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Welcome to the UofA Triathlon Club Annual General Meeting.

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1 Welcome to the UofA Triathlon Club Annual General Meeting

2 You Will Do This




6 Who We Are President: Erin Crocker Vice President: Becky Watchorn Treasurer: James Montgomery Secretary: Dan Miller Head Coach: Katie Hegan Bike Coaches: Jeanine Hoffart Christie Dewar Andy Wensel Swim Coaches: Stacy Wall Jill Dewar Simmon Hofstetter Run Coaches: Katie Hegan Matt Mazurek Social Convenor: Graham Lettner

7 Sign-up for the Mailing List! Go to Tri Club website: Click “Mailing List” Fill in name and email address (ignore password)

8 Club Benefits Clothing Discounts Jerseys Shorts Water bottles Socks River Valley Cycle 10% off @ Tech Shop Trainers $20/semester ($100 deposit) See website for more info

9 Where is everything? Van Vliet

10 East Pool: Across from the equipment desk Women enter from locker room Men enter from hall

11 Revving Room: Bottom Floor of Van Vliet (hall to arena) Down hall Revving room

12 Training Schedule MonTuesWedThursFriSatSun Swim *6:45- 8:00pm East Pool * Pre-swim core set on deck Rev/Run 6:00- 8:00pm Revving Room Swim 8:00- 9:00am East Pool Rev/Run 6:00- 8:00pm Revving Room Swim *6:45- 8:00pm East Pool * Pre-swim core set on deck Brick (rev/run) 10:00am- noon Revving Room (monthly mini-tri) - Explanation of the Build/Down Cycle

13 SWIMMING 3 Groups Beginner For those who have limited swimming background or want to ease back into it More time will be spent on technique and drills Intermediate For those who have some swimming background More time will be spent on speed, distance and technique Advanced For those who have swam in clubs before or are comfortable in group lane swims More time spent on speed, distance and technique

14 Swimming What to Bring? Goggles Bathing Suit Waterbottle Swim Cap Towel Shorts/t-shirt for core workout (optional) Pool sandals *lane etiquette*

15 REVVING All workouts done on stationary bikes Bike or Run first It will be busy for the first few weeks so be prepared that you might not get in the first biking group (May even have 3 groups for a bit!) Arrive early

16 RUNNING Done either before or after rev We run outside up to -20C Dress for the weather (whatever you have is fine. sweatpants work nicely for cold days) Variable routes around the University Choose a pace group NOBODY GETS LEFT BEHIND!

17 What to Bring to Rev/Run Small towel Water bottle Change of clothes and layers depending on weather Snack or sport drink when practices become more intense Matching polyester jogging suit. Gross!!

18 General Tidbits Don’t come to practice on an empty stomach! Have a piece of fruit or a granola bar. Stay away from anything high protein/fat/simple sugar until after the workout Label your waterbottle Listen to your body! This is not a contest! No question is a stupid question. The coaches are here to help. COME TO THE SOCIAL EVENTS! This club is as much about meeting people and having a good time as it is about sport and fitness. Throw yourself in there! (What’s a ‘transition’!…………)

19 SOCIAL EVENTS Opening NightWed, 5 September Head up to RATT after tonight’s General Meeting and meet some of your 100 new training partners! Tri-Club BBQSat, 15 September The Tri-Club hosts an autumn BBQ down in Hawrelak park. Burgers, hot dogs and drinks will all be there, so bring yourself, a friend and/or a significant other, and a dish to share. And don’t forget frisbees, footballs and the like for some post-BBQ action. Turkey TrotSat, 22 September The Turkey Trot is a 4K run/walk or 8K run hosted every year through Campus-Rec. $10 gets you a race, a t-shirt, post-race snacks and a shot at winning a turkey. Afterwards the Tri-Club will head to somewhere local for a post-race brunch. Tuffest ThreeSun, 14th October Put on by Campus-Rec, this race is a run-bike-run team event at Hawrelak park. Grab three other tri-clubbers and register early—there are only 32 spots. You can find more info on the Tri-Club’s website, and at the main Campus-Rec website.

20 SOCIAL EVENTS Tri-Club Slide-Run-SlideSat, 3-7 pm, 3 November Not a bona fide triathlon, but it goes a bit like this: slide down, run up, slide down again, repeat. The tickets will be big-time cheap (maybe even free!) and we’ll meet on campus before heading over to West-Ed Mall. After-Practice Social4 October, and 1 November After the first Thursday practice of each month the Tri-Club is off to RATT, or another fine (and nearby) drinking establishment, for a little Club bonding. Eats, as always, are on the club. Drinks, to be fair, are at your discretion. Tri-Club Christmas PartySat, 8 December One final to-do before the Club breaks for the holiday season. Hosted by one intrepid Tri-Clubber (TBD), the Club will get together for a potluck and gift exchange. Whip up your favourite dish, purchase a gift for less than $10, and come and take a Yuletide study break.

21 And a heads-up… Cross Country RacesSeptember - October @ 5:45 pm Run by Frank McNamara, a series of cross-country races are hosted all across the city every Wednesday night for the first two months of the fall. The schedule of all the races is included along with this schedule. Tri-Club Ski/Snowboarding TripFri-Sun, 25-27 January At the fabulous Kimberley Apline Resort get away for a weekend and hit the slopes. Two Tri-Clubbers, Jeanine Hoffart and Katie Hegan are organizing, so contact them for more details. The cost will come in around $260 per person.

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