outcomes, moving through time (seeing into the future and past), move to different places in this time, memory retrieval, finding something or someone, stalking outcomes, communicating with shamans, and retrieving information. It throws you pretty convincingly up the ladders of energy. In the process, you learn about Intent and energy, how to use it, what it looks like and all sorts of things. Remember that it still remains a tool and merely the means to accomplish an Intent. Intent is about movement and mirror scrying can be a vehicle for this.

14 14 We hope you have enjoyed this presentation. Should you desire additional information on this subject we suggest you consider ordering our course: PP-104 A Practical Approach to World of Divination and Magik You can find a complete listing of our courses on our website at The College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS), located in Clearwater, Florida, has been a leader in metaphysical and spiritual education since 1986. CMS was formed after extensive evaluation of the educational needs of the Metaphysical, New Age, New Thought, Neo-Pagan and modern spiritual communities. We are authorized by the Commission for Independent Education, Independent Colleges and Universities, Florida Department of Education to operate as a private, non-secular college and to issue Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees in metaphysics, religion, spiritual awareness, spiritual and holistic healing, esoteric studies, parapsychology, and the entire allied metaphysical field. CMS trains and certifies ministers, spiritual and holistic healers, teachers, pastoral counselors, mediums, intuitive practitioners, past-life regression facilitators and administrators. Certification is by the New Awareness Ministries, International (NAMI). (See the next slide for contact information)

15 15 The College of Metaphysical Studies 18514 U.S. Hwy. 19 North Suite B Clearwater, Florida 33764 Phone: 727 538-9976 Fax: 727 539-READ 800 780 META E-mail: Visit our award-winning website at: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

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