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Lesson 3: Resources of the Northeast

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1 Lesson 3: Resources of the Northeast
We will learn about the Natural Resources of the northeast. A Natural Resource is something we use made by nature. Grapes, Cranberries, Sap, and minerals are a few natural resources we get from the northeast.

2 Resources of the Northeast
The climate and geography of the Northeast Region make it excellent for growing grapes and cranberries. A lot of maple trees grow in the Northeast The sap from these trees is harvested to make maple syrup. Minerals are an important resource to this area. Minerals such as granite and marble are minerals that are mined here. Chesapeake Bay got its name from the Native American word for “Great Shell Fish Bay”. It is very rich in fish and shellfish allowing the fishermen to make a living.

3 The Northeast The Northeast can be subdivided into two smaller regions: New England: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Mid-Atlantic States: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland

4 Before we begin let’s practice the state locations of the Northeast
Before we begin let’s practice the state locations of the Northeast. Ready? (These silly people forget Delaware and Maryland!!!!) 1rst 2nd

5 The state farthest north and East Ladies and Gentlemen

6 Not OLD Hampshire New Hampshire

7 Looks like a “V” Vermont

8 Arrrrrrrgh!!!! Massachusetts

9 Little baby… Rhode Island

10 Boring, rectangular, dependable…
Connecticut (remember; CONNECT I CUT)

11 Hiiiiiiii Neighbor! New York

12 I’m HOME! Pennsylvania

13 Got my towel.. New Jersey

14 Is TiNY!!!!!!!! (tough voice) Delaware

15 Turn that crown upside down

16 Cranberries! Fall harvest fruit!
There are more than 1000 cranberry farms in the USA and more 500 of them are in Massachusetts. Cranberries are grown in bogs. A bog is an area of soft, wet, soggy ground. Watch the following video to see about the Fall cranberry harvest. 2:33 sec video

17 Grapes: Beautiful vineyards in the Northeast
Grapes are just one of the many products of the NE. Grapes are grown in vineyards. Vineyards are places where grape vines are planted. Vineyards are usually planted in hilly areas where the climate is just right for the grapes long growing season. The Finger Lakes in northern New York has such a region. The deep lakes never freeze and the warm air around them help create the right conditions to grow grapes.

18 Sugar Maple Sap; Maple Syrup! Yum!!!!!!!
Maple Syrup is a sweet liquid made from the sap of sugar maple trees. Sap is a liquid that circulates through a plant carrying water and food. More Maple Syrup is produced in Vermont than in any other state. 2:37 video

19 Minerals: Granite and Marble
Minerals are important resources of the Northeast. A mineral is a material that was never alive and is found in the earth. Rocks. Such as Granite and Marble, are composites (combinations) of minerals. Quarries are places where large deposits of specific minerals are found and mined. In quarries, stone is dug, cut or blasted out of the earth. The mineral is used for buildings, counter tops, and tile. New Hampshire’s nick name is the Granite State.

20 Let’s review: Massachusetts What tree does maple syrup come from?
Where are there more than 1000 cranberry farms? Massachusetts A place suitable to grow grapes What is a vineyard? What tree does maple syrup come from? Sugar Maple trees What minerals come from New Hampshire? Granite and Marble

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