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Lightenex® Max Depigmentation peeling mask THE PROFESSIONAL CHOICE 8-12 HOUR MASK Medium Depth Peel

2 Lightenex® Max Peel Depigmentation peeling mask
A radical professional strength procedure of clinically proven depigmenters & exfoliants that gives results within 14 days ! with Acnex® Face Mask Pre-peel (20 mins)

3 Lightenex® Max Peel Depigmentation peeling mask
Why Lightenex® Max Peeling mask? This depigmentation formula offers many advantages over other types of skin lightening products currently available in the market: Rapid skin lightening action. Dramatic improvement within 2 weeks. Exfoliates with minimal oedema (Retinoid effect) Very effective in: - all types of melasma & sun damage. - superficial wrinkles & scars - acne patients with residual acne scarring. Suitable for all skin type (Fitzpatrick I-5) No risk of Hyperpigmentation. No need for neutralization

4 Lightenex® Max Peel Depigmentation peeling mask
Why use Lightenex® Max Peel ? Completely inhibits the action of tyrosinase paralysing Melanocytes Reduce the activity of abnormal melanocytes, which cause Melasma & post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH). Promotes entry of depigmenting agents, followed by: Intense deep exfoliation caused by the conversation of Retinol to Retinoic acid. Works by replacing the melanin carrying-keratinocytes with new cells from the Dermal- Epidermal junction (inside-out) instead of conventional acid peels which cause outside-in exfoliation. Extensively tested in the UK Radical treatment-quicker results.

5 Lightenex® Max Peel Depigmentation peeling mask
Advantage of Lightenex® Max Peel over other peels: Suitable for all skin types, including Skin type 4-5, as there is no necrosis (which can result in hyperpigmentation or scarring). Maintain at pH 2.2 using Mandelic acid, which makes it acidic without the irritation of Glycolic acid in dar skin. Declared concentrations of active ingredients Airless pump ensuring stability & quality of actives No Hydroquinone or harmful chemicals Lightenex® Max Peel works by eliminating the melanin patches on the face caused by melasma, chloasma, sun damaged age spots, acne & post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH).


7 MANDELIC ACID Mandelic acid is an excellent exfoliant and is:
The only ingredient proven to work in deep dermal hyperpigmentation. Stronger acid than Glycolic acid. Much larger molecule than Glycolic & penetrates the skin slowly & more evenly without irritation & hot spots. Safe in dark skins (unlike TCA & Glycolic acid it can be safely left on skin for 8-10 hours) Mandelic acid is naturally derived from almonds

8 Kojic Acid 4% & Glycolic Acid 8%
DEPIGMENTERS Kojic acid Alpha arbutin Azelaic acid Phytic acid Dioic acid (Oct-Decenedioic acid) Ascorbic acid Ferulic acid & Vitamin E Niacinamide Aloesin Salicylic Acid EXFOLIANTS Glycolic Acid (In Pre –peel) Retinol Mandelic Acid TOTAL ACTIVES 55.35% pH 2.2 Proven Synergy Proven Synergy Proven Synergy

9 Azelaic Acid & Glycolic Acid Synergy
DOCUMENTED SYNERGY 39 patient split face study comparing Kojic Acid 2% & Glycolic Acid 5% with Hydroquinone 2% & GA 5% showed better results with Kojic Acid. REF-Dermat Surg 1996;22; Alica Garcia BS James F Fulton Jr MD. Double Blind 80 patient Multi-ethnic study comparing Hydroquinone 4% with KA & GA combination showed both to be equally effective over 12 Weeks, with less side effects. REF-Draelos ZD,Yatskayerm et al.Dermatology Consulting Services,High Point,N Carolina,USA.

10 Retinol as Exfoliant The formation of all-trans retinoic acid is an oxidative process whereby retinol is converted to retinaldehyde and then to retinoic acid Retinol is the chosen exfoliant because it has been shown to penetrate skin more effectively than Retinoic acid or Retinyl Palmitate to give the best inside-out peeling possible. This avoids the inflammation or necrosis involved with high strength AHAs. REF-Unoccluded Retinol penetrates Human skin in vivo more effectively than unoccluded Retinoic acid or Retinyl palmitate.Journal of Investigative Dermatology(1997)109, ;doi: / ep Dept of Dermatology ,University of Michigan Med School,Ann Arbor,Michigan,USA.Elizabeth A Diell et al.

11 Azelaic acid Powerful Inhibitor of enzyme Thioredoxin reductase.
Azelaic acid only works on Hyperactive Melanocytes where DNA synthesis is fast. Powerful Inhibitor of enzyme Thioredoxin reductase. This enzyme adds electrons to Thioredoxin which can then activate Tyrosinase & also helps make DNA. Ref-Arch Dermatol Res1990;282(3) A possible mechanism of action for Azelaic Acid in the human Epidermis.Schallenter KU et al,Dept of Dermatology,University of Hamburg,Germany.

12 Alpha Arbutin 5% Cultured Human Melanoma cells & three dimensional human skin model treated with Alpha Arbutin showed: 60% reduction in Melanin Melanin synthesis reduced by 24% Cellular tyrosinase activity significantly reduced. REF 1-Pharm Bull.2004 April;27(4):510-4.Inhibitory effects of alpha-arbutin on melanin synthesis in cultured human melanoma cells and a three-dimansional human skin model.Sugimoto K,Nishimura T,Nomura K,Kuriki T.Biochemical Research Laboratory,Ezaki Glico Co Ltd.,4-6-5 Utajima,Nishiyadogawa-ku,Osaka ,Japan.

