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LAB SAFETY HO DEBRIEF Tahoma Jr. High 8 th Grade Science Maple Valley, WA.

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1 LAB SAFETY HO DEBRIEF Tahoma Jr. High 8 th Grade Science Maple Valley, WA

2 Eyes are closed Top is off bottle Clutter on desk Test tube is pointed at partner Hair is hanging down Beaker knocked off desk More clutter No eye protection Clothing protection?

3 Eating in lab Sleeves can knock over lab materials Removing plug incorrectly Clutter on desk Food!More food Not wafting

4 1.You’re headed to Springfield Nuclear Power Plant’s laboratories to help Homer figure out which donut has the most sugar in it. What on Earth will you wear? A. An XXL T-shirt, baggy shorts and sandals and a big necklace made of seashells. B. Jeans, a regular T-shirt, sneakers and a Mickey Mouse watch. C. A droopy loose sweatshirt with hood, high-heels, long flowing hair and a charm bracelet.

5 2. Everybody else is busy, however, you’re not sure what to do. A. Ask the teacher what to do. B. Nothing in science is dangerous, so start experimenting – that’s why you’re here! C. Re-read instructions, ask any group members if they’re sure of what to do – and if not, then ask the teacher

6 3. Uh-oh… you spilled acid! Now what?? A. Quick! Clean up the spill before your teacher finds out and gives you a detention!! B. Use paper-towels to soak up the acid and then throw out in the proper trash can. C. Keep people and things away from the spill and then get your teacher for help.

7 4. You weren’t watching that test- tube, and it rolled off the table and broke. A. Carefully pick up the pieces, put them in a paper towel and throw them out. B. Keep people away and then use a dustpan and broom to put the pieces in a can. C. Use your shoe to grind the pieces into dust and then sweep it into a corner.

8 5. You forgot to label those beakers of chemicals, and you’re not sure which is the strong acid. A. Dip your finger in and take a taste test (nothing we use in science is dangerous!). B. Take a big sniff (use one of your five physical senses) C. Slowly pull stronger and stronger wafts of vapor to get a smell and/or use pH paper test.

9 When entering/working in a new lab, it’s always good to check out the safety equipment, etc. ( just like the safety briefing in an airplane ) Look for eyewashes, showers, fire extinguishers, power OFF buttons, fire blankets, exits, etc.

10 Beaker basic container used for GENERAL measuring and mixing (it’s not very accurate) Flask (Erlenmeyer) used for storing/mixing chemicals Test Tube Holder for holding test tubes while being heated Graduated Cylinder for accurately measuring liquids or powdered solids

11 Graduated Cylinder Dropout Cylinder

12 Bottle Brush for cleaning test tubes Test Tube Rack for drying or holding test tubes Dropper (or pipette) for small amounts of liquids NOT A SQUIRT GUN ! Spatula and Scoopula for getting small amounts of solids out of containers end show

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