13 Dioic Acid (Octadecene-dioc Acid) 5%
An open comparative study of NINETY SIX (96 female) Melasma patients in an open, comparative, 12 week study between Dioic Acid 1% & Hydroquinone 2% showed: no significant difference between treatments. (same results) more pruritus (itching) with hydroquinone. This acid is a Di-carboxylic acid (dioic) like Azelaic but is 18 Carbon atoms long instead of 9 carbons like Azelaic. It is made from Bio-fermentation of Oleic acid using Yeasts. REF4-Efficacy of Dioc (Octadecene-dioic acid)compared with Hydroquinone in the treatment of Melasma.Int J Dermatol.2009Aug;48(8):893-5.Tirado-Sanchez A,Santamaria-Roman A,Ponce-Olivera RM.

14 Dioic Acid (Octadecene-dioc Acid) 5%
A twenty patient placebo study on patients of Indian and Pakistani origin given Octadecene-dioic acid 2% over 8 weeks showed: A significant reduction in melanin (p<0.025) measured both by chromameter & mexameter. REF 5-Inter Jour of Cosmetic Science,Volume 33,issue 3 June,pages J M Gillbro,M J Olsson.The Melanogenesis&mechanisms of skin lightening agents,existing &new approaches.

15 Ascorbic Acid 10% 16 patient slit-face randomized study in Melasma patients comparing Ascorbic acid 5% with Hydroquinone 4% showed no statistical Colorometric difference after 16 weeks. Side effects recorded: Hydroquinone significantly high side effects (68%) Ascorbic acid only 6% Ref: A double blind randomized trial of 5% ascorbic acid vs. 4% hydroquinone in melasma | International Journal of Dermatology | Volume 43, Issue 8, pages , Aug 2004 | Liliana Elizabeth Espinal Perez MD et al.

16 Ferulic Acid & Vitamin E synergy
An effective whitening agent Ferulic acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid that has significant anti-oxidant and anti-melanogenic activity. Tocopheryl ferulate is a significant inhibitor of Tyrosinase Ref-12-The depigmenting effect of tocopheryl ferulate on human melanoma cells. Br J Dermatol.1999 Jul;141(1)141(1):20-9.

17 Phytic Acid 5% Phytic acid chelates Copper & Iron
in skin (makes them unavailable) Copper is essential part of the enzyme Tyrosinase which makes Melanin. Gentle exfoliant REF-Will Phytic acid replace Hydroquinone. Romulo Mene MD. Plastic Surgeon.Rio De Janiero,Brazil. Third Congress of National Estetic Medicine.Milan,Italy 12 Oct 2001

18 Phytic Acid 5% Iron catalyses free Radical Formation & subsequent Oxidative damage Phytic acid prevents Iron-driven hydroxyl radicle generation & prevents Lipid Peroxidation. Depigmenting agent, prevents Calcinosis cutis (calcium leaching) & premature ageing. Very well absorbed into skin REF-Journa.l Biol.Chem.1987 Aug 25;262(24): Phytic acid .A Natural Anti-oxidant. Graf E,Empson KL et al REF-Front Biosc 2005 Jan 1;10: Absorption of Myo-Inositol Hexakisphosphate through the skin; study of the matrix effects .Mechanism of Phytate topical absorption.

19 Phytic Acid 5% & Ascorbic Acid 10% synergy
A double blind, vehicle controlled trial in 30 healthy subjects with greater than 2 Solar Lentigines were randomly signed to apply Ascorbic Acid 10% + Phytic Acid 2% over 3 months showed statistically significant improvement between study drug & vehicle. Ref: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology | volume 10, issue 4, pages , Dec 2011 | Randomozed controlled study to evaluate the depigmenting activity of L-Ascorbic acid plus Phytic Acid | Abdullah Khemis MD et al.

20 Patient Choice Best for Dark Brown discreet Epidermal or Intermediate Hyperpigmentation & Melasma (Woods lamp positive) Excellent for oily skins with post-Acne PIH Superficial post acne scarring & superficial wrinkles. Photo damaged skin.

21 Method of Application Wash skin with water & gentle soap. Towel dry.
IN CLINIC: Wash skin with water & gentle soap. Towel dry. Degrease the skin thoroughly with ACETONE/ALCOHOL with cotton  gauze swabs. Start massaging Acnex peeling mask into the Forehead and continue massaging in circular motion until tingling.Stop massaging when the whole forehead is tingling.Then go on to the nose followed by the chin&jaw line with the cheeks&upper lip last.This order is very important.Now wash off the skin with cold water&towel dry. Massage a thin Layer of Lightenex Max Peel into the forehead until the area is hot.Now follow the same sequence as above ie Nose,chin , jaw line,cheeks&upper lip.Now paste on a thicker layer all over the face. Leave on this mask for 8-10 hrs depending upon the skin type.8 hrs for very fair skin&10 hrs for darker skin.

22 At Home The patient washes off the mask using gentle soap & water. Pat dry the skin using a fresh, clean towel to leave the skin slightly moist. Massage Moisturix® spf 25 every two hours. Must use Sun Blockex® spf 50 if they are to leave home during day time. (The skin will be red & tight for 48 hours & then flaking of skin will commence. This flaking continues for another 3 to 5 days.) The patient sees the Clinician on day 7 when the decision for touch up is made. The touch up is again applied after degreasing with acetone & left on for four hours before washing off. Apply Lightenex® Plus cream (maintenance) three times daily after day 4. (Some patients will see blemishes appearing & disappearing during the first 7-10 days. This is because the Melanified dead keratin tend to bunch together before shedding)

23 Lightenex® Max Peel Depigmentation peeling mask

24 Depigmentation peeling mask
Conclusion Lightenex® Max Depigmentation peeling mask Works


